Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanks for the Twi-Memories!

Remember when……

· You first read Twilight and as soon as you were done, went right  back to the beginning and started over again?

· You first saw the movie "Twilight" and loved it and fell head over heels in love with Rob as Edward.

· You created that little Twilight stash of photos on your computer 3 folders deep in a folder unsuspectingly called “Teaching Resources” or “Recipes”?

· You created an additional file, four folders deep called “Robp0rn”?

· You scoured the internet daily for news or pictures of “New Moon” or “Eclipse” being filmed?

· You introduced a virgin to the saga, and saw that gaga look on their face the next day when they told you they could not put it down?

· You had your first Twilight party?

· You read your first fuckhawt Twilight fanfiction?

I have so many wonderful memories, because of Twilight. I have made the most amazing friends. We love Twilight, but it turns out we have a lot more than that in common and have become lifelong friends. I think that is the most important thing that has come from this crazy roller coaster ride we’ve all been on.

So, since we’re taking a trip down memory lane, I thought about how I was introduced to Twilight. Flashback to Thanksgiving, 2008. I saw an old friend of mine that day who had read Twilight (repeatedly) and had just seen the movie when it came out the week before. She just kept telling me I had to read this book. So finally in January, I was at Target and saw the Twilight book on an endcap. I thought, what the hell and I grabbed it. Twilight had me, hook, line and sinker. I fell hard. I immediately ran out and bought New Moon and Eclipse.

Meanwhile, Twilight was still playing at a few bargain theaters. After reading the book, I HAD to see this movie. I called my sister one Saturday in January, 2009 and begged her to go with me. I was seriously willing to go by myself if I had to. That’s how bad I wanted to see it. My sister agreed to go and she was hooked too after seeing the movie. Of course she immediately read the books. It still amazes me how fast we became obsessed. We saw Twilight in January, and had our first Twilight party in March when the DVD came out. Like I said, fast and hard.

The last four years have been fucking awesome!!!! I created this blog, met my bloggy bestie, SassyKassie, threw four Twilight parties, went to two Twilight related Oprah shows, and have attended many kick-ass Twilight events. My only regret, is not being able to ever attend a premiere. It hurt my heart a bit watching the BD2 premiere knowing that it was the last one and I would never have a chance again. I had to live vicariously through the chicks that were able to go.

This post would not be complete it I didn’t mention our love (and lust) for Rob. Rob is the heart and soul of Edward. He has done an amazing job bringing Edward to life. 

The thing is, Rob is more than just Edward. He is an amazing, versatile actor….not to mention hot as hell! He is adorkable and sometimes awkward, but this is why we love him. He isn’t pretentious. 

 He’s the real deal and I am looking forward to seeing all the amazing things in store for him. I think that knowing that we will be seeing Rob again is what makes the end of Twilight a little bit easier. I think most of us have been able to separate Edward from Rob. That’s why I don’t think Rob will be typecast. When I saw him in Remember Me, Water for Elephants, Bel Ami or Cosmopolis – I did not think of Edward. Not once. 

I have to admit, I am a little sad that it’s over. Life goes on, I know. I have plenty of RL stuff to keep my busy. However, there is a little part of me that has not accepted the fact that I do not have any more Twilight movies to look forward to. We are lucky to have the books to reread and the movies to watch again and again. And Twilight fanfiction. Let’s not forget that. All the wonderful imaginings of Edward and Bella that are sometimes better than the original – and a million times hotter!!!!

How can you sum up the last four years in one word?


We would love to hear your memories of Twilight in the comments! Please share how you came to love Twilight and how you’re feeling, now that it’s over.

Here are some tissue-alert vids that really sum up the last 4 years.  Enjoy!


  1. I'm so glad that WFE brought me to this group and that Rob brought me to twilight. I love you girls and have so enjoyed the last 2 years with you all...flying out to Chicago for the BD1 DVD party was the best idea ever!!! Great post :)

  2. Damn you! I thought I was all cried out. I can barely see the screen to type this, especially after the puzzle picture and watching the Libenet video. I think they did have the time of their lives, just as we did. I agree with you that the saving grace to the end of the Twilight Saga is that we have made lifelong friendships and we have many more adventures ahead of us because of Rob.

    Love you!


  3. Lauren, that was the best damn surprise I've ever gotten! Seeing you standing on my doorstep last February was beyond words! I'm so glad we have each other!

    Lisa, that "Time of our lives" video gets me. Every. Time. I love you girls so freakin much!!!! Thank you all for the time of my life! And it's not over yet.


  4. I'm smiling because it happened and sad that it is over, all at the same time. I can't even being to describe what Twilight and you girls have done for me. I'm so grateful to have gotten to experience so many of theses Twilight things and the best part is sharing them with you. I love you all and can't wait to share Robs future and fanfics future with you! #Sempre #FiftyShades

  5. Ahh Mia Bella Ragazza,
    I'm a mess, a mess. I loved all the pictures, the firsts, the friends and all the connections we've made together.
    Damn that puzzle picture killed me.
    Love you for grabbing me straight through the computer and into this world.

    1. Oh My beautiful BellaTesoro, Thanks for taking me on this wonderful train ride, thanks for holding my hand through it all especially when you ditched making Ted`s lunch to see BD2 with me even though you already had plans to see it again later that same day. Thanks for making all these wonderful friends on all the blogs. I would only lurk from time to time even when you encouraged me to do so and now I am sorry I didn`t lurk more. I can`t thank you enough for holding my hand right to the end. Even though I am sad that it is over I am happy that we still have Rob to entertain us. but I will miss this delicious story. OK so now I`m sobbing ( big sigh) Thank You Fran for dancing this dance with me thank you for being the wonderful friend that you are!!! XO Rosalie, AKA Sarah, AKA Janette :)))

    2. I'm proud of you RosalieSarahJanetteFriend. And I'm so happy to have been your partner in this Twilight dance.
      We've got lots more to come. xo

  6. Kassie - since we have met, you have been there all my Twilight/Rob firsts and I wouldn't have it any other way. You are my Twi-sister for life! So as sad as this ending is, I'm happy that I have you!

    Fran - I still remember that first email you sent me after you saw our humble little blog. You were so tentative and felt like you might be too mature for this. I was so happy to tell you that you were not alone, and that I was in my 40's and no spring chicken myself. Then it turned out we had so much more in common!!! I was jumping up and down when you told me you were also a teacher. I knew our friendship was meant to be. You were also with me for some firsts.....first 100 Monkeys concert, first *ahem* "toy" party. Come hell or high water, we will get together in person again! I can't wait for that day!

  7. Marie, thanks for sharing. Like everyone already said. I will miss Twilight forever, but I will forever be grateful for all the great friends that I've met. Though the movies are done and over. All the friendships will continue and last. Plus, the fact that I will continue to see Rob in other roles. There are so many wonderful Twilight memories and they are all with my twi sisters. Including when we waited Out in the cold to get tix for Twilight event at the House of Blues. That was fun.

    1. Lorena - the friendships are the best part of all of this. And Rob... LOL That was a good time waiting at the HOB at 5 a.m. - cold, but a good time :) I can't believe that was a year ago already! Time flies! Thanks for stopping in to share your memories!


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