Monday, December 20, 2010

Shout Outs

So is the week before Christmas kicking your ass yet?
Pffffft!  This week is nothing.
My class has been kicking my ass on a daily basis.  
This week is a cakewalk for me! LOL
So you may actually see me here blogging. 
Maybe even tweeting! 
 (Okay,  maybe I'm getting a little too ambitious)

Anyway, I  had to take a moment to do a few LONG overdue shout outs!

First, to my cousin and her uber cool husband for letting us have our Epic Eclipse party at their house.

Thank you Leen!  Thank you Joel!
I don't think I mentioned in the party post, but Joel did the White Castle run during the party as well as the Mickey D's run in the morning for breakfast burritos and McGriddles.  You guys are awesome!

But that's not all!
Leen also gave me this adorable Eclipse shirt!

I also want to give a shout out to Fran!
If you haven't met Fran, you should check out the guest post she wrote about her favorite FF
Emancipation Proclamation!
Anyway, Fran is always surprising Kassie and I with Twilighty goodies!
About a week before the party I got a surprise package from her containing all kinds of goodies!

Then a day or two later, surprise number two arrived!
She sent one for me and one for Kassie!
Here is my stocking being put to good use. :)

Thank you Fran!  MWAH!!!!!
You are too good to us and we love ya!


Every year, the teachers at my school do a Secret Pixie.  You give 3 small gifts on the first 3 days and then a larger gift on the last day of the exchange.  I got the Twilight 3 Game Collection for my final gift!
Can't wait to play it!  Thanks to Chastity at my school for this amazing gift!  I love it!


Lastly, I want to give a shout out to three of my students who made my Christmas this year a Twilighty one!  I know they won't read this blog (I hope they don't!) but I had to include them in this post.

From A.W.

From M.M.

From A.R.

Have you gotten any Twilighty gifts this holiday season yet???? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Your Welcome Tesoro! I loved surprising you and adding to your party enjoyment.
    I have gotten Twilighty gifts already from the kids at school too; a twilight necklace, a New Moon trinket box, and an Eclipse lunch box. I know I have much more to come! I'll send you a pic of all my loot after Christmas...
    Thanks for the shout out and for always including me in all the fun!

  2. The Eclipse Party was EPIC!!!!! can't wait for the next :)

  3. Awww, very cool gifts!! Have you noticed that Twi people are just so generous?

  4. Why yes, LwE, I have noticed that Twi people are so generous... like YOU!! :) LwE gave me her win of an autographed picture of Carlisle and she gave it to me on Eclipse DVD release weekend!!! I love her :)

    Your students are awesome - those are great presents!! I am sure I have gotten more but I am in cookie baking coma and can no longer think :)


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