Friday, June 17, 2011

EP Read Along Week 16 Chapters 45, 46, 47, 48

Emancipation Proclamation Read Along Week 16
Chapters 45, 46, 47, 48
Hello all mia bella ragazza! It's Finally Friday and that means more Fun with Fran and her Finicky EP Edward. Do I dare keep going with the F-words? We know how many of those are found coming out of Edwards mouth, right?! Yeah, well since reading this story, I find that word rolling off of my mouth all the time now too. It's all Edward's fault, but I'll try my best to keep things clean here. Well, here we go girls. Let's get the comments flying. I want to hear what you all think of my favorite chapters, especially chapters 47 and 48!!!

Chapter 45: EPOV
Edward wakes up and senses something is wrong with Bella, and so Edward lays out the Italian charm, trying to get Bella to spill what is wrong with her. He's quotes the poem “La Vita Nova” by Dante. Edward may be a bad ass, but he's a very bright one, he knows his tesoro can't resist him when he speaks Italian. Then it's adorable how he starts to give silly examples as to how the two of them are just right together. Some of my favorites were “spaghetti and meatballs, chips and dip, (it's got to be ripple for the finicky Edward) cherry and coke...He gets her to tell a bit of what's wrong with her. She tells him that Carlisle wanted to know if she was in love with Edward. And that she said yes, and he thought they were idiots if they thought they could fool him. So, it seems Carlisle is ok with them having a piece of happy as long as they don't flaunt it. Do you understand why he doesn't want it flaunted in his face?

Did you not love it when Edward keeps walking around shirtless and his father asks him if he needs his laundry done as he's been walking around barely clothed? And Edward answers him “I've got my dick covered, you taught me that shit at least...” I love how those two banter with each other, it's usually in good fun. Except after the shooting range scene. Then the real fire power came out. First though Edward explains to his father that he couldn't help falling for Bella, it wasn't something he was looking to happen. Edward challenges his father and how he's dealing with Bella. Carlisle finally puts Edward in his place by explaining he's not the bad man his son thinks he is. He demands that Edward let him control the situation because he knows what he's doing, he's got a plan to get them all out of this situation he's worried about. Of course Edward still doesn't trust his father completely, but he's left speechless from his father's rant. Carlisle gives him some answers, tells him why he wanted Edward to be the one to teach Bella to drive. He wanted him to see first hand how hard it is to deal with someone as sheltered and broken as Bella, it's something he knows a lot about. Yeah, Carlisle knows his business. I don't know about you, but my opinion of Carlisle went way up during this passionate speech to his son. Edward SHOULD listen to his father.

Chapter 46 BPOV
This chapter finds Bella getting some much needed real world experience. She notices Edward is more patient with her, she doesn't know that it's because of Carlisle's disclosure of how things in life need to be slowly exposed to her. Bella and Carlisle have a bonding moment when she makes him lunch and a Cherry Coke. She doesn't understand why he's been treating her so well and he is touched that she is so kind to him despite his past behavior. He's as taken in with Bella's beautiful soul as Edward is, he's trying in his way to do right by her, for Elizabeth and Edward's sake.

Ahhhhh, and then there's the waxing scene. Did you not just feel horrible for Bella, enduring not only the pain of it, but how traumatic it must have been for someone as sheltered and abused as Bella? She must have felt violated. But Edward makes her forget all that, yes?! With the bath tub-Rosalie's toy soothing he gives her. Yeah, I'm sure the waxing event was quickly forgotten. Love Edward's reaction, he didn't know if should beat Rosalie/Alice or fall on his knees in thanks to them for getting her waxed. That scene is like a lot of them in EP, one part sad and another part funny. I for one think Edward “handled” it very well. How about you?

Chapter 47 and 48 Edward and Bella's POV

Bono San Valentino!
I'll just review the Valentine's Day scenes together. Bella doesn't know what this day is all about. Alice comes to take her for a girl day, explains a little and helps her get ready for what Edward has planned. As always, it's Edward's reactions that steals our heart. He is having a panic attack worrying over his plans to make Bella's first Valentine's Day special. He loves her so much, he just wants it all to go well. And he thinks he's not romantic and he thinks he's clueless when it comes to what “making love” truly means. Do you agree with him? Is Edward lacking in the romantic department? I don't think so! Not after he rents a whole Inn, right? As he goes about the business of getting flowers, candy, the B&B, picnic lunch, taking her to an art gallery... he starts thinking it will all go wrong, ants will invade their food, etc. He has no self confidence when it comes down to it, he thinks he's bound to screw this up too. And then in walks Bella, and one look at her and he remembers what it's really all about. Just her presence is enough to make all the panic go away, she's what's been wrong, his missing piece. They both relax in each other's presence, they realize all they need is each other.

I won't try to describe Edward's perfect Valentine's Day, I could never do it justice. I will tell you that it was Bella's decision when she asks Edward to make love to her. I will say that I cried through out the whole “FIRST TIME for Bella” scene. I cried at how beautifully Khar described this for the both of them, I will tell you to go back and re read that scene again, beginning with Edward playing the piano for Bella, and the words to 18th Floor Balcony. I will tell you to listen to the words, watch some of the Twilight Video clipped to it and see how it fits their lives.

I will tell you that both Edward and Bella felt this was THE moment, FINALLY, because they were out and away from what defines Bella as a slave, that they both felt free and whole and normal enough to let this happen. I will tell you that I wish everyone's FIRST was this PERFECT, because everyone should be as lucky as Bella, to have a man make the effort he did to make the first time so artfully romantic. He worships her and he not only tells her this, but shows her in every soft kiss, warm touch, and delicate way he makes love to her. Edward finally gets it, he knows what making love is. He felt the intensity of the two of them coming together, “merging our body and souls. I was making love to her entire being and getting all of her in return.” Bella asks him to never leave her. He says he never would and asks if she feels it, feels how much they belong together. And she replies “Sempre” and his reply is also “Sempre, Forever, Isabella. I'll fucking die without you. I'll never survive if you ever go away from me.” And with that, I say enough said...about their first. 

But the next day, I think is cute. When Bella wakes up, sees a little blood and Edward explains what that is. Then he starts getting aroused again but realizes she may be too sore and he wants her to speak up for herself if she doesn't want to have sex. I just have to quote this because it's pure Edward: “Because quite frankly we'd never leave the bedroom or put clothes on if we went by when I wanted it, because I'm a man. I'm pretty much always fucking ready and willing....And by the way, I also told you that day that you'd be comfortable enough to want to try that kind of shit with me someday. You didn't believe me, and look at you now with your cherry popped.” He goes on to be serious and says he doesn't want her to think that it's all about sex with them now. Edward has grown up for sure! Did you not love how he draws her a bath and washes her? 

They reluctantly leave the Inn and head back to the roles they have to play. First they stop and have lunch and Edward openly displays his relationship with Bella. Bella feels the shift in their new found connection, she feels and believes Edward's devotion to her, she believes no one will come between them, but there is this feeling she recognizes, she feels like they're being watched. Hummmm?

So girls. What did YOU think of their first? Where do they go from here? The title of this chapter is “Change is Coming” and so it is. Hold on tight for it....!!!
PS I think she also made the banner at the top of the post :)


  1. Okay this is gonna be a quick comment from me today.. hopefully I will have time to comment more on Sunday but I have a busy weekend; just finished birthday gift shopping, going to a concert tonight, a birthday party at the zoo all day tomorrow, visiting the cemetery Sunday for Father's day and a bbq also on Sunday so I'm jam packed.

    I loved the conversation between E/C over shooting guns. My two favorite things; hot guys and guns!
    Valentines day for Bella was everything it should be for her first VDay. Edward planned the most perfect things to do with Bella and she finally has enough confidence in herself to give it up to Edward. It was as it should be... molto bene <-Fran did I use the right Italian there?? lol. I can't wait to read all the other comments.. especially the ones from you first timers :)

  2. oh...hello? is anyone home? well, I'm in the middle of reading and felt it easier to comment as I read...I'll try to keep em short.
    My fav analogy for E & B: "You're the missing mate to my sock." I like the banter between father and son, but they are so much alike you can tell one day it's going to come to blows. I did find a little bit of appreciation for Carlisle. He's trying to acclimate Bella to the outside world so someday she can be free. It's also teaching Edward that she's not some random girl, her life has been hard and she's not like any other 16 yr old.

    Carlisle spending time with Bella was a little nerve-racking for me. I wasn't sure what he was going to do. Bella lost a bit of her inhibitions while talking to him and caught herself. I did like that when Alice asked if she could take Bella to the spa, he didn't forbid it and left it up to Bella. I can see he's not trying to be a hard ass, just keep control of the situation. Can I just say; I won't look a Gnocchi the same way again...too much like Gnoccha. you think when Rob says he loves "hotpockets" it was code? He said he was allergic to vajayjay's, but he does love hotpockets...just sayin'.

    Bath tubs...vibrators...Edward...lord have mercy.

    What can you say about Valentine's Day? Edward being romantic. Singing to her, a picnic. He's a good piccolo tesoro. I like that one...I think I might start calling my nieces that. Cuz they are little treasures.

    You just know there's going to be a problem if Bella tells Edward she spoke with Jacob. Jacob seems like an alright guy, telling jokes. He wants to get to know her, but hates the idea of her with Edward (again, I like the canon here.) Alice was great with Bella at the salon. Its sad that Bella didn't ever know any of this and has to rely on the guys and girls to show her. Damn Slavery.
    The Chief (which I still have a hard time not picturing Charlie as) seems happy Edward is keeping out of trouble. Bella's the reason for that. Jakey no likey! Uh oh!

  3. Hullo lovers!

    I LOVE Valentines' Day. So, so, so good. I love her writing style, I love seeing it from both POVs, I just freaking love it.

    I am so vicariously excited for everyone reading this for the first time right now.


  4. Who made that banner? It's FABULOUS!

    I loved the vibrator scene. It made his being nervous for Valentine's day all that more hilarious. Agree the mix of sad and funny, Fran goes on a lot in this story.

    In FF land--when I think Valentine's Day there is a one shot I love and EP's Chpt 47. Flowers, chocolate-Edward style, his nerves, the whole set up. Love it!!

  5. @MKC, yes your Italian is "molto bene!" Did you like the Edward/Bella at the piano pic I put in? Seemed to fit the scene. I just love that song 18th Floor Balcony.

    @HisBella, The whole Jacob thing had me a little off balance. It was hard to understand why exactly Jacob was being nice to Bella. Was it to get back at Edward? Was it to warn her, like you said, similar to Cannon Jacob? And then later, well what happens...that's why I love this story, it keeps you off balance.

    @TwiKiwi50, It warms my heart to know how much you love this story!

  6. I am was in the middle of chapter 47 this afternoon and just when it was getting really good, the kids start getting crazy and the tv is blasting, dog is barking! My house is crazy. I'm waiting until tonight after the kids go to bed so I can savor Edward and Bella's first time again.

    The best part of chapter 47 for me is Edward's nervousness. It's so sweet and cute. He wants so bad for everything to be perfect because of his finicky self even though he knows Bella has no expectations whatsoever and will be pleased with anything he does for her. He just keeps going back the ants and the picnic basket. lol

    I'll be back when I've had a chance to finish rereading ch. 47 and 48

    @TT - I found that banner on Photobucket - not sure who made it. Whoever it is made a really awesome Mafia Princeward one too. :)


  7. @kiTT, you know how much this chapter means to me. Edward not thinking he's the romantic type and then pulling off this incredible day, unknowingly making it RIGHT for them both. It's his innocence that shines through that gets to me. It's really like he feels: the first time for him too.

    Yeah, this banner/blinkie shows all the best parts of the chapter! Fits perfect.

    Now that forever17lisa is reading EP and falling for it too, I've been dropping hints for HER to come up with a graphic for me. I'll keep nudging her...

  8. I'm here! I'm sorry I've been such an epic fail at joining in on the discussions, but I have been reading EP...slowly but surely.

    Fran gets numerous emails from me as I read and then have to comment here and there.

    But I finally made it to Chapter 47...THE chapter.

    Fran knows that I fell in love with the song 18th Floor Balcony the most out of all of the songs on the EP playlist. I listen to it at least twice a day, once on the way into work and once on the way home. I have it memorized. I asked her awhile back which chapter that song went with and was thrilled to find out it went with the Valentine's Day chapter. She didn't elaborate beyond that.

    So here's how it went down in real-time in my emails to Fran (this will be a repeat for kiTT):

    1) Oh my. They just had their moment in the bathtub.

    Bella said in this chapter (46) that the date is February 10th. Valentine's Day is right around the corner :)

    2) His nervous chatter in his head while he was getting everything ready was so damn cute. I laughed out loud when the first raindrop fell while they were in the meadow and he hoped like hell a bird hadn't shit on him.

    He just finished playing the piano for her. "le sigh*

    3) Gah!!!!!!! I didn't know he was going to play and sing 18th Floor Balcony to her. I'm in tears and can barely breathe...

    4) And the song was playing just before he climaxed and he had tears because he was so overwhelmed by how right this moment in their lives was.

    Oh, Fran. That was amazing.

    5) I can't believe that of all the songs on the EP playlist that you sent me, I fell hard for 18th Floor Balcony, even playing it for Travis and Leigha separately because it's so beautiful. I'm glad I listen to it every day and have it memorized. It made the experience of that chapter so powerful for me. I'm drained.


    So I think it's safe to say that I freaking loved Chapter 47.

    Great post, Fran.

    Great banner and blinkie by Rose Arcadia. She's brilliant.

    I've also finished reading Chapter 48, Bella's POV. It was lovely, but I'm not going to lie, Edward's POV will be the one I will always, always remember.



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