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EP Read Along Week 15 Chapters 42-44

Hi all. So how are we keeping up? I know my EP time is seriously lacking but it is my priority to follow these characters where ever they are headed... and I know where that is, but my lips are sealed ;) Okay let's get into the nitty gritty.

Chapter 42 Bella's POV
Carlisle starts this chapter off by scaring the bejesus out of Bella. He plans on taking here somewhere without revealing too much. Bella is jumpy and nervous, which aggravates Carlisle. Bella finds the courage to actually ask a question out loud about where they are headed and lo and behold it's the hospital for her birth control.
Bella finds out for certain Carlisle knows about her and Edward's relationship. He explains that Edward is snooping and it's not good for him. He tries to explain to Bella that Edward following in his footsteps is not a good thing, but he can't exactly openly talk about that to Edward, it goes against La Cosa Nostra's code.
Don't you just feel so bad for him? Carlisle signs his life over to those people they want their pound of flesh and then some by taking his son too.

Chapter 43 Edward's POV
Edward is at lunch worrying about why his dad wants to see him after school. His brothers and the girls try to soothe his fears.. well not so much Rosalie. We learn Emmett is a skilled hacker when Edward admits to their dad putting a GPS in Bella. They all have Edward and Bella's back when it comes to them possibly running in the future, Emmett even said "Well, if you decide to run, you come to me first. I got your back, you know that. I got my trust fund, if you need any money it’s yours. If you need someone to cover for you, you know I will. And I’ll see what I can do about killing the signal on the chip, because that shit’s not right." and Jaspers words of advice when Edward asks what he should do if Carlisle doesn't take news of their relationship well "Then you run like a motherfucker."
Edward goes straight to the hospital after school, where he can tell something is up with Bella. But ignores it so they can focus on her driving lesson. What did you think of it? Edward is a complete fool when it comes to teaching Bella how to drive, if that was my first driving experience I'd probably never want to get behind the wheel again.

Chapter 44 Bella's POV
After a disastrous driving experience; Bella and Edward do pizza and a movie with his brothers before they go upstairs to get 'wasted'. They play a little Nintendo, ahhh takes me back Super Mario, Duck Hunt I love those games. Edward pulls out a box with a picture of his mom and shows it to Bella. She is overwhelmed with a sense of déjà vu. Falling asleep that night she has a dream of her past, being back in Phoenix and running into Elizabeth. Then remembering what Carlisle told her about his wife and him meeting Bella in the past cemented the dream as reality for her. What do you think, if she met Carlisle and Elizabeth could she have possibly met Edward too?

Important announcement for next week. Please read chapters 45, 46, 47, 48. Chapter 47 is Edward's point of view on spending Valentines day with Bella and why wait a week to see it from her in chapter 48?


  1. I love in these chapters how everyone is coming to Edward and Bella's support. Emmett trying to find a way to screw with the GPS planted in Bella, Jasper reminding Edward about "nothing ventured nothing gained" and that they are all there for him if they should need to run away. And then when Jasper turns to Edward as he's leaving and says that their mother would have been proud of him and how he's turned out. I think Edward needed to hear this, he thinks he such a douche sometimes. It's nice that his brother pointed out that he's in fact a good person at the core of who he is. I love Jasper for that.
    Poor Bella, waiting around Carlisle's office, feeling uncomfortable. And that skank, Heidi, right?!
    I didn't understand why Carlisle had Edward teach Bella to drive, but looking back it was a brillant move on his part. More on that later. Who just gives someone, who's barely been out in the world the keys and says now drive. Edward can be so clueless sometime. But he makes up for it, doesn't he?
    Chapter 44 shows how Edward is still his teen self, wanting to drink his worries away, snuggle up with his girl and be his hormonal self, yet all the while he's got adult like problems to deal with. It's no wonder he wants to check out now and again.
    He finally trusts Bella enough and feels safe enough, to take out the picture of his mother. Yeah, the picture brings on dreams and the truth starts spilling out...
    Next week's four chapters are some of the best! Can't wait to tackle them!

  2. I hope you know I read along with you every single week.

    These chapters were great as not both the plot & their relationship were developing. The chapters about Bella & Edward's love growning are great, but I need more to keep me interested week after week.

  3. @TwitardedMom BellaTesoro is right the next four chapters are really good, hang in there! I promise things will get complicated soon and you'll want to come back to the nice quiet times with Edward and Bella. It gets very angsty as more truths starts trickling out. We are taking this slowly so I'd suggest if you're getting bored with the plot to plow through ahead of us. Trust me once we get to the angst you won't want to stop :)

  4. Oh I hated the driving lesson! I was so mad at how intolerant Edward was. And Carlisle was just sitting back laughing wasn't he?

    I was totally wondering about Tanya at the hospital in these chapters. I kept thinking, 'Oh God, did Edward do her too?'

    Bella's memory/dream hits and you just realize how layered the story is!!

  5. @TwitardedMom, I agree with MKC, don't stop! Keep going, it's too good to linger...the best is yet to cum, I mean come....

    @kitt, Yesh, Carlisle wants to show his high strung son that real life with Bella isn't as uncomplicated as it is for them hidden away in his bedroom. He'd liked nothing more than to wipe off that young idealistic smirk right of Edward's face. And stay tuned, because he gets that chance...

  6. Sorry Ladies...I bailed this week. I read these, I did! I didn't like these all. Carlisle's not nice! The driving shows Ed's still got a lot of work to do on his patience.

    What's up for next week? Just a little sneaky peek???

  7. I'm here *pants* I'm here!!!!
    Sorry it's taken me so long to comment. How are all you newbies liinge our Mafiaward???? Well, speaking as a 2nd timer, I'm reading so much more into what Carlisle is all makes more sense to me now, having finished the whole story already once. The things that Carlisle says to Edward and Bella separately has so much more meaning. I would encourage everyone to definitely give EP a second read when you finish because you will pick up so much more. That's why I think I really enjoyed these chapters. I also found a sense of relief that Carlisle put it out there that he "knows", even if he is not giving his blessing.

    Can't you just picture cute little dirty 3 year old Bella meeting an adorable mini Edward. That is so sweet....the connection between them goes way back.

    Very excited about next week's chapters!!!! *jumps up and down* Fran gets the honors of handling Edward and Bella's special Valentines Day. Chapter 47 is particularly get your reading done this week girls! ;0)


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