Friday, January 7, 2011


Wow!  The first half of the PCA's totally fucking sucked!
Thank God we had all you wonderful TwiH00rs on Twitter!
You kept us LOAO the whole time. Otherwise, I think we would have cried.
Where was the Twi-Love?

Here are a couple of our favorite tweets that had us ROTFLOAO!!!!!!!
We flove you ladies!!!!!!

I think they're not even there. The Stew and Rob are making love by a fire and Taylor is watching... roflmaoless than a minute ago via web

Omg Cedric Diggory showed up to the PCAs, fluv!less than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter

OMG that momentary look Taylor had at Queen that said "What the fuck you crazy ass bitch?" JUST MADE MY NIGHT.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck
(captured these using Blackbird Pie-sorry they come out a little funky)

How the fuck did Johnny Depp beat out Rob?  Seriously!  WTF was that????
The categories were rigged, no way can a Twilight cast member win when they are pitted against each other. But there is no reason... NO reason why Zac Efron should have beaten Rob! 
Seriously, did no one see 17 Again??? that was just ugh *shudders* even if a person doesn't like Twilight they can NOT tell me 17 Again is better, that's just plain crap!
I might just admit Charlie St. Cloud was pretty good. But, i'm still bitter and angry!

Now, enjoy the pretty.........

*Pictures from Robsessed you can find more here

I knew Rob would break that cell phone. I thought to myself 
"If Rob presents an award he will break that stupid phone and not be able to read the winner." he did not present but he also did not disappoint. annnnd what exactly did he say???
 "thank you so much for the phone People's Choice, uh I think I broke it already."
Oh Rob, you truly never fail to meet my expectations, or go above and beyond to make me laugh.

Here is the full acceptance speech    


  1. Twitter was crazy the other night, so fun though.

    I have to say that I thought KStew looked gorgeous, loved her hair.

    Back to Rob...there's no way anyone can beat out our guys, have you seen this fan base in action? Please.

    Actually, I think it's better for Rob's career if he doesn't win all the time...if that makes sense. Sometimes less is more. I'm hoping he'll win in the future for his more versatile roles.

    TGIF babes! Thx for the pics:)

  2. I definitely could not have made it through without Twitter and then I would have missed the end and been sad. Taylor looked great and I love that he helped Kristen up the stairs. Kristen looked amazing! Rob looked like Rob and that is a good thing. He also was too cute with the phone situation. All I could recall was the story he told of him driving the car and it was in flames while he was driving or something like that. He is just not adept at mechanical things - it is quite charming. LOL

  3. Kstew award

    Twilight award

    Queen Latiffa havin fun

    I made each of these for you all. enjoy

  4. LOVED the other night on twitter! We all gotta do this more often....say Jan 16th? ;) love you gals


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