Friday, June 1, 2012

The Anticipation is....

....not so bad.

We're all excited about Breaking Dawn 2 being released in November, but that's a looooooong time from now. In fact, this year long wait between both films hasn't been as agonizing as I thought it would be. Is it just me? Am I loosing touch with Twilight?

I just recently watched Breaking Dawn 1 and thought to myself after the maybe 45th-ish viewing, that it's not as exciting as I thought it was. Maybe I was too much into the headboard breaking the first hundred times I saw the gif on tumblr

Maybe I was in a world of feathers that were blinding me to what was really happening on screen. Don't get me wrong, there were parts that were gut wrenching...

Edward saying

And Jacob going all

There were parts that were endearing...

However, overall, the whole movie went too fast. Not that they didn't have a ton of stuff to cram into the movie, but there wasn't enough transition time. The scenes went bam bam bam from one to the next. I came to the conclusion I like my Twilight movies in this order; Eclipse, Twilight, Breaking Dawn, New Moon.

What I'm getting at here is... I'm not as excited about Breaking Dawn 2 as I was about Breaking Dawn 1. In fact I was reading THIS article and came to the conclusion that, meh I'm not really all that excited.

I'm excited about Edward and Bella finally getting a conclusion. I guess I care that I get to see what they did with the child with the weird name and how her 'relationship' with Jacob is going to work out.

Sure new vampires are cool, I guess. Although the only reason I know any of their names is because they flow so seamlessly into fanfic that those authors have given me a chance to get to remember their names. IMO there will be too many people, doing too much stuff, in too little time. Just like BD 1... only more people.

All in all what I'd like to get across, if anything with this post is.... I'm very thankful that the film has "...a proper conclusion with a little something extra beyond what's in Stephenie Meyer's book."

I just really hope that "..there is a great final moment where you really get to re-live that entire experience and I think that is something the fans can look forward to." means more than a quick 30 second flash through all five films.

And in honor of a proper conclusion....


  1. I saw the Bella poster at the movie theater last night and I got excited.

    No matter what, it will be bittersweet. In the book, I really liked the early stages of Bella being a newborn.

    Final moment beyond the books--I'm really thinking a flash into the future. But it better not be Jacob marrying Renesmee. Ewww...

  2. I'm excited... just not as excited as I was expecting to be. I bet I'll feel ot the closer we get but I think I'm on the downturn....

    I cant wait to get to the theater for SWATH so I can scope out the posters!

    Ewwww Jacob marrying Renesmee thanks for putting that image in my head! Lol

  3. Nicely put, Kassie. I think we're all moving on. I bought the BD1 DVD when it was released, watched it that night then haven't seen it since. Sigh.

  4. I think we'll be excited come November but we are slowly gravitating away from Twilight. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what the coming five months bring.

  5. I think the excitement will build again when we get close - but part of what's keeping us sated is all the Rob we've had to enjoy recently as well. With promos and Bel Ami and soon Cosmpolis...and movie announcements - I think part of the anticipation with BD1 was that it was FINALLY (after April...) another movie with our boy...this year is packed. But I'm feeling much the same as you...although I wouldn't mind a copy of that BD2 poster for my office...just saying...

  6. Agreed! With all these Rob movies coming about, it's easier to be more relaxed with BD2. Had Rob not done all of these, I would be freaking out needing more Rob on the big screen. I think as long as he puts out roughly 2-3 movies a year, I'll be very sated ;)

    I need that Edward poster for my bedroom. I hope they sell it and don't force an Edward/Bella/Jacob poster on us for purchase!


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