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EP Read along Week 4: Chapters 9, 10, 11

To all Mia Bella Ragazza, Happy Friday!

I’m honored to be subbing for Kassie this week (get better girl, NY awaits!) and thanking Marie for asking me to pinch hit. There’s nothing that makes me happier than taking one for team-EP. So here we go girls. Grab some Toblerone, Cherry Coke, or Grey Goose and let the comments fly!

I know that some people don’t like the in and out of POV’s as they can sometimes be repetitive. But in the case of EP, we really need to hear what goes on from these two very different voices. Besides, you can’t get enough of Edward’s debauchery from just one angle, Seeing him through Bella’s innocent eyes is very revealing.
Chapter 9 gives us Edward’s inner voice and like his outer one, it’s insightful as well as amusing. For example, he comments on Jasper’s “If mom could see you now...” Edward feels that if his mother could see his behavior she would be disappointed with him. He remembers how different he was when she was alive. She raised her boys to be gentlemen and Edward was the one most like her back then. He was coddled and pretty much a mama’s boy. He’s different now, he pushes people away and thinks nobody truly sees his pain. He and Bella have some things in common. They both don’t want people to see them for who they really are. They’re protecting themselves from further hurt, having been broken beyond what others could understand. Edward hides behind his badass, man-whore self, Bella behind the slave who’s most safe taking orders.
This chapter describes how captivated he is with something as simple as watching her moan as she eats chocolate for the very first time. Stunning he thinks, and like the hormonal guy he admits to being, gets aroused by her as she enjoys this simple pleasure. “Something about her being happy made me smile. I had a feeling she had more demons haunting her than me.” This quote of Edward’s sums up their relationship nicely. There’s something he recognizes in her, something he needs to save, something maybe that she might in return save in him.
Don’t you just love how Edward describes moans, and groans and taking care of his release? Yeah, get used to it, he’s a young guy, he’ll be taking care of himself a great deal or looking for someone to do it for him! Did I just make you smile? That’s what Edward does for me, he makes me smile.

Next we’re introduced to the boys. As I said, Edward admits to being an ass, rude, crude, and hot-headed. He’s like his father, he can be intimidating and scary. It’s almost like he’s become what’s expected of him, he’s the bad boy. Both brothers want nothing to do with their father’s business. Emmett is more accepting while Jasper holds on to his mother’s values. We meet Alice, and she’s as you would expect. Edward calls her “short-cake” and she’s in charge of buying Bella some clothes. Rosalie is as you would expect too, she’s Emmett’s bitchy yet devoted girlfriend. kiTT, what were the quotes you liked in chapter 9???
Chapter 10 is Bella’s voice. We learn she’s slowly enjoying her new life. Jasper makes her feel welcome, Emmett makes her feel safe. Edward, well, he’s awaking something in her that scares her. She’s suddenly feeling something she hasn’t felt since she was a child and that is HOPE. “I felt hope, happiness, and I couldn’t allow that, because when it all came to an end, as it inevitably would, it would destroy me. I couldn’t let my guard down-I needed to be strong. And I blamed Edward for breaking me so much already.” Like Edward feels about her, she thinks he’s dangerous “..others could beat me and punish me..leave me battered and bruised but they’d never break me. Edward, ...already had my walls crumbling.” I think Edward’s walls are falling too. I think they both don’t feel like they deserve to be loved, or that they are lovable. At least that’s what I hear them saying in these early chapters. What are your thoughts?
Didn’t you love Alice hugging Bella? I don’t think she’s ever had a friend, and certainly not one as warm as Alice. I loved the football shirt comment...”The girls in this town are nuts over that wearing his clothes is cause enough for their jealousy to spike.”
I don’t blame them really, I still want one of those shirts to wear to bed myself. Thanks Marie for preparing the ones from Cafe Press, one more Edward shirt in my stash!
Carlisle shows his softer side when he insists Bella eat and puts her dinner in the fridge for her. He also makes an interesting comment after she says she would never disrespect him...”Never say never, Isabella. Disrespect comes in many forms and sometimes we do it without even realizing it.” Any guesses as to what he means by that?

Chapter 11 shows Edward’s childish, needy side. He gets pissed off that Bella seems to be able to sit, eat, and speak with his brothers but him, nothing. He’s also upset at himself, she’s interfering with his bad boy side, even giving him “performance issues.” He's already beating himself up for the way he's coming across toward Bella. He seems to be putting his foot in his mouth anytime he's around her. Why do you think this is happening to him. Where did confident Edward go?
Now for Edward, that’s a major hurtle to over come. But alas he has skanky Lauren to help him out. What did you all think about Edward not allowing Lauren, or any girl to kiss him on the mouth? Like he said, kissing is too intimate and that’s something he hasn’t done since he was a kid. Once again, alluding to the fact that something in his childhood broke his spirit. How did you like Edward’s comment about not having sex in his car but rather outside, on the hood? I wanted to smack him on the first read. But having read it through and falling hard for this “finicky f**ker” the only thought I have now, thanks to Rob too is...”kneel, open your mouth, smile, and pray.” I think that’s pretty much the message Edward was sending Lauren, and dam if she wasn’t left smiling. So, I can’t rightly blame Edward, Lauren got what she prayed for.

Well girls, do you agree that Edward is just giving a girl what she asked for? Or, do you
think he’s just a jerk? What did you think of him walking into Bella’s room as she slept?
Should he have done that given how afraid she would have been to find him there? What do you think of Emmett, Jasper, Alice, and Rosalie? What about Carlisle leaving Bella and the boys alone? Who’s POV do you like reading the best?

Hang in there girls, the EP journey we’re on gets better with each chapter. Characters grow, plot develops, a bedroom becomes an incredibly sweet bubble, and secrets get revealed...

For next week, we are reading Chapters 12, 13 and 14. :)


  1. Wow BellaTesoro! You just summed it up. I don't even need to comment! LOL

    Edward is being a jerk because that's all he can do. He's shielding himself (and maybe Bella) from his feelings. I think in some way Carlisle left Bella & the boys by themselves to see what would happen. I think he really wants Edward to be happy and Bella does that for him. I love both our "happy" couples. I'm getting closer to the point where I stopped reading so it's starting to be 'new' again for me. I can't wait to see what happens next. Actually, I like the alternating points of view in this one.

  2. Oh how I love this story. I have to admit getting both points of view gets a little repetitive at parts but it seems when the writer does go over something she's gone over before, she summarizes it a little so we dont have to read the whole thing in it's entirety again.

    On Saturday I was waaaaay behind for this read along. Only on Chapter 3. So I tried to catch up...and couldn't stop. I'm now on chapter 34. Can I move to the head of the class teacher? ;) SUCH a good story!!!!

  3. @Jaymes805, Yes, go directly to the head of the class! I totally understand that you can not put this story down, so don't! A++ girl!

    @HisBella, I sorta went overboard with my summary but I just have this uncontrollable passion for it and besides, the story is so long not even my reviews do it justice.
    I agree with you about Edward trying to shield himself. He's as mangled as Bella.

  4. Yes! I am so early this week! Yay me for getting here!

    Okay... I love the in and out of POVs... I like knowing what's going on in Edward's head, because he may be crass and uncaring to most, but we can see his sweeter side... and it's wonderful!

    Now, I think that he was only associating with the skanks and just did whatever, because he could. It wasn't right, but they never stopped him, so I feel they were partially to blame for the way he treated them.

    Walking into Bella's room and watching her sleep was so sweet (I think), because he was curious, and already feeling the pull to be near her. He was headed into protective mode... I love Edward in protective mode. As far as her waking up frightened... IDK, because it didn't happen... So I still see no problem.

    Emmett is a big child... who eats a ton... Very much the big bro.

    Jasper is the sweetest man on the planet. He's always patient and does so much to help the frail Bella... Just the sweetest thing. *sigh* And it's so cute that he never uses curse words or anything like that.

    Rose... well, much like every fic I've read, Rose is a biotch, but I know why so she is perfect. My favorite piece about Rose are her interactions with Edward. I crack up at those.

    Alice is the cutest little thing... I sort of wish she was around more... I think Bella could use that.

    Carlisle is one puzzle that I am still trying to work on... I'm on 46 and I still can't figure that man out. I really can't comment on him leaving the boys with Bella, because it was going to be that way. When he's called to go, he goes.

    As for POV... I think I enjoy Edward's way more than Bella's... Because everytime I hear BElla say, "Yes, sir," I swear Marcie's voice (from Peanuts... Peppermint Patty's cohort) comes into my head. Not good.

    I can't wait to get further along in the discussion...

    Kassie feel better soon. Going to NY? WFE premiere???

    Awesome summation, Fran. Thankfully you left some questions to answer, because you were very thorough. LoL... You did a fantastic pinch hit!

    Can't wait for more!

  5. BellaTesoro - That was an AWESOME summary!!

    I have a little bit left to read before commenting (I never finished the story the first time around, but have read these chapters before), but I just loved reading everyone's comments on last week's chapters and so far on this one. You guys really are very perceptive and make lots of observations that I never considered. This was such a great idea!!

  6. @rpfangirljr, I agree with everything you said! Another star student, you answered all the questions with such thoughtful insight. (Can't you just tell I'm a teacher?)

    Interesting that you mentioned that Alice should have more of a presence because I always felt that was the only flaw in Khar's story. Bella could have used an Alice and they seem to connect only on the surface and then nothing. It gets even more evident later. There were many times I think Alice could have added another dimension to the story, same with Rosalie. It's like where did everyone go? Now that I think about it, maybe it was intentional, to give Bella that added aloneness, pushing everyone aside, too afraid to let anyone in, makes her that much more sympathetic. You think?

    I think Carlisle is meant to be part of the mystery. Like I said, I like it when characters develop and grow slowly and his and Edward's really do that.
    LOL: "Marcie's voice when you here Bella say yes sir." Don't you just want everyone to say "STOP THAT!"
    Poor Bella.
    Hope you get time to keep reading. You know where to find me if you can't wait until next Friday's post.

    @TwiloveSue: thanks for all the kind words. I just love Edward's sorry ass, and it pleases me to share his story with anyone interested enough to take his long journey with him. I hope you read on. XO

    For those of you who were interested in donating to the tsunami. This is the address. Khar mentioned that anyone donating can send their receipt here and you would get the donated outtakes. I think as little as $5 or $10. is all that is required.

  8. Fran, thank you so much again for handling the post this week! Your summary was spot on and your passion really comes through.

    I'm am really enjoying reading EP this 2nd time around and I'm paying more attention to details. This pace is perfect for me right now but knowing that the story just keeps getting better is making me a little impatient.

    Anyway, here are the notes I took while reading Chapter 9-11

    Chapter 9
    -Even though they don’t tell us where Edward’s mother is, it’s obvious she is still having an influence over him.

    -I can’t believe they are betting on who is going to make Bella cry first!

    -I think it was nice that Carlisle asked Isabella to eat with them but I totally understand why she won’t. Besides the fact that she doesn't think she is worthy to dine with them, I think I would feel weird too just because I don't really know them. Then add the fact that there are these feelings that Bella is having while she is around Edward.

    Chapter 10
    -Its so sad that Bella does not want to allow herself to feel hope and happiness because she knows it will inevitably be taken from her. It does show how strong she is. I don’t blame her though because she has only been there a day. Anything could happen from her perspective.

    -Bella is so confused about these feelings she is having for Edward. I think she knows what's happening, but she knows she shouldn't let it happen. There is also the fact that she doesn't think she is worthy of someone like Edward.

    -"Disrespect comes in many forms and sometimes we do it without even realizing it.” This has such an ominous tone to it and gives me goosebumps when Carlisle says it. Foreshadowing at it's finest.

    Ch. 11
    -I love how Bella is avoiding Edward and its driving him nuts! And Edward is sooooo jealous of Bella hanging with his bros! Jealous Edward is so cute!

    -Bella dreaming about Edward! Sooooo sweet!

    -That's a big step for Edward, letting Bella into his room at the end of Chapter 11.

  9. @UAB; thank you for giving me a means for getting that enthusiasm out. XO!
    I agree with you about the foreshadowing, there's a lot of that in the beginning, giving hints of what's to be.
    I always put myself in Bella's shoes too. I would have felt as uncomfortable as she did. Just to be in a house of men only, at that age, and then with them having ownership over her. Can you even imagine that? And in the mist of it all, she finds she has "normal" feelings about a boy who she knows she has "no rights" to.
    You hit on a big theme here: "Not feeling Worthy." Most ALL these characters feel Less Than, but no one more than Bella.

  10. I love this story, and don't really mind the POV back and forth too much. I enjoy listening to Edward the most for many reasons, but mainly I just can't get enough of him, bad boy that he is. Rawr! I love how Bella made him so unsure of himself, he had to take Lauren hard and fast on the hood of his car, just to get himself straight (so he thinks). And he's worried about being an asshole to Bella so much that he actually invites her in his room. Like leading a horse to water, he's trying his best to be gentle with her.

    Carlisle is freaking me out a bit with his quiet sinister demeanor *cue Jaws music*

  11. @UtterlyAbsurdBella - that's a great idea to make notes while you're reading. I'm taking it slow, absorbing all the details, but by the time I get to the end of the three chapters, all I can think of is...uhhhh, Edward and Bella are hot. When are they going to get around to IT, already?

  12. @Z Any Mouse - if I didn't take notes while I was reading, I would be the same way at the end of the 3 chapters. And I would be like, duhhhhhhh, I have nothing to say. LOL
    I just have a word doc open at the same time I'm reading and click back and forth to it. This week I was really lazy and essential copied and pasted my notes and then embellished them a little bit. LOL!

  13. @A Any Mouse, I like how you think. I can't get enough of Edward either.
    The Jaws theme for Carlisle is perfect. You have no idea how that fits.
    LOL, "All I can think of is, uggg Edward and Bella are hot" yes they really are. Patience sweetie the slow burn is so worth the wait! But if you can't, keep reading. I remember staying up in the wee hours not being able to put the story away. It's so delish....!
    @UAB, keeping your word doc open is a great idea! I've been using notebook and pen to take notes.

  14. @BellaT Wonderful job with these chapters!

    Chp 9
    So I loved Rose saying, "she's gotta be better than Stanley" because it sets up her presence in the story.

    And I loved Edward saying, "I'd say both of you f*ckers owe Rose $200 because the b*tch has already won." I just heard his voice loudly through this line (ok sounds like an ex-) and you know he could have kept his mouth shut just to keep Rose from winning but he didn't.

    Chpt 10 Love Bella meeting Alice and being dumbfounded over the concept of 'having friends' Her transition to being 'normal' is as big in this story as the relationship between E/B. LOL @ poor Bella is so affected by Edward she can't stay in the same room with him. We've all been there with a guy, right...years ago?

    Chpt 11
    Edward is just as affected. He is so used to girls giving him attention that he now notices when he is being avoided.

    No kissing on the mouth--'Pretty Woman' anyone? The sex with Lauren proved that Edward was spoiled and didn't observe limits. He knew Lauren was with Tyler but it didn't matter. Edward is spoiled and used to taking what he wants in the moment then walking away guiltfree. That is the part that makes him a jerk, but at this point, that's what he has been molded to be and it is so easy for him.

  15. Just wanted to say a couple more things at this point.

    I like the parallels to the actual Twilight books: The betting going on amongst the family. / Emmett is as hungry as a bear all the time, and the protector. / Bella really is going to go through a 'transition' in this story.

    And I'm a Twilight nerd who is going to shut up now.

  16. Oh and of course Edward watching her sleep and her dreaming of him.

    I didn't find this or the other details pulled from the books in any way 'cheesy.' I only marveled at them for the story being so good and yet paying tribute to Twilight. :-)

  17. @TongueTwied - Lol, in case you haven't noticed, you're in a room full of Twilight nerds. Carry on.

  18. @TT - I love the parallels to Twilight that you pointed out. Most ff's have some parallels and I love when I find them. It also helps me predict what is going to happen in a story. There are always key events that happen in most Twilight FF.
    Good observations! :)

    Z Any Mouse - We are BIG TIME Twilight nerds! LOL

  19. @TT, thanks for the positive comment, you know how much I NEED them.
    You're right about the Twilight parallels, they make me smile because I'm a nerd too. Although the setting, character traits and names are Twilight inspired, if you were to change all those, the story would stand on it's own.
    Yeah kills me to admit that Edward is spoiled, I'd like to think he's more a product of his pain and hides behind his cocky attitude.

  20. Great summary Fran and I can't thank you enough for jumping in and doing this while I was out of comission.

    I'm going to admit I still haven't read the chapters yet but will try to finish them along with the next three by the end of the week.

    @rfpangirljr- Yes I am going to the WFE premiere in NYC will you be there??? Me, Fran, Robzsinger, 17foreverlisa, mamacougar are all going + more people I can't even remember right now, I'm hopped up on pain killers, so my memory is a bit hazy.

  21. @Z, **giggle** thank you!

    @BT, Edward feels entitled, but I know some of his behavior is coping. But between his father's power, silver spoon, and him being well endowed--He's big Ward on Campus and fully embraces it. :)But I much prefer an extraordinary, larger than life Edward in my FF stories.

  22. @ Kassie, so happy to "see" you out and about. Glad to help out, I'd do anything for you!

    @TT But that's what makes this Edward adorably special. He isn't larger than life. He has flaws from every direction yet beneath it all, at the very core, where it really matters, he is beautiful soul. Bella would have never been drawn to him otherwise.
    He may be looked at as Bigward on campus, but I don't think he ever really wanted to be seen as that. He doesn't have much respect for those that look up to him, that's why he treats them all with distaste. He knows he's really NOT what he projects.
    I'm going to get you to love my Miafiaward if it is the last thing I do!

  23. @Kassie ~ That is AWESOME!!! WFE Premiere! I wish I was going, but NY is a touch too far from me... Have a blast!!!

    @TT & @BT ~ Nothing is wrong with Mafiaward. I think that he plays the cards he was dealt... And when he gets a new hand, he changes... and it's so sweet... and He's Edward - protector, lover, sweet romantic... But he still has that temper... It's his temper I don't like. Everything else is a win. Plus I love that he is super picky! I don't think I have ever 'met' a fic Edward who was so finicky as this one is. I like it.

  24. @rpfangirljr, I agree with you there is NOTHING wrong with Mafiaward except for the world he was born into. Yeah, he's all Edward and much more. He's got a few flaws but they are what makes the story so interesting.

    Wish you were coming to NY too. We'd have great EP conversations as we bond over WFE Rob.


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