Sunday, January 30, 2011

Keep Calm

This is just a phase I swear it! Cross my heart.

If you hang around Twitter and Tumblr (even Facebook) you have seen the new craze. You see all the Keep Calm AVI's and think "What the???". This has become my new obsession. I wanted to share with you a few AVI's I have made for myself and some for my friends.

 This was my first shot... kinda fun!

 My second shot. WAAAAY better!!

 Yes ladies this is my new Facebook and Twitter AVI

 This I made for one of my favorite authors KitsuShel. She has written one of my all time favorite fics. Parachute you should really read this story.

I made this one for Marie aka UtterlyAbsurd Bella!!

 Fran I made this one with you in mind

Rob would really appreciate it if you got off his dick lol.

Homer Simpson would want you to eat a donut. Mmmm donut! Making this one gave me a little giggle.

 Made this one because the Bears are not going to the Superbowl and that's a big deal for me. I love my football.

 I made this one for my friend Kristen but then thought I could do one better

Paulie (her favorite) wants you to watch the White Sox! 

What do you think of my new obsession? Want one of your very own? Message me and I can make a beautiful creation just for you. 
Have a special Rob pic you love and you want it to be Keep Calm captioned, I can do it.


  1. Hmmm,,,,I have to think of what I want. I feel so out of place on Twitter!

  2. love them all!
    mine says keep and calm unless there's rob porn. *giggle snort*
    i crack myself up;) i love how everyone has one that is so fitting for their personality.

  3. I'm @fleurdelischic on twitter. I want a Rob one. God to pick a favorite pic though. I could no easier pick a favorite child. Bwahaaha!!!!

  4. @Mrs. P- I'm gonna think really hard... I bet I could think of something

    @Robz- I love yours, when I saw it I laughed. Sooo cute :)

    @Cartnee- I sent you a follow request on Twitter. You can email me with a saying and a picture and I could make it. I know it's hard to choose a favorite, so maybe one you like a lot but not more than any other Rob pic lol

  5. Kassie
    Love my mifiaward!! Thanks.
    I can see why this is your new obsession, nice!

  6. I loved all of yours but cracked up over the "there's always next year!"

    SO the cast pic I sent you guys. Kellan's shirt is unbuttoned with just a beater on under it. I'm thinking that is 2 steps away from pulling all top apparel off for the arm wrestling scene they are possibly about to go film.


    v/w frify What Bella calls Edward when her mouth is full.

  7. @Fran- You know I will always think of you when Mafiaward is mentioned :)

    @TT- Thank you. I got the cast pic and I think you're right. Kellan's quickly removable shirts+Rob+Peter could mean shirtless arm wrestling is coming. I really hope Bill saw the Twitter campaign or maybe Kellan mentioned it to him *crosses fingers*


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