Friday, January 13, 2012

Scenes I Hope Are In The BD DVD Extras

I finally got the Breaking Dawn Movie Companion Book!

I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but I did flip through and look at the pictures.
Let's face it girls - that's really what we buy it for anyway!
I found a few pictures that made me think that some of the scenes that we would have liked to see in Breaking Dawn were actually filmed......and hopefully will make it into the DVD extras.

The Father/Son "Talk"
Yes, please let this be on the DVD extras!
How do you think this conversation will go?
Carlisle:  So, you have any questions know, the wedding night?
Edward:  Do you think Bella will care if it's sparkly?
Carlisle: Well, are you planning to have sex with her in broad daylight?
Edward: Oh wait, it doesn't matter because we're going to that magical place, Isle Esme, where I no longer sparkle in the sunlight.
Carlisle:  How about if I just give you this book.....
Carlisle, you should have given him some of these.....

Bella and Renee get together before the wedding.
Okay, we all wanted to see the seen where Edward and Bella tell Charlie that they are getting married.
That would have been hilarious!  But maybe Bella gets so spend a little time with Renee since she will never be able to see her again.

The Phil/Renee/Charlie Threesome
Yeah, that didn't sound right, did it?
I thought it was sweet in the book that Bella sees this image as she is driving away with Edward.  Of Phil's arm around Renee, while Renee hold's Charlie's hand.
So many kinds of love.  
Didn't make the final cut though.  Maybe we will see an extended version of the newlywed's send off in the DVD extras.


No need to say more here....

Breakfast with Edward
I think we need more happy go freakin' lucky Edward and Bella in Isle Esme.
That honeymoon was cut way too short - so let's hope for some extras and extended scenes.

Rosalie and Bella bonding

I have to say that the relationship between Bella and Rosalie gets  tons more screen time in Breaking Dawn than the Bella/Alice friendship gets in all the movies put together.  I get that Rosalie's support of Bella with the pregnancy is important - but Alice has been there for Bella from way back in the beginning.  There is so much they could have done with Alice and Bella throughout all the movies.
ANYWAY....sorry about that little rant.  I love Alice!  
It looks like there could be more footage of Rosalie and Bella that didn't make the final cut.

The Dog Bowl
The dog bowl scene was filmed!  Nikki herself confirmed it at the House of Blues Breaking Dawn Event that I went to with my sister, MrsKassieCullen and NaughtyHisBella!  We heard her say it with our own ears.  She even said Taylor wasn't there the day she filmed her part -so she had to talk to an X.
We came up with 2 theories.
1) It was cut from BD1 and will (hopefully) be in the DVD extras
2) It will be in BD2 - which would work.  We know that it really happens while Bella is preggers in the book, but with Jake hanging around for Renesmee in part 2, it could happen.  Hopefully we will see some of the fighting between the two of them and lots of blonde jokes! LOL

Since we are not getting any Rob and Kristen commentary on the DVD Summit,
can we please have some fuckawesome deleted/extended scenes?


  1. I want all this but...
    I want the THRUSTING more! C'mon Mr. Condon...Give me the thrusting. I'm one of those women Rob talked about on Kimmel.


    I can also confirm UAB's story about Nikki saying the dog bowl scene was filmed, although I don't think it would make sense in BD2. JMO

  2. All awesome ideas UAb :-) can't wait to see what's on there and i can't wait to see what eventual box-sets and all that hold....I'm also curious to see what the summit sale does to all of this...

  3. I really want 'the talk' in the extras and any deleted butt crack in the extras too ;)

    Whatever we get it just won't be enough without Rob and Kristen's commentary.

  4. We MUST spend some time during the party watching the extras! We've never done that before, but I insist we do it this time! :)


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