Sunday, March 6, 2011

You Bring the Water, We'll Bring the Elephants

Hey ladies the Water for Elephants release is right around the corner sooooooo what are your plans?

Would you like to come to Chicago and see WFE with Me and Marie???

Mini-preview of hot Robowski!
I know this is not doable for some of you that live faaaaaaaar away from us but those of you chicas that are in the area, would you be willing to make the trek out to see WFE with us?

So far our plans are to see the Thursday/Friday Midnight showing... gotta see Rob as soon as his movie hits theaters, that's our motto... the theaters don't have their show times listed as of yet but once they are up we will choose a theater.

If you are interested let us know either in the comments or email us. We already have one person interested-Robzsinger. We couldn't be more excited about meeting her and seeing Robowski together. So what'd ya say???

PS: I know it seems like not much info right now but once we have a rough number and a theater that finally get's their showtimes together we will do another post with more info.


  1. You know that if I didn't live Soooo far away, I would get there.
    As it is I just might hop on a plane for a chance to see you, Marie, and Robzsinger, throw in the mystery TT and I'm there! lol

  2. Woo hoo! I think it's gonna happen ladies! So excited to see this movie with gals who lurv Rob as much as I do. xxoo

  3. Yay Fran!!! Nothing like a spur of the moment plane ride. I don't think we could drag TT kicking and screaming... but that would mean one of us would have to see her elusiveness first :)

    @Robzie- YESSSSSSSSS this is so freaking exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Will Lisa be going because I'm always scoping out opportunities to stage a place where I show up and surprise the everliving crap out of her...but first I will convince her I am someone else completely and have her believe me before I tell her who I really am.

    good times, right?

  5. Oh man I just read the comments. I'm flattered you guys would want to meet me.:)

  6. I'd love to! Keep me posted!

    @TT: Yeah, come join us!!!!

    U could have a Marie sandwich with a side of Kassie, BT & RobzSinger! Now we just need Lisa!

  7. Are you girls up for multiple Robgasms???? Because I think I could stay for more than one showing.....just sayin.

    I can't wait! These freaking WFE trailers are killing me. Ooooh, I think I'll go watch it again now! LOL

  8. OMG TT that would be amazing... you swoop in and convince Lisa you're someone else. Hell you could convince us all you're someone else and then surprise us all lol!

    @hisbella- I love being part of a side dish :)

  9. Hey TT, wear a beret you can be "the Woman in the Beret!"

  10. TT FTW! I will be putting the full court press on Lisa.

    @hisbella - I hope you can make it! You can be the pickle on top. ;)

    Girls, I wrote a post about it as well.

    Rob in a tux, Rob in a leather jacket, Rob rubbing my, er, Marlena's leg!

    @Marie - I will stay at the cinema until my train comes to take me away.

  11. oooh I wish this was on the weekend so I could go!!!
    love you girls

  12. @Well Cat, maybe we could stretch this out into the weekend!

  13. That, kiTT. Such a kiTTer.

    I agree with Cat. I wish the midnight showing wasn't during the week :( My PTO is at such a premium. But I'd love to see you girls again and meet Marie and Meg. Dang it! Let me talk to Mary. Our current plans are to meet up that weekend in Peoria, which is half way for both of us.

    But let me tell ya. If you girls could get kiTT to swear on a stack of Bibles that she'd be there, I'd figure out a way to make it work come hell or high water.

  14. Now that wouldn't be surprising you would it Lisa?


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