Monday, January 17, 2011

A Memo to RobDaddy

Have you noticed how after every Rob drought, 
we are then immersed in Robward goodness!
It's too much.
My heart can't take it!
In particular, I am referring to......
 (my new name for him)

This is my absolute Rob/BB picture!!!!!! So freakin' cute!
These pictures get my girly bits all aflutter! 
Makes me want to have a Baby Factory Grand Re-Opening! 
They make me want to send a 
little proposal to Mr. Pattinson.  
It goes a little like this:

To: Mr. Robert (aka Hotness, Sex-on-Legs, Fuckhawt) Pattinson
From: UtterlyAbsurd Bella
Date: January 17, 2011
Re: Baby Making

Dear Rob,
In light of the recent pictures of you with your WFE baby,  I have a proposal for you.  I noticed how adorable you look holding that baby!  Just imagine if that bambino were your own.  Here's where I come in.  I am the perfect woman for the job.  Kristen admittedly has hips than cannot handle a baby.  I, however, can be very accommodating in this area, and have experience as well!  Okay, I know you're rolling your eyes right now but hear me out.  You just have to show up and I'll take care of the rest.  I will provide a comfortable little love nest to make this happen stocked with all of your favorites (Heinekin, Hot Pockets, cigs and anything else your little heart desires).  You only have to bring ONE thing!  And I'm sure your little guys swim like heat-seeking missiles!  Now keep in mind, these things take it may be necessary to do the horizontal hokey-pokey a few times.  Just for good measure.  So Rob, what does a girl need to do to make this happen?
I look forward to hearing from you.

UtterlyAbsurd Bella

Rob, if you read this, just don't tell my husband.  He get's a little funny about me propositioning superhot, fuckhawt, irresistable men such as yourself.  It'll be our little secret.
I know I'm being silly. ;)
I do think Rob would make an amazing Dad, seriously.
What do you girls think?????


  1. HAHAHAHHAAHHAAHH! This made my day. I don't even like babies, but I love men that are good with kids and Rob looks like he'd be good with kids. THIS MAN MUST REPRODUCE!

  2. LOL! You aren't alone! These pictures have kicked all my baby-making parts into overdrive! I thought I was done with babies, but I'd happily change my mind for some Pattinbabies!! Or at least the chance to try!

    Don't worry, I won't tell your husband if you don't tell mine!! :)

  3. Ok....I think my ovary just high fived my fallopian tube...seriously, this man needs a baby momma asap and I for one would like to donate to use of my uterus for this monumental occasion. Rob if you read this, holla atcha girl!!

  4. @Cassie - Yes, he must reproduce.....just not too soon (unless it's with me! LOL)

    @Smitten - I was totally done too, but those pics. GAH!!!!! Don't worry - it's our little secret! LOL

    @Becky - LMAO! I got a visual on that High Five! That's really weird isn't it?

  5. HAHAHA, I don't know which is better, the post or the comments! I get that feeling every time I see any young attractive man holding an infant. Of course my babymaking parts have yet to have begin production, so that may just be my body saying let's get going.. lol
    BUT.. if Rob ever did show up around these parts UtterlyAbsurdBella, I might fight dirty and tell your husband to take you out for a nice date so I could keep Rob all too myself :P

  6. Well that's a smart, sensible approach to propositioning the precious!

    Unleashing those pictures on me and my still of-age body is highly unfair! I hope there are more! LOL


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