Friday, March 11, 2011

EP Read Along Week 2

Marie and I just want to start out by saying we are so happy with the turn out last weekend and we are very excited about chatting with you all while reading this monster of a fic.

So ladies it wasn't so bad adding another chapter was it? It was a good thing we did this week because we got the chance to bring Edward into the picture, but before he made an appearance we had a lot of things going on.

What do you think of Carlisle now? I personally love it when he puts Charles in his place and does things like taking the make-up for Isabella, knowing the fighting Charles and his wife were doing over borrowing it in the first place.

What are your feelings when Carlisle let her say goodbye to her mom? Although, then he takes her to be 'chipped' and threatens that he will kill her for betraying him. But he mentions he will not beat her. My feelings are conflicted, so I can imagine your feelings might be the same.

What do you think of the Cullen boys so far? They seem relatively harmless, right? I loved when Jasper made Isabella a sandwich, what was your favorite encounter so far between her and the three boys?

This is taken from Fran's post on EP.
We already have a glimpse into the fact that Edward plays football...
not having practice, Isabella wearing a hs football t-shirt to bed.
You get the idea.
How do you think Isabella will fare on her first day working in the Cullen household? She has never had this much freedom before so remember that when imagining what the first day will be like for her.

For next week we will be reading Chapters 6, 7 & 8!

See you in the comments.


  1. so I totally flaked out and forgot to read these during the week. Who knew I was a speed reader?
    Since this is the 2nd time I've read 3-5, I am definitely picking up different things. I find Carlisle to be a conundrum. I like that he seems to understand Bella's abuse and wants to make her less afraid of him. On the other hand, he wants her to know that if she doesn't do right there will be consequences. It's a double edged sword for her. I was uncomfortable the first time with the 'chipping' and I'm just as uncomfortable now. I also like that he totally screwed with Charles. "the make up is expensive and mixed for her"...yeah, bullshit. Serves them right for injuring her after she was purchased. (I hate that word! purchased.) He just pockets it knowing that it'll just cause more problems with the wife. LOL! Go Carlisle! Meeting the boys: Emmett would scare the bejesus out of a grown man! He's always described in FF as this larger than life man with a heart of gold. I hope Bella understands that down the line. Jasper...he's level-headed, calm. Sweet, making her a sandwich. You can tell he's a breed all of his own. Edward...oh, Edward. Crass, ego, hot-headed. No namby pamby here. Just the way I like it. Knowing what happens a little down the road, that's all I'm going to say.(I went ahead and read 6). I forgot how much I really liked this story. I can't remember why I stopped reading it.

  2. Although it's important to meet all the guys (more about them later) I think it's really insightful to get inside Bella's head. The little things in life she's never experienced like fast food, or even a soda. How she gets nervous being around so many people in the airport. Her life is so broken and she feels so lowly. When she first sees the beautiful house in Forks and says,"I felt like me just being here degraded it." The way Bella was written you could actually feel her pain at being treated like a piece of property... and so as she experiences each new thing, the reader gets to appreciate how we take for granted the basic things in life. When she's finally alone in "Her" room, filled with large TV, sofa, and even a bed, she's so overwhelmed she hyperventilates. Her world has always been so small, and void things and people, it's hard for her to feel comfortable with her new "home". She's never really been seen, and doesn't feel she has any worth.
    Now she gets thrown into a world of boys. Thankfully, kind hearted Jasper takes her on a tour of the house and warns her about "finicky, picky, peculiar, and as Carlisle says, Big Ol' pain in the ass" Edward. I was afraid Edward was going to traumatize Bella even more than she was, didn't you?
    But Bella found she just might be a typical girl after all, as she feels attracted to this gorgeous boy. Sadly she realizes it's ridiculous to "crush" on him as she's a nothing after all.
    So, girls did you like the slap stick way they first meet? Reading it this time around, it made me laugh picturing Edward knocking his head and the two of them rolling around on the floor creating sparks with their first touch. And of course, we got our first wave of Edward"s profanities. Hold on girls, because his use of the F-word, just make you want to use it in your everyday speech and enjoying every F-in minute of it.
    I just love these two E/B's, for their open and honest personalities.
    Anyone else, besides me, want one of those "Cullen 21" football shirts to wear to bed?

  3. @hisbella, You said you didn't know why you stopped reading EP. Did you ever finish it, or are you now rereading the beginning and finishing it as you go?
    I'm with you, I like hot headed, Edward.

  4. @BellaT: I got to chapter 40 or something and then for some reason I did not finish it. So, I'm going read the whole thing. Much Like I did with Breaking Dawn. I really loved your comments. You nailed it. It was comical with the whole banging of the heads with these two. I just told my Hubby that if this was the Edward in Twilight, I think it would have been a whole different story. He thinks he's the 'bad guy' in Twilight? He's got nothing on this one!!! Nom, Nom, Nom...too yummy.

  5. Okay, I'm here! :)
    Had to make the treat bags for Matt's birthday party tomorrow.

    Okay, now to EP.

    We really see the conflicting sides to Carlisle's character. On the one hand, you see that he is a mean ass mother f-er that you don't want to mess with. But on the other hand, you see the compassion he has as well. Letting Bella say goodbye to her mom showed that under that tough exterior is a heart. And Bella is really picking up on the fact that Carlisle has a good side, but he also has a bad side and she is so afraid that the carpet will get pulled from under her and everything will turn to shit for her.

    I agree with what Fran said about really getting into Bella's head and realizing that all the things that we take for granted every day are so brand new to her. The bubbles in the pop and the car ride.

    I also found it interesting that Bella was unsure about taking the pill that Carlisle gave her for anxiety on the plane. I mean, she took it, but why not. What else does she have to lose. I know that's really random, but that part just stuck out in my head for some reason.

    So glad we got to meet our finicky little Mafiaward. yay! Edward and Bella's first meeting is so adorable. Edward lands on his butt on the floor. I love that! Of course Bella is mortified and dying a thousand deaths, the poor thing. And we start to see that electricity that is flowing between E and B when they accidentally touch each other towards the end of ch. 5. That happens in like every FF and it gives me goosebumps every time!

    And how do you like that.....Edward is being such a good boy and volunteering to take Bella to the grocery store. *waggles eyebrows*

    Yes Bella, Edward is going to complicate your life! LOL

  6. Marie, I thought the same thing about the Ativan pill, she just does what ever she's told. She's got good instincts though, doesn't she? For someone who's been so locked away, she seems to read people well.
    Didn't you all love the playfulness of the brothers? How Edward jumped on Emmett's back, and how Edward's "mischievous smirk sent shivers through Bella. These simple acts made her smile. She seems to know Edward is going to complicate her life.
    I love how Carlisle adores his sons, especially "dolore nell' asino- the pain in the ass" (I love Italian!!!)

  7. Fran, I love love love the boys horsing around and Bella just taking it all in! So cute!

    And HB, I agree about the whole Jasper thing. So sweet, making Bella a sandwich. Which of course shocks her that someone would do something so nice for her.

    Can't wait to hear what everyone else is thinking! :)

  8. I am enjoying EP so much more the second time around, taking it slower and paying more attention to detail. I couldn't imagine being in Bella's shoes, being sold off from one owner to another, not knowing what to expect. I love it that she was perving on Edward the second she laid eyes on him, lol.

  9. @Z Any Mouse,
    I know what you mean about enjoying it the second time around. This story has so many details and emotional ups and downs, it needs to be read slowly.
    Bella perving on Edward was precious I know!

  10. @Z Any Mouse - I'm finding the same thing the 2nd time around. I'm paying much more attention to details. Partly because I know we are going to talk about it on here, and partly because when I read it the first time and things started getting exciting nor suspenseful, I would read really fast to find out what would happen next. I would practically skim just so I could get to the next chapter. Definitely taking my time this time around.

  11. EP--
    I always thought it was weird that Bella choose nuggets at McD's...even though I know the whole [SPOILER ALERT] 'reading' thing,I also just wondered why she could so easily even 'make a choice' given her history with not much hesitation.

    The chip is 'startling' part of this story.Really...and scary!

    First word out of Edward's mouth is "F*ck!" Too funny!

  12. @TongueTwied - Yeah, what's up with the chicken nuggets? Like, why didn't she go for a chocolate shake a fries? I mean, if you're held captive, never had fast food etc, how do you even know what a chicken nugget is? Sorry, I'm going off on a chicken nugget tangent.

    P.S. I love chicken nuggets, and it's even my youngest son's nickname.

  13. Okay so I've finally had a chance to sit down and write about these chapters. I don't want to overstate my opinions when asking questions to get things rolling so I'll do that now.

    Carlisle makes me crazy. He is having Twilight Edward mood swings that aggravate me. Why would he tell Bella to choose her meal at McD's knowing she had never eaten it before? TT's right, how was it so easy for her to make that decision regardless of the reason. But, what if she asked for a Big Mac, fries & a shake. I Imagine she probably has the stomach of a small child from being starved and has never had greasy fast food before... she would get so freaking sick. Imagine giving a five year old that kind of meal... it wouldn't end well. Way to go Carlisle!

    He has her chipped the first day. WTF! Does he really believe she would try to run away her first night? If she was just a normal 16 y/o girl that was kidnapped she would probably try, but she is a slave that has never been in the outside world until now. She wouldn't run.. it's just not logical. But like UAB said she has nothing to lose that's why she takes the pill so running could be along those same lines... if she runs there are (to me) really no consequences. Carlisle said it himself he'd kill her, what could be worse than being dead?? Being a slave! (Hell I'd probably run counting on the fact I'd get killed and not have to live that way anymore- I'm a very negative person that likes to take the easy way out apparently.)

    Okay onto something happier.. the boys. Yes Fran I would love an Edward Cullen football t-shirt to wear to bed, that would be amazing! I love that the boys are just acting how they normally would from the get go. It gives Bella an idea of what they are each like individually and collectively so she will know what to expect when coming into contact with them. Speaking of contact; Edward grabbing her wrist.. the first time I read that I was so scared he was going to flip out on her, I'm really glad he didn't. I already said that Jasper making her a sandwich is something I love... but I think it might have been better if Emmett did it. Like hisbella said 'Emmett would scare the bejesus out of a grown man' so him doing something domesticated and nice would have made a strong impression. But I get why it was Jasper & if I remember when we get to the specific part when I came to that realization I will mention it again.

    I'm going to stop writing now. I swear I could write a term paper on this story. Like Z Any Mouse I'm also taking it slow and paying more attention to detail. So don't give me a number of pages to complete by the time we're done reading bc I would probably do it.

  14. @Z,T,and K,
    to the chicken nuggets, since we're obsessing over that small detail, lol: Bella watches TV when the A-hole is out of the house (it's her only source to the outside world), so she's seen the "McD- commercials I'm guessing"(a bit spoiler here) She also has a photographic memory and has self taught herself to read. That's the point here. Carlisle finds, to his surprise, the slave can read. Nuggets, she probably felt like chicken or maybe she didn't want to create a mess with burgers...this is fun analyzing food choices. I can't wait to hear you all when we get to analyze her "Edward choices!" Yay!!!!

  15. Fran maybe Carlisle was trying to catch her reading by telling her to make a choice. He knows she will do whatever he tells her to do so if he said she needed to make a choice, she would. I agree that she has probably seen the commercials on TV before so she would know what they offered. Who would have thought McDonald's and chicken nuggets would be our choice of topics to contemplate on lol.

  16. Lol! What kind of sauce does she choose?

  17. Kassie, I think that's exactly why he asked her to choose.
    Z, sauce for Bella? Let's analyze that too, lol

  18. @BellaTesoro - I'm pretty sure it was McEdward sauce.

    ...I'm going to snuggle up with my laptop and get started on Chapter 6

  19. Oh noooooooo, it's only week 2 and I've totally failed... I'm still wondering where the last 4 days went. Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading all of the above comments and being here on time and with my homework next week. XOXO!!

  20. Don't worry Twilove Sue - you can still catch up! :)

  21. @Z...what kind of sauce? ROFL!!!

    I know it is for the 'reading' sake but I just meant that in later chapters she can't make a decision and Edward teaches her how to say what she wants and not just go along with what she thinks others want her to say so since Carlisle is the one that said 'you need a hamburger child' it would have made complete sense to me for her to just order a hamburger.

    Since BellaT. said how Bella watched tv when Charles wasn't around, I'll leave the issue as a testament to the power of McDonald's tv commercials and wonder if as they drove off she was humming to herself, "da da da da duhhhhhhh, I'm lovin' it!"

  22. Look at me... I come over to discuss the chapters I read and I find out two things...

    A) I'm late. That's really nothing new to someone who manages to always be late to the parties.

    B) I am still two chapters behind. How am I behind. I thought I was ahead.

    Looks like I'll go read more and try to get here on time for the next discussion. Did someone find that 'L' that fell off my forehead?

  23. I found the 'L' that fell off your forehead, rpfangirljr, and am wearing it. LOL!

    Ok. I have read through Chapter 9 now, so I can come back and comment on this one and the next one. Yay me.

    I feel like Bella does as far as Carlisle is concerned. I don't know whether to trust him or not. Right now, he seems like he's making her transition relatively smooth and being considerate. But he is tied to the mob, so it's not like we can expect him to be that way all the time. It would put anyone on constant edge I think.

    And I find myself wondering why he bought her in the first place. Why her? Why someone so young? Especially since he's raising three teenage sons. I can't help but think there's more to it than he just needed another slave. Some connection. Maybe I'm way off base. Only time will tell.

    I did feel for Bella and her culture shock which was worse because every experience is laced with fear.

    I love the interaction with the brothers. It's very real. Emmett and Jasper are, so far, true to their Twilight personalities. Not so for Edward. LOL!

    A potty mouth, sex-crazed, and full of himself...yet cares about his brothers and wants to please his dad.

    Love that despite everything that Bella has been through, she can "feel" something for Edward.

    The next best thing to the football jersey being 17 is it being 21. My one and only tattoo has the numers 17 and 21 on it. My son's sports number (and mine) was always 17. My daugher's was always 21 :)

    Great discussion. I will try and do better keeping up!

  24. @Lisa, just jump in when you can :)
    You know we are all kinds of laid back here. I really want to get a Cullen 21 shirt!


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