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EP Read Along Week 14 Chapters 39-41

We are progressing quite nicely aren't we? Without much blabbing from me, other than gloating that I got my copy of Fifty Shades of Grey today, let's get into these chapters.

Chapter 39 Edward's POV
The kids are done playing in the snow and have a nice family dinner. Edward is still flipping out over the secrets his father and Esme are keeping. But we are lucky and know a bit about what's going on from Carlisle's POV last chapter. [Side Note: Which made me bawl like a baby.] Esme basically admitted to Edward that he isn't being slick and that Carlisle knows, but they'll just keep ignoring the big pink elephant in the room.

After Carlisle leaves for work and the boys leave to drop off their girlfriends, Edward starts throwing a fit because Bella won't tell him what Rosalie got her as a gift. When he finally see's the gift, it leads to some major flirting and some nookie for the two.

The thing that stands out the most for me this chapter is when Bella says they don't need to think of themselves as Romeo and Juliet, Shrek and Fiona, or Jack and Rose but as Edward and Isabella to which Edward replies “I like that. And I’m sure there’s a happily ever after at the end of the story. I mean, fuck, we sure as shit deserve it, huh?” They sure as shit deserve it in my opinion and that's not even including all of the things they still haven't been through yet.

Chapter 40 Bella's POV
Alice and Rosalie come over to help Bella get ready for a New Years Eve party and from the girls we learn some of the not so nice things Edward has done to girls in the past, but they balanced out the negatives with something positive by giving tips on as Rosalie put it " to make that asshole feel good."

At the party Edward and Bella have a run in with Lauren. Bella is a bit tipsy from drinking and a bit high too, she goes off on Lauren calling her a whore and bitch in Italian, just some of the wonderful words Edward (and even Carlisle unknowingly) taught her. Then the two of them round third base for a second time.. what!?! If Edward can use baseball metaphors so can I lol. He says some sweet things to Bella while they are watching New Years Eve fireworks like "You are my life now." I swear sometimes that boy is so sweet it makes my teeth ache.

Chapter 41 Edward's POV
Edward and Bella have a discussion about his bad boy behavior in the past. Edward finally realizes that what he did to those girls was probably not fair to them, even though they were willingly participating he understands that it isn't okay. Edward also finds out about the GPS chip and the DNA samples Carlisle took from Bella. He confronts Carlisle over the phone about the GPS and the DNA testing, he is bound and determined to find out why Carlisle did these things. If you haven't made it all the way through yet, what are your theories? 

See ya in the comments. (UAB Marie and HB Marie, I will be seeing you girls in just a few hours YAY!)

For next week read chapters 42-44.


  1. Well hi, all! I'll be the first to comment so Fran can stop yelling at me to visit this read along! I actually kind of liked these chapters about what Edward's, encounters?...were like. I think it really shows the difference in how he's acting toward Bella - which should make her feel good - even in light of the revelations of what he has been doing. Also, I think his repentance about what he's done and realizing that that's now how you treat girls is very mature even if the original actions weren't. I think it kind of shows how much he's changing because of her - since her changes are a bit more obvious up to this point. Plus, there's nothing wrong with that bathtub scene...

  2. Hi Lauren welcome to the read along!!

    You're right we see the changes in Bella on a more prominent level but we don't get to fully see the changes in Edward because we didn't really see how badly he was treating these girls(we did get a few glimpses like with Jessica), but with Bella he has done a complete 180. I really love that she makes him think and understand not only why he has changed but how the negative doesn't take away all the positive he has done in his relationship with her.

  3. Yeah...its nice to see more illustration of his changes, to know that he's grown already too...

  4. @pattiblm, Brava, mia bella ragazza! You get some Toblerone for your insightful summary.

    Yeah our fincky f**ker is growing up, but lucky for us, not too much.

    @ MKC, yeah the negative doesn't take away all the positive. All these characters are growing and developing in this story, it's what I like about it. Khar shows us where they started by giving us the back stories and then slowly builds.

    Hey I've only re-read the first two chapters but I've got to just say, because I'm in a raunchy mood maybe, even though I can't get myself to spell the F word on comments...Gotta love my Edward and his shameless self, I do: he's all wet from the snow and says he could strip down but figures Esme wouldn't appreciate him "walking around the house, cock hanging out, balls all flapping in the wind and shit." Of all the things to comment on I pick this. I just love him. Oh if you are reading the pdf, you should check the story out from her blogspot for the quotes and translations. Here's something my mama never taught me in Italian..."Che bella sborrata "slang for an amazing orgasm" May you all have many bella sborrata!!!
    Ok, I'll go read on and comment on more serious stuff.

  5. Just reading about Edward telling Esme how he'd like to pop Alec for not killing his sister when they were kids. Esme says you'd never win that fight. Edward says yeah, he'd probably let me have a few punches and then just take out his gun and shoot me between the eyes. How right is he!
    Watch out for Alec girls, he has no mercy.

  6. Hey tesoros! I made it! I was seriously all caught up in my EP reading and everything but got sidetracked by a little "Unexpected Circumstance".

    Anyway, one of the things I loved from these chapters was the little chat that Bella has with Alice and Rosalie. I do think it was a little bit shitty that Rosalie told her all that, but then again maybe it's good that Bella knows. Then she can see how much he's changed since he's been with her.

    I was so proud of Bella at the New Year's Party! First, her telling off Lauren and calling her names in Italian was amazing! Then our brave girl takes a chance and goes down on Edward in the back seat of his car (with a little encouragement from Rosalie and Alice) and I'm so proud of her!

  7. I"m still loving on chapter 39. Just finished and what stood out for me was how happy Edward was as he sat at the table on this Christmas and said that he knew this is where he was supposed to be. And that Bella was wrong that happiness was more than just surviving and that together they'd find their happiness... Bella has really filled in the hole in his life.
    I also loved the smart ass banter between father/son when he gave him the gun. And how funny was it when Carlisle said Bella had cussed in front of him already, and Edward named every cuss word he could to find out which one she'd said, it was a funny scene with Carlisle amused watching his son playfully embarrass Bella. Everyone is so happy, it was fun to read. That's what I love about this story, we see the lows/saddness but that makes the happy so much more enjoyable, right?
    Like Edward's FIRST time. Imagine our shameless Edward never having wanted to ever taste a girl before Bella?! And how he referred to it, "As their thing," something only between the two of them, ever. I was proud of him that he was able to think of HER and how meaningful the act was for them BOTH. Go Bella too, making our Edward all satisfied!

  8. after a marathon session of reading these chapters, I think I can put my two cents in...

    I love the relationship(s) with Esme. It's still weird for me to think of her as Carlisle's sister but it's growing on me. I'm happy that the Doc has a sounding board. Esme was totally telling Edward about his mom's knowledge of Bella without telling him.

    Kassie: We need that manip we talked about Fri nite! I can soooo totally see him as Alec!!! I may even have a great pic of him!

    My favorite part was the conversation between Emmett and Bella. Em gets her in a different way than Edward. I like how he feels he got lucky with Elizabeth being his mom. He understands Bella didn't get so lucky in Phoenix.

    The gun gift giving was a good look at Doc and Edward's fun dynamic - they are soooo much alike. I have a feeling at this point with the GPS convo Carlisle is realizing Edward might just be getting himself in over his head. Doc may not have said it yet, but he can 'read' people well!!! SHUT UP Edward!!!

    Alice & Rosalie were honest with Bella and I think it was justified. It's showing Bella just how much her presence in his life (and her love) has changed him. I think they are trying to tell her she's good for him. Here's what he used to do, he doesn't do that anymore and would never to you.

    Don't get me started on Edward's "snack". I have a manip I found once...if you want to see it, let me know. The 'toy' comment last week made me learn my lesson. LOL

  9. I totally agree about being proud of Bella at the New Year's party - just like I was proud when she kissed him at the Halloween party - she's figuring out how to go out and get what she wants - which is so new to her.

    I totally agree with everyone who said that they liked the Alice/Rose/Bella conversation. I think it says a lot about Rose too - Alice is more open and willing to talk generally, but Rose is more used to putting up guards and this seems to be her way of telling Bella that they approve. In some sort of random and semi-twisted kind of way. I enjoy the strange dynamic that the 3 of them have.

    And, HB Marie - I agree about Em. I think that Bella and Emmett have an interesting relationship in just about everything I've read so far - he's always like the big brother, the protector, etc. to her and it's nice that she can have that too. He's the goofy friend that you have to have somewhere in your life.

  10. I'm with you all about Emmett being connected with Bella. They don't know how much, as Elizabeth tried to save them both for the same reasons.
    I think it was mean to give all Edward's secrets away like Ros/Alice did to innocent Bella. But I guess you are right, She needs to see him as he is, and hey she loves him anyway.
    My favorite part of chap 40 is the very end, when Edward is in awe of how Bella was able to fend for herself with the girl issues and with being able to go for "it" after Alice/Ros "giving head 101" She did good, right?! lol And Edward expresses himself about what his mother said about fate, and how Bella is his life now...and Bella points out he said all that without saying the F word and he gives her his dazzling smirk after hearing Bella say it. I just love Edward.xo
    Now I have to read chap 41, might have to wait until BD trailer frenzy is over. I'm too wired!

  11. Chap 41 I think is pretty significant because it shows Edward to his core. He's having a near panic attack, he suffers from anxiety as it is and his usual way to get by is to act like the bad ass people think he is, also I think he relies on drinking and smoking to help relieve his anxieties. When we read Bella's POV, we see that Edward did a good job hiding his worries from her. But here we get to see the real Edward. The one who suffers from everything he's had to deal with and now having to open up in front of people and keep Bella from feeling safe, is just too much for him. Edward doesn't like social event but he's determined to fight through his panic for Bella's sake. This sort of foreshadows how Edward forces himself to "man up" but it takes a toll on him and as we know he sometimes needs a little in the form of drugs. But at least this time he didn't go for the coke that Ben had on hand. Poor Edward.

  12. hb I'd love to see that manip you have.. email it to me, yea?

    I'm working on getting the Alec manip I want.. I just need to collect the right pictures. hb can you send me your pics of SB for the pic??

  13. Kassie: I will send you what I have!!! On both fronts...

  14. I have been playing both tortoise and hare during this read along. First I read way ahead, then I got sidetracked by other works of fiction and fell behind. As of now, I am finally caught up! I don't really have anything else to add that hasn't already been discussed, except that I love how things are heating up between Edward and Bella, and trying to figure out how Jacob fits into all this.

  15. @Z- I don't think we'll be seeing more of Jake for a while. Many of the Twilight characters are not in as large a role in this story as they are in other fics. He will come back and his role is small but pivotal just... yeah it won't be for some time.


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