Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Breaking Dawn Chicago Red Carpet Concert

Hey girls! As you might already know UAB, Barb, their girls, NaughtyHB and I went to the House of Blues tonight for the Breaking Dawn Concert with Christina Perri, which included Twilight Breaking Dawn stars Peter Facinelli, Jackson Rathbone, Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed and Charlie Bewley!

Last week I was listening to the radio on my way to get my hair done specifically for this event with the hopes that I would wait in line that Saturday to get tickets into the event. 101.9 The Mix announced a give away of VIP wristbands. You had to listen at 6:20 and call or do whatever they ask to get the tickets. I tried to call in but each time I dialed I got a busy signal or my call couldn't go through. Since they were only looking for caller 10 I gave up shortly after starting. I went and got my hurrrr did and was super excited.

We had our plan ready for what would happen Saturday.

The next day I just so happened to get on Facebook, I surprisingly spend less time on Facebook then I used to but got on there anyway. The Mix had the Breaking Dawn poster up
with the caption
so I share, study the picture (like I haven't already) and wait for 6:20. I thought to myself "What could they possibly ask me about this poster?" I thought "How many wolves?" So I counted them. 6:18 Koz announces they are giving the tickets to the first person to answer the question right... How many wolves are in this picture?

I dial... I dial like I've never dialed a phone in my life. I get a busy signal... dial again. It rings... Koz picks up. I'm freaking the fuck out! "Hi yeah I'm calling about the Breaking Dawn red carpet event." "Yep so how many wolves are on the poster?" "Seven, there's seven wolves!" "Yeah." "Did I win???" "Yes you won!" "HOLY FREAKING CRAP!" I give Koz all my information... blood type, social security number, promises of my first born child.... and I'm still freaking the fuck out! My voice is shaky, my hands are shaky and the rest of the night goes by in a blur.

Cut to five days later and the 6 of us pile in UAB's van and head downtown to House of Blues. You can read UAB's account of her line experience Saturday here. From here on out you are getting the "WTF is going on? But we're VIP..." version of today from me.

When we get down there at quarter to 2 there is the general line where Naughty and I split from the group to head inside to the box office to check in... we were there so early they were barely setting up things for the event inside. The lady at the box office tells me and Naughty that we have to come back at 4:15... we head to the bagel shop to have a snack and use the facilities. After we finish up at the bagel shop (where I had to scrape gum off the bottom of my shoe, yuck!) I found MamaCougar in line. We chatted for a few before NHB and I got a bit antsy and went to look for the VIP line, just in case.

There was a bit of a cluster fuck when it came to where VIP should have lined up so we were like #20 and 21 in line.

Naughty and I check in and get our pink/purple shiny wristbands and some raffle ticket cards for our pictures and autographs. They send us up to the third balcony and just above us the red carpet was set up for interviews...

Christina Perri and yes she is in this picture.. it's like Where's Waldo

Nikki Reed
Chaaaarrrrrllllliiieeeee Bewley
Then they call us over to start lining up for our picture with Christina Perri.. Naughty did not want to come with me so I braved this meeting alone. This girl is tiiiiiiiny. If I would have hugged her I could have probably wrapped my arms around her and hugged myself at the same time! They were not really into allowing hugs... I would have saved mine for Peter, Jackson or Chaaaarrrrrllllliiiiieeeee (I have a slight obsession with the "Charlie bit me" video).

I head back out and take more pictures of the red carpet interviews.. it was a strange set up. We had to do a lot of 'cameras randomly in the air while standing on tip toes' to get pictures. Thank god for zoom lens! At one point Charlie went to a box on the lower level balcony. Naughty turned and saw him... she was like "Hey Charlie!" we all turned to look and he took our picture of us taking his picture.

Charlie Bewley

Ashley Greene

Who is this? Ahhh right Dr. Cullens hot dark haired twin Peter.
During the red carpet interviews people were taking pictures of us from up on the balcony and some came down to take pics. One guy came over and asked to take my picture because he wanted to get my shirt in the pic. I said sure so he took a couple.. I was scrunching Edwards face at first so you couldn't tell it was a Twilight shirt. I don't even want to know where that pic ends up. UAB, me and only a hand full of other people wore Twilight shirts which is surprising considering the amount of crazies there. 

After the interviews were done they lined us all up again and were taken to our group picture. Oh good lord Charlie is so freaking hot in person. I couldn't look into his eyes so I starred at his pecks as I walked up towards him. Naughty couldn't decide where to stand... she wanted to be between Jackson and Charlie. I wanted to be between Jackson and Peter. Clearly that was not going to work. Peter and Nikki were talking when Naughty walked up. She will have to recount the exact words spoken but Nikki told her she could stand wherever she wants and so she jumped right in next to Jackson. When she grabbed on to him he said mmmmmmm or maybe it was more a growl? Again she will have to tell you exactly what went down. I was a spaz and said "Oh my god this is so exciting!" Ashley laughed and said "Oh yeah?" Charlie didn't say anything but I probably would have dropped to the floor hearing that accent so freaking close to me. It was more than enough I got to wrap my arm around him and damn it... I thought I was touching Jackson on the other side of Ashley... turns out Naughty had to burst my bubble and tell me it was her I was touching LOL.
Carlisle, Rosalie, Naughty, Jasper, Alice, MKC, Demetri
Peter, Nikki, Marie, Jackson, Ashley, Kassie, Charlie
What a group!
We were led down to the second balcony after that for some weird trivia hosted by Dean Richards from WGN Chicago... (he's the entertainment reporter Mel Gibson called an asshole.. remember that? Yeeeeah) that was a cluster fuck too. But all was good. Christina came out and preformed 3 songs, she was set to do 5 but time got out of control and everything was running behind so they cut her set. We saw some videos (us spoiler h00rs already saw these) then the cast came out for a Q&A. Turns out all the crazies weren't just at the LA convention. People kept asking to come up on stage or get autographs or for the cast to come down on the floor. They put the kibosh on most of it but one guy got a poster signed for his wife. At one point Peter said "I was" then a woman screamed "Take off your shirt!" and he followed up with "just about to do that." Thank god for his sense of humor.

Here are the pictures I got from the Q&A

They brought some random girl up bc there was an extra seat.
It was Dean's chair but whatevs.

Peter pretending to stage dive when someone asked him to come down off the stage.

Jackson talking about showing a clip and Peter Kanyeing him.
"Jackson imma let you show that clip in a minute..."
Bravo Peter, spot on!

Jackson busting out the harmonica.
Someone gave him a monkey hat... it's on his chair!
Nikki told a great story about her and Taylor poking fun of each other and her work on the 'fido' bowl incident in Breaking Dawn... I'm almost as excited for that clip as I am for the smashing of the headboard, for real! Jackson told his being knocked out by Kellan story. Also mentioned how he liked filming riding the horse and his time with the three vampires that turned him, loved showing Jasper as human but was disappointed they never shot Alice and Jasper meeting for the first time. Peter wanted Jackson and Ashley to do a performance of it! There was a lot of funny back and forth stuff, when actual questions were being asked. Charlie let it slip to Dean earlier in the night that he filmed a fight scene with Rob... when he said he didn't know if he could talk about it Dean said "Well that clip is airing tomorrow morning." so Charlie eventually fessed up and admitted he indeed did shoot a fight scene with Rob. How exciting!! The Q&A ended, they threw out the people from down stairs and lined us up to get our poster and autographs. I decided I needed to say something to each of them... and these are the brief conversations

Charlie: Hi
Me: Hi, I follow you on Twitter, you are sooo funny!
Charlie: You do? *seems genuinely surprised* Well keep following there's more to come.

Me: Hi
Nikki: Hey
Me: Thanks
Nikki: You're welcome! (that did not go as planned lol)

Jackson: Hey
Me: I was here to see 100 Monkeys in July, the show was AMAZING!
Jackson: Really? Thank you so much! *smirk* (I died a little every time he did that over the course of the night)

Me: OMG I totally freaked out on you guys earlier.
Ashley: That's okay. We love it! (oddly she sounded just like Alice lol)

Me: Thank you!
Christina: You're welcome
Me: I love your ring (it looked like a piano) cute!
Christina: This is just a junky piece of jewelry.
Me: Those are the best kind of jewelry.

Annnd that's my poster!
I hope you all liked my adventure. We need to get UAB and NHB to give us their perspectives now!


  1. A+ fpr your counting skills, Miss Sassy Kassie.

    What a cool night! So happy for you all. And your hurr looked fab. ;)

  2. Thanks Meg! Good thing it wasn't over 10 I don't think I can count that high *whew* LOL

    This was probably the best experience I've had so far... there were a few hiccups along the way but I set out what I intended to do and talked to them all... with the exception of Peter he high tailed it out of there after the Q&A he must have been exhausted from flying in from NYC that morning. Can I say that PFach is the best when it comes to fans? Not that I want to sell everyone else short but he always goes above and beyond. I heart him hard!!!

  3. If I had been there with you, and you know how much I would have loved to be, I would have said something stupid to Jackson like: "Hey you remember me from when you performed here with 100Monkeys? I was the girl who took all those crotch pictures of you? Yeah, that's me, the one who lost her mind and asked you for a hug..."
    So you Kassie, handled it much better than I would have.
    Great summary of your night. I loved how you quoted what you said to them.
    Wow, Rob and Charlie have a fight scene...can't wait for that.
    Kassie, it's always so much fun seeing things through your eyes. I could feel your excitement and it made me happy:)

  4. Who is Charlie? I know, I fail. I have no idea any of the Volturi's names in RL...or the wolf pack.

    Also, did you hear that the fido part got pulled from the movie? Maybe it will be in the extras but it's not in the actual theatrical version. Super sadness.

    Gawd, that cast is hot. So happy for you!!!! What a fun night.

  5. Oh Fran I know you would have been an amazing wing woman! A lady there had won from a radio station in Boston, they flew her in and put her up in a fancy hotel and everything, she reminded me of you!

    Jamie I did not hear that fido was pulled... I will be sooo sad if that's true :( Charlie plays Demetri... I tried to tweet you a pic of a link to his pic earlier but Twitter is being an ass so let's try it on here ;) <- so that's him with Alice. It will all come back to you!

    I had such an amazing time. I swear I'm overusing the word amazing but there are no other words to describe the feelings I had last night.

  6. Love it! loved it all!

    You forgot to wish the bride Congratulations??? (nikki)

    Charlie is solid, isn't he?

    Is Jackson trying to look all Carlisle? Between the hair, scarf, and grandpa sweater? lol

  7. Well, my perspective is not nearly as cool or exciting. I do have some videos which I'm trying to upload to YouTube a little at a time in between RL shit - so I'll try to do a post tonight.

  8. You are so lucky, Kassie!!! Glad you had a fab time and that Naughty didn't pass out on you ;-) I know there were some nerves there!!

    Love it - let's all just keep having awesome experiences like this so we can share them and live vicariously through each other!!!!!!!

  9. @kiTT- no I didn't compliment her on her wedding bc it would have been heavily laced with sarcasm and that wouldn't have been nice since she seems like a nice person. I hope she proves me wrong and I have to eat my words but I don't forsee this relationship lasting that long.
    Charlie is solid I wanted to grab a hand full of his p.... ecks ;)
    And his clothes in person didn't look old manish... but I could have been distracted by that smile!
    @UAB- your perspective is cool bc they only did this concert thing in what 4 cities? We definitely have it good that they decided to come here. I can't wait to see the videos you took!

    @Lauren- I was trying to keep Naughty calm even though inside I was freaking out. I think I pretty much kept my cool. Good thing I know CPR lol.

  10. What a great write up and what an amazing night. I love that you got pictures with the whole group - very cool. And the autographed poster is great. Thank you for sharing with us and I am so glad you go to do this. Congrats!!


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