Sunday, July 15, 2012

In Memory of Gisela (Mad4Hugh)

It is a sad time for our Twilight community right now.  We lost one of our own.  Read the full story here. We did not know her well.  She was, however, a follower here at TJA as well as our diet blog - Inner Skinny Girl Trying to Get Out (formerly known as Fat Ass Bitches Getting Skinny) and so we feel some connection.  And since she gave us the honor of becoming one of our early followers, we would like take a moment to honor her memory.

Thank you Gisela for being a follower on our little blog(s). We hope we made you smile or laugh, that you stopped by knowing we were here as women just like yourself who are just crazy for Twilight and looking for a place to express it. We truly wish we could have gotten to know you better because we know you were a wonderful person from all of the things your closest Twi-friends have said about you. You will truly be missed by everyone in the fandom.

We get to know the people in this community in the littlest ways, we all get to know something about each other, even if it is just our mutual love for Twilight. We don't have to talk all the time, or even at all to know this about one another. We belong to the same amazing group of women and knowing we had that connection is enough to feel the loss of one of our own. In honor of Gisela we are asking our readers to come and take the time to comment. Do you have a story about Gisela you would like to share? We want to get to know you all, not just as a follower or Twilight fan but as our friends. It is sad when someone is taken so soon, and with Gisela it is no different, our community shares in this loss. And we truly hope that Gisela's family can find some peace in all of the love and support they are receiving during this difficult time.

UABMarie & SassyKassie

Here are some messages from our nearest and dearest Twi-ladies......

While I did not personally know Gisella, TwiG to many, she was/is still one of us. A member of this Twilight Community who was loved and adored by many.  She will always be a Twi-Sister to all of us in this crazy fandom. My sincerest condolences to her family and friends.  Please be at peace, Gisella and know that you were a beloved part of our world, even to those who never met you.  ~ NaughtyHisbella


To those who knew and loved Gisela I offer you my deepest sympathies on your loss.
I did not know Gisela personally, but I know first hand what her love and interest with this
fandom meant and will continue to mean. We share ourselves in good times and as a deeply caring community we also share in bad times. I may not have know Gisela, but I know she was someone's daughter, perhaps sister, wife, mother and surely friend to many. Her presence will be missed by many.



I didn't know Gisela personally but whenever a member of a family like ours is lost it is definitely a sad day.  She will be missed for sure and will forever remain a member of this family in our hearts. 

Gisela's passing being acknowledged during the first few moments of the the Breaking Dawn panel at Comic Con.

Please feel free to add your thoughts and memories  about Gisela (Mad4Hugh) in the comments.


  1. Gisela, may you rest in peace.

    TJA girls - what a lovely tribute.

    Hearing the sad, sad news of Gisela's passing helped me to realise that life is too short, that we all need to seize the day. This tragedy helped me to realise not to waste a single minute and helped prompt me to book tickets to LA for the BD2 premiere.

    So, thank you Gisela x

    1. @TwiKiwi - You are so right! Life is too short. I'm glad you were inspired to do something you might not have done. Lucky you to be going to the BD2 premiere!

    2. You're right TwiKiwi life is too short to waste a single minute. I'm so happy for you that you took the bull by the horns and booked your trip for the BD2 premiere!


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