Friday, February 25, 2011

Emancipation Proclamation Read Along

I had an idea for an EP read along from kiTT's TwiPeople's Sexiest Ward Alive, Valentine's Issue.
I noticed in the comments that people had either; read it and loved it, started reading but never finished or had never read it at all. I love this fic and I know you all will love it too, if you don't already. 

I wanted a reason to read it again and this presented me with the perfect opportunity.

How does this sound to all of you, each week we read 2 chapters of EP and discuss them here on the blog? We can have some discussion questions to prompt you to ask your own or a way to talk about how you felt about what you read.

EP was my first ever ff. I loved reading it but I didn't really have anyone to discuss it with. So now is the chance we all have to read an awesome fic and discuss it with each other.

Thanks Fran.. I love all the EP like manips you find!!

If you have read it already, join us and re-read. If you have started and never finished, start from the beginning and finally finish. If you have never read it at all now is your chance to read it and discuss it with a wonderful group of ladies that will give you all sorts of feedback and encouragement.

Some of the wonderful ladies that are already on board..
Me and Marie

You don't need to have your own blog to participate. Everyone is welcome to read along with us following the life of Mafiaward and his Bella Ragazza.

So for next weekend read the prologue and chapter 2. Come back here any time next weekend, we will have a post up and ready Friday and you can come here all weekend to discuss. The prologue is short so we will be taking it kinda easy for the first week.

Click the picture to link to the story......

We are really excited about this and can't wait to hear from you!

Let us know in the comments but also email us to tell us you're in


  1. I'm so excited about rereading EP! Hope we get lots of you to join us:)

    @Kassie - I added a link to Khar's page. :)

  2. Sweet girls! This will be fun! I'm really glad you guys are doing this!

  3. Psyched!!!! Can't wait for this to get started and get to know more of you Ladies!!!

  4. @TT - This is going to be very cool to talk about EP with each other!

    @hisbella - Welcome!!!!! We are looking forward to getting to know you too! :)

  5. @TT- I have probably said it a million times already but I'm really excited about this!

    @hisbella- I can't wait to get to know you better. This is such a perfect opportunity to read a great story and to get to know each other better :)

    @M- Great idea with the link, I was spacing on a lot of things while trying to set stuff up.

  6. I've heard good things and bad things about this ff but I want to try it out for myself so I'm in. Plus I love doing anything involving you h00rs. :)

  7. This will be so much fun! I promise you'll all fall hard for this story the first time readers and those giving it another read through.
    I will be available night or day for anyone who is in need of some hand holding.
    Kassie and Marie I owe you for doing this big time!

  8. This will be fun :) Thanks for hosting!

  9. I'm in! I've been intimidated by the length (TWSS) of EP so I never dared to actually start reading it so I'm PUMPED that you're doing this! Thank you! :) Am I already an overachiever if I ran and read the Epi and Chap. 2? Lol! Sorry! I couldnt help myself! :)

  10. I'm excited and scared to join this. EP moved to the top of my reading list recently. Big question for me is can I only read two chapters a week or will my entire life cease to exsist until all 80 chapters are complete.

    The discussions should be awesome.

  11. MPW for the win!

    Love love love EP. Like, my first-equal favourite fic. EVER.

    And no, MPW is not my new Fifty, before you ask, but he is mighty fine.

  12. @Jaymes805- by the end of this I hope you will have forgotten anything negative you've heard about EP :)

    @Fran- I was being all selfish when I asked you to read it again with me, just you and me reading and talking about EP. But I love this! Now everyone will get to experience EP with us, two of the biggest EP h00rs out there.

    @TwiloveSue- It's our pleasure!

    @Khara- It's not a bad thing to get started right away. This fic is epic!

    @TwitardedMom- When I read EP the first time I stayed up until 4 am almost every night to read so I could finish it... some chapters you will have to force yourself to walk away at the end of them. Hopefully 2 a week will keep everyone from walking around like zombies :)

    @TwiKiwi50- I don't know how people choose between Mafiaward and Fifty. I love them both and refuse to make a choice, I will never choose one over the other. I'll have both please!

  13. Ok I'm in!

    Btw, I'm totes your 100th follower. Do I get a prize?

    Jk, I'm not sending an email because I can't be arsed and I hardly ever check my emails anyway.

    I guess I'll see you on the weekend!

  14. @norevoli - Yay! Our 100th Follower! Welcome! We cannot let this epic occasion slip past without some kind of celebration! We'll get back to that sometime this week!
    Thanks to all of our new followers this week! We have several! :)

  15. This is too cool for school! The post, the badges for our blogs, the list, etc. Looking forward to doing this in a group atmosphere. I definitely need my hand held *looks at Fran* because I don't do angst very well, and feel like I'm cheating on Fifty somehow. LOL!

    See everyone next weekend.


  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. I'm in! I've already read Ch.2 and I can't wait to read the rest. I LOVE it so far!!

    This is kinda popping my FF cherry. I've never really read any before. I've dabbled in a few, but haven't read the whole story.


  18. I am so glad ya'll have decided to do this read along. I have read EP and it is my fav fan fic story! I'm so excited to have people to talk to about it, alot of my friends don't read ff so they just didn't get my obsession w/this story I kept trying to tell them how amazing it was and that they should read it. This is so exciting!!

  19. Hi ecbcrc4ever! Welcome! I'm so glad you'll be joining us!!!! I'm really excited about this too. :)

  20. Hello Girls! When does this little shindig get started? I finally got a chance to re-read the prologue and chap. 2. Phew! Down to the wire. I'll check back!

  21. Im all about this... When does this start??? I've already read the prolouge and chapter 2 :_

  22. LadyAli - hey there! Welcome aboard! The new post is up to discuss the prologue and Ch 2. Head on over and start commenting. :)


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