Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Days!!!! Hell to the YEAH!!!!!

 As you probably know, Kassie and I are in the middle of Snowocalypse here in Chicagoland!
You know that they say that there are 3 reasons for becoming a teacher right?  
June, July and August
Well, there is a 4th reason.......SNOW DAYS!!!!!
So while I'm enjoying my 2nd snow day, I thought I should pop in here and let you know what I've been doing to occupy all this wonderful time.
(after I helped shovel us somewhat out)
This is my house engulfed in snow......pretty cool looking I think.
two words.......

You know, I remember not so long ago, when I would read recs for various FF's and I really didn't know what everyone was going on about.
Little did I know that six months down the line, I would be hooked like an addict needs a fix!
I've tried reading Twilight for the 18th time.......
Recently I've tried reading The Hunger Games......
I can't.
Fan Fiction sucks me right back in.
(Okay, so I did find time to read WFE 3x 
but that's because I'm totally picturing Rob as Jacob!)
So I've decided to just go with it and enjoy all the angst and lemony goodness.
Books will always be there.
I just may not ever get to them! LOL

Anyway, I've been reading a little fic called 
"Under the Apple Tree"
It was recommended to me by Fran......who is definitely one of my FF dealers! LOL
(my other dealer is Kassie!)
If you need a good rec.....she's your go-to gal!
Fran, you should really start a blog with your FF recs
.......I mean it! :)

Anyway, if you haven't read this wonderful fic, I highly recommend it.  Edward is a doctor which is always hot and Bella is.....well a hooker.  I think you can probably infer what will probably happen.......and you will enjoy it.
I'm about half way through it and I can't put it down!

Anyone else out there snowed in?
What are you reading to keep yourself warm?
Tell us in the comments.

Watch for my next post filled with yummy Rob wallpapers that I've been making!


  1. Being snowed in has it's advantages, as does being a teacher, and reading ff is one of them. Lucky me, I've had all three. Glad you got to join me so I don't feel like the only greedy girl.

    Happy to be your ff dealer, next hit girls is Dead on My Feet. It's not as good as EP, UtAT or High Anxiety but hey those three are by far THE best! But DoMF is diffidently worth a read.

    Thanks thinking I should have my own blog for ff pimping, but I don't want to take away from my reading time, told you I was a greedy girl. I'll just continue to pimp on your blog!!

    Can't wait for those Rob wallpapers!!

  2. When Fran isn't rec'ing FF she's rec'ing children's books to me. I started Apple Tree and had to put it down to read fancy nancy! lol

    I'm jealous of your being able to cozy up and read. Finding the time for me is more of a challenge.

  3. God must want me to keep reading because our district closed down again today! We even made nightly news for concerns over roof structure worries. Sweet, another snow day...ff here I come!

    @tt happy to rec any thing that makes the words dance on the page and make the reader smile or sigh...fancy nancy for Edward, it's all good!


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