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EP Read Along Week 23 Chapters 66-68

Hey girls I feel like it's been forever since I last did a post for the read along, let's not waste any time and just jump right in shall we?
Chapter 66 EPOV
After Edward and Jacobs confrontation at the game and Edward saying things he shouldn't Bella slaps him and runs. Edward doesn't truly understand why she ran. He believes it's just because she's scared of his reaction, but its more than that. When he can't find her he heads to Dimitri's house where the after party is because he's run out of ideas of places to look. Alice calls and fesses up that Bella is in La Push with Jacob. This knowledge sets Edward off. He beats the shit out of his car and when the physical pain from that act doesn't override the emotional pain he's feeling he gets some drugs from Ben. But as it turns out Jessica becomes the voice of reason. She explains to him that he's changed since Bella. He is actually happy and she knows that if he turns to the drugs he won't be. Edward finally realizes she's right and leaves, not before running into Alice who lays into him.

When Edward gets home he asks Carlisle to go down to La Push and get Bella. His response "She's free." Edward comes to the realization that she can be on her own now and he won't always be there to protect her. Edward finds his mothers diary in the library, he realizes Bella's been reading it and knows what happened. She is likely blaming herself and Edwards hurtful words come back to him "You don't know what I've fucking lost because of you."

He runs out of the house with Carlisle hot on his trail. When reaches the beach he is eventually able to comfort Bella. She explains that she went to Jacob because he is understanding and just lets her vent, not like Edward who tells her "Don't say things like that." When she expresses regret for ever being born.

Chapter 67 BPOV
Bella finally finds out Elizabeth was a slave, not only a slave but the Evanson's slave!

She receives her grade for her GED and passed. Then all hell breaks loose!!

Heidi the bitch nurse from the hospital shows up. She is banging on the door, ringing the bell, shouting for Bella the 'stupid little slave girl' to open up. Bella calls Carlisle and he tells her to call Edward. One problem... Edward is in the middle of taking the SAT and has his phone off. Bella's only option for help is to call the last person Edward would ever want her to call, Jacob.

Jacob agrees to get Edward from his test and bring him home. Bella breathes a sigh of relief knowing that Edward is coming but relaxes even more when Heidi leaves. She is in the middle of calling Jacob to just say 'Forget it, don't get Edward, everything is fine.' when she looks out the window and sees James! When Jacob answers his phone the only thing Bella can manage to get out is "Hurry."

Chapter 68 EPOV
Edward is taking his test, not focusing just itching to leave to get to Bella. When it's finally over and he is on his way out he stops to chat with Jessica for a second about college (Probably because he feels he owes her after she talked him out of doing that line of coke.)

Jacob shows up and Edward irrationally starts a fight with him. When Jake can finally get the words out Edward knows there's something wrong and takes off for home.

When he gets there he sees that Heidi is gone and Bella's okay. Jacob pulls up, Edward and Bella go out to talk to him. Carlisle calls Edward and as they are speaking a shot rings out!
Found on Tumblr. All credit to owner, whoever you are :)

Jacob falls to the ground, with a shot to the chest. Another shot rings out as Edward is diving on top of Bella to shield her. The both of them manage to make it into the car and get the hell out. Not before Bella takes a bullet to the arm.

A black SUV pursues them down the streets of Forks. They are rear ended and careen into some trees, Edward blacks out.
When Edward finally wakes up Carlisle is there by the car. He's asking about Bella but Edward doesn't know where she is. Edward just knows James has her.

Laurent is lying on the road with a gunshot wound, not fatal. Carlisle didn't shoot him, Edward didn't, who then?

Carlisle wants to get home and get a lock on Bella's chip.

Edward fucked up... OH BOY DID HE FUCK UP!

So lots of exciting things happening. These chapters were pretty intense. Who saw Jacob getting shot coming? I know I didn't! What surprised you the most from these chapters? We're getting to the nitty gritty now! So come on lurkers, let us know what you think. Love it, hate it, want to quit, ready to plow through to the end?

There are quite a few chapters left before we are finished with this story but let me give you a run down of how the next few weeks will play out.

August 19- Chapters 69-71 
August 26- Chapters 72-75 
September 2- Chapters 76-78 
September 9- Chapters 79-Epi(which is 81)
September 16- Outtakes 
September 23- The Alec Novella

Catch you in the comments!


  1. Kassie, Great job gutting these chapters to the core! Chapter 66 was so full of Edward's rage, it even made me uncomfortable. When he found out Bella was with Jacob, after everything he'd tried to do for her, and he said he was done. I could feel his out of control anger. Truthfully, I didn't blame him, based on the limited information he had. But. he should have learned his lesson.
    I love how you pointed out how he listened to Jessica before he acted irrationally once again. Jessica seems to really care about Edward. It's funny, Jessica makes another appearance later, and I hope I remember to comment about that because her relationship or lack of one with Edward always had me confused. More on that later.
    No one's taking Edward's side, understanding his level of hurt over Bella going off on her own. I understand him though. Did you sympathize with him at all? Carlisle makes a good point, when he reminds him of his conversation saying that RL was someday going to come, and it has finally popped their safe bubble. I hate that Carlisle is right. Carlisle laughs and feel confident that Bella just might be able to make it in the real world if she's able to slap Edward and stand up for herself the way she did. I loved their little bubble no matter how unrealistic it may have been. At least they were safe and well loved within it. I'm such a sap.
    Did anyone feel sad for Carlisle when Edward gave him Elizabeth's journal? And how about Edward thinking things should be good now that all the secrets were out, oh yeah except for the last one, she's a principessa della mafia. After all this, and he's still keeping secrets?!
    Chapter 67 starts so happily. Bella as you said passes her GED's Edward talks about taking his SAT's and their plans for going to college in CA. The kiss, Bella feeling his need for redemption and realizing they won't give up on each other.
    Didn't you like Edward's idea of getting out celebrating Bella's passing her GED's and taking the portrait like a high school remembrance? It's the little details like that, that add to this stories charm, yes?
    I wonder what happened to that portrait? And you know that Khar had one of Kristen/Rob's Twilight photo shoot pics in her head when she had this scene in mind. I think it's the one with Rob wearing the brown jacket and Kristen looking down. If I find it, I'll share it somehow.
    How about the image Bella says she'll never forget, the one where he's walking bare foot, bare chested, exposed and vulnerable? I like thinking of Edward with those pants riding low on his hips too...nice, right?
    How about this for foreshadowing, " ...if we never saw each other again, I would love him for the rest of my life. He was part of me...there was no going back for either one of us." Something felt off alright. Like Kassie said, skanky Heidi and company.
    Chapter 68 was so dramatic. Even reading it the second time had me biting my nails. How cool was Edward, in mafia mode, gun out, protecting Bella?! Reminded me of the scene in the Godfather, when Michael is in the bedroom with his Kate and pulls her down and covers her with his body when the house gets riddled with gun fire.
    And poor Jacob, he was just trying to help and gets caught in the cross fire.
    Carlisle is going to freak when he finds out what Edward and Emmett did to the chip. Yeah Kassie, once again, Edward fucked up.
    Ouuuu, these were such exciting chapters for sure.
    Ok, everyone. These were my favorite parts of the chapters. What are yours?

  2. I was on the edge of my seat and biting my nails - and I've read it before!!!! Yikes! These chapters are super intense.

    The fact the Edward and Bella's little bubble is popped, makes me a little sad. So much has changed and there is no turning back. Fran, you're not the only sap. LOL I guess because I know what's coming. *sigh* Can't say anything though.

    I agree with you Fran about Edward going into full mafia mode. It really just comes naturally to him, doesn't it? I was really proud of him and the way he handled himself. I mean, yeah, he's been brought up in a "mafia" envirionment but really this is the first time he has had to react in this way.

    The next chapters are mine and I actually already read them last week cause I couldn't stop myself!

  3. Forgive me Mistresses...I did not read the last two chapters. (kneels on hard cement, hands behind her back, head down)

    This week has been the shizzz!!!

    Alec is sitting on the patio chair shaking is head at me...

  4. @Naughty, I know that position of yours well. I hope you get a chance to read these chapters soon, you will love them!
    @UAB I couldn't stop reading either. I'm taking the rest of "your" chapters to read on the train to NY tomorrow. Can't wait to finish them.

  5. @BT- We've talked a lot about the foreshadowing in this story... it's aplenty. It was really hard to pick up on the first time through because when you finally get some answers you kinda forgot the questions you were asking yourself while reading lol.
    I really hate all of the secrets being kept. When one comes out it hurts these characters so much but they continue to keep more like Bella being a Principessa. And I hate that their bubble is popped too. Bella should have the luxury of just living but instead all this mafia shit just keeps coming down on her and it's not fair. I can't wait for the next chaps too.

    @UAB- Edward going all 'mafia' with the guns... this will come as a surprise to you... is my favorite part! I know shocking right!?!

    @NHB- Can I come over and distract Alec for you???? ;)

  6. Just spending some time perusing the blog and reading through the EP Read Alongs...and remembering why I love it so much!! I need to re-read, but we all know that EP takes committment b/c it's so freakin' long (twss). ;)

    These were some INTENSE chapters. I remember that I couldn't put it down...I think I pulled an all-nighter through these chapters (and the next few), just needing to know what happened next!! Jacob getting shot came as a total shock to me...I didn't see that one coming. Bella being gone when Edward woke up from the crash was the hardest part for me when I was reading these chapters. Not knowing what was going to happen...who shot were they going to find Bella...would they find her in time...would E&B EVER get to be happy together? Tons of unanswered questions at this point.

  7. @Trixie and Tess, I'm with you on the shock of what happened to Jacob too. There was the build up to his being to nice to Bella and then Edward's backstory with him and I think he was finally coming round to understanding the level of hurt he caused Jacob was equal to his own. And then, he's killed and Edward has one more thing to feel guilty about.
    Yes, lot's of unanswered questions at this point. So much drama...

  8. @MrsKassieCullen, that picture find is perfect for that scene!


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