Thursday, October 20, 2011

Twilight Twitter Tuesday

We are counting down the days until the Breaking Dawn premiere... there are 28 days until BD part 1. Squee this is the best 28 days since 28 Days Later!

Are you ready? I know I am. I'm pumped up for this freaking movie! I've done nothing but wonder and imagine what this movie will be like. I can only hope that when Edward breaks that headboard we either get an aerial shot of his bootay or his face directly above the camera so we can feel like we're actually there *sigh* if only.

Summit in the month of November is doing Twilight Tuesday at many theaters around the country. The first Tuesday of the month theaters will be showing Twilight, second Tuesday New Moon, third Tuesday Eclipse!

I don't know about you but I'd love nothing more then to see all three on the big screen again. Sadly funds are lacking for me so I will hold out and do it next year.

If I were to host Twilight Twitter Tuesday or #TTT for short would you be interested? Each week we could start the movie at 8 pm CST. We can all press play at 8 pm (or the alternative for your time zone) and hashtag #TTT to discuss whats going on including but not limited to... Edward's awesome bouffant, Bella's trendy orange backpack, Renee wanting to talk about boys, a random dog showing up at an inopportune moment, Jame's fab leather jacket, the power of Buttcrack Santa and his little bottles, etc.

Let me know if you'd be interested in participating with me... because if I'm tweeting #TTT and only getting crickets in return it will be no fun... oh who am I kidding I'd still have a blast but I want you all to share it with me.

Tell me what ya think in the comments!

PS: Have you been keeping up with Breaking Dawn stills? If not here are a few gems that I'd like to share

This one I made myself :)


  1. Did you see the behind the scenes clip that was shown last night during a commercial break of Revenge?

  2. I didn't but everyone is talking about it... I'll have to find a video somewhere!

  3. You could tell that Rob was a smoker cause his front teeth were very yellow. :(

  4. Kassie, I'll do #TTT with you if I can....depends on what's going on each particular night. I'll try! :)

  5. I like your idea but don't know if I will be around for them :( If I can I will hope on with you all.

  6. Kassie - I'd be happy to play TTT with you...I usually don't work Tuesdays (but if I do I'm done by 7:30 my time...) so I'll let you know when I get my tutoring schedule for November. I think that would be so fun!!

  7. I might have to make revisions to TTT. Marie and I, if the ticket gods are shining on us, will be attending the Breaking Dawn Chicago concert on the second Tuesday in November. When this happens(think positive!) I will probably have to scrap this idea unless you're willing to do #TTW Twilight Twitter Wednesday?


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