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EP Read Along Week 17-Chapter 49-50

Hey girls! How was you're week?  Did you get some EP reading in?  Well, I'm cheating a little bit and only doing 2 chapters this week since I was on a little vacay this week.  That's all I could get done.  We can go back to 3 chapters next week.

So here is chapters 49 and 50.

Chapter 49 - EPOV

At the beginning of Chapter 49, we have fast forwarded two months after Edward and Bella's special Valentine's Day and Edward is talking about how much Bella has changed and grown.  You definitely get the sense of pride he has in her when he speaks about how she has become more like a normal teenage girl, who is playful and more outgoing.  She's even not afraid to put her finicky Edward in his place.  Bella is spending more time drawing, writing and working on her reading.  I love the story Edward tells about Bella in the grocery store when she asks the clerk to tell her about their rewards program, effectively ending the clerks attempts to flirt with Edward and demonstrating her newly acquired reading and social skills.  Edward is just beaming.

Edward talks about his 18th birthday looming in the near future and what was expected of him from certain people and he mentions this to Bella.   Bella may be naive but I really found her to be very insightful in these chapters.  She tells Edward basically not to make a rash decision that he will not be able to change later.  She points out that Carlisle stays away from the Mafia stuff as much as he can and tries to balance out all the bad stuff he does by helping people as a doctor.  She also tells Edward that maybe his father made his decision to become initiated without really thinking about the consequences and that he regrets it now and basically that he should learn from his father's mistakes.  "Did I really want to do that and risk turning into my father in twenty years?"

I really enjoyed the banter with Emmett in the kitchen when Edward sneaks a piece of bacon.  "Every time I try to get something, she hits me" Emmett said.  Edward's adorable response is "It's one of the perks of being the boyfriend".  Everything seems so normal with them but then Emmett brings up the GPS and they talk about how they are going to use GPS jammers so that Edward and Bella can run if they need to and not be found.  What do you think about Edward hiding this from Bella?

Edward gets it in his head that he is going to take Bella shooting and takes Bella to the basement to get supplies.  Bella is very hesitant about going down there sensing that she should not be going in there.  Of course she is unable to say no to Edward and goes down there with him.  How many of you were thinking "NO, don't go down there Bella!  It's a bad idea! ?" It just seems like Edward wants her to go down there as a way to face her fears and for no other reason.   Edward seems really cocky and thinks he is invincible.  He tells Bella, "You don't need to be afraid of anything, Bella.  I'll protect you".  Again, it just seems like Bella has more freakin sense than Edward does because her response is "I know you'd try to, but you can't always be there to save me.  You aren't exactly a superhero."  As they enter the basement, Bella mumble something about Edward be "Irrational and volatile".

Not surprisingly, Bella is unsure about the whole gun thing and doesn't think it's a good idea and is worried that Carlisle will flip out.  Again, Edward being his cocky self, just leaves his father a phone message telling him what he is doing (not asking!) and just does it anyway.  Do you think this is going to back to bite him in the ass?

Edward goes into a safe hidden behind a picture frame to put some money away and a folder falls out with "Swan" written on it.  He sends Bella upstairs for something and looks at the papers while she is gone.  They are the results for the DNA tests that Carlisle had performed on Bella and now Edward knows that Bella is somebody.  Just who, we don't know.  Of course this discovery is just going make Edward want to dig deeper and snoop more, don't you think?  He quick stuffs the papers back into the safe when Bella returns.

The shooting lessons go as expected.  At first Edward just throws her into it like he did with the driving, but then realizes what he did and pulls back and takes it slow with her.  When Edward came up behind Bella to line her up with the target, I thought of Kassie. :)  I know how she finds guns really sexy.  Wouldn't you love Edwards arms around you teaching you how to shoot???

Later Edward and Bella are awakened in the middle of the night by a very angry Carlisle.  Carlisle comes home and confronts Edward about taking Bella in the basement, taking her shooting, letting her see the safe behind the picture.  Carlisle knows Edward is up to something and tells him that he needs to stop whatever it is he has planned because he has no idea how serious the situation is.   He also threatens to get rid of Isabella and when Carlisle calls Isabella a bitch, that's when the confrontation gets out of hand and Edward ends up punching his father.  Luckily Emmett comes in a breaks it up. The chapter ends with Edward saying that the minute he could talk Bella into it, they were gone.

Chapter 50 - BPOV

Chapter 50 starts off with BPOV of the altercation between Carlisle and Edward which scares the crap out of her.  We find out that Bella is the one who went to wake up Emmett for help.  Jasper wakes up as well and is there to comfort Bella because that's what Jasper does. :)  Edward reveals to Bella that he has something planned and it involves running away which Bella is against.  Again, I feel like Bella is being the rational one here.

Bella tells Edward that she feels like she's tearing his family apart.  Edward's response was that his family was torn apart when his mother was killed "So unless you plan to take credit for that, you can drop that bullshit".  Foreshadowing????  We shall see.....

The next day is Easter and Bella is going about making an Easter dinner, and is kind of in autopilot and slipping a little into slave mode which is upsetting Edward.  It is also becoming more apparent to Bella that Edward and Emmett are up to something and she knows that she needs to make him stop.  Edward says it's too late, it's already done.  Bella is starting to panic.  This is the kind of stuff Carlisle wanted her to stop him from doing.

Dr. Cullen returns home, and makes an attempt to check on Edward's hand that he punched him with but Edward is hostile towards his father.  Then Carlisle says the same thing Bella said earlier - "Irrational and volatile".  The family sits down to eat dinner, and Emmett can't take the tension anymore so he insists on a family sit-down.  I really enjoy the banter at the sit-down.  Leave it to Emmett to try to lighten the mood.  "Calm the hell down.  There's no yelling at my fucking sit-downs bro" LOL
Dr. Cullen starts off by saying the same thing he's been saying.  That there are complications with Edward and Bella being together that none of them understand and that he can't explain to them.  He tells them that his knowing who Bella is related to puts him in danger and he is putting his family before the Mafia which could come back to bite him.  Edward's anger gets the best of him and he pushes his father until his father reveals that his mother has everything to do with this.  Edward insists on know who killed his mother and shot him.  Carlisle says that it doesn't matter because they are dead now anyway.  The Edward insists on knowing why they did it and Carlisle reveals that she was snooping around and asking questions because she was trying to same someone's life and ended up losing her own in the process.  Edward keeps pushing it, wanting to know who was so important that she'd risk everything for.  Then Carlisle gives Edward a look and finally Edward puts the pieces together.  He stares at Bella for moment, and then leaves the table and head upstairs.
When Bella goes to find him, she runs into Dr. Cullen who tells her to give Edward some time.  When she gets to Edward's room, she find that he had locked the door.  He had never locked her out before. Bella goes to bed really upset and sad, but eventually Edward joins her in her bed and tells her that he loves her.
So what did Edward just put together and figure out????

For those of you that are reading this the first time, I guess I'm leaving you with a little cliffie but the 2nd and 3rd timers, know what's going on.
Next week, we'll get EPOV in chapter 51 and you'll find out the answer to everyone's question.
We'll read Chapters 51-53 for next week.
UAB Marie


  1. I'll be back but love the pic you guys posted!!!

    @BT, I spy Mafiaward in a white shirt. LOL

  2. I'm a bad, bad Mafiah00r. I didn't get to re-read. What's my punishment???

  3. @kiTT, White Shirt + Miafiaward=
    fran's version of heaven.

    @HisBella, your punishment will be delivered by someone in a black Mercedes still parked outside.(Hey, I would love to pull up in front of your house on "toy party night" in a black Mercedes!!!)

    I just finished re-read of chapter 49. Holy shit, Carlisle and Edward angry, together, what a combustable combination.
    You know I love my Edward, but I have to side with Carlisle here. Edward knows how crazy their world can be, he knows first hand what happened to his mother. His father has warned him to let him handle it. I get that Edward doesn't trust his father because of how he treated Bella that one time, but He also knows his father has been making things right. The fight they had after the firing range should have convinced him of that.
    Carlisle knows what he's dealing with here, he knows how dangerous these men are, he's afraid for them, and all he asks is that his son trust him for once.
    I wish he had. I really had faith in Carlisle. Edward, not so much because he's too young to protect Bella from a world he knows little about. Carlisle's right, in this case he's like his mother, guide by emotion. Poor Edward, he's got both parents traits and they are working against each other.

  4. Oh, I had forgotten how intense this chapter was when Edward asks his father to tell him why his mother died. Who was so important, more important than he was to protect. Did you not feel so badly for that 8 year old Edward who watched his mother killed and now wonders why he got shot because his mother wanted to save someone else?
    And then the silent looks between father and son and when Edward finally figures it out. The first time I read it, I hadn't seen it coming, did you? Of course it makes sense in hindsight that it was Bella and that's why Carlisle blames her. Didn't you just feel so happy, yet sad when Edward came back to Bella in bed and held her tight? I'm happy he was able to get beyond his pain and not take it out on Bella as his father did.
    I was surprised that Emmett and Jasper didn't figure it out. Now that I'm thinking of it, do they ever figure it out?
    Well, the DNA issue is still not uncovered. Did you guess at this point who she's related too?

  5. @UAB I really like the picture you used.
    You mentioned Dr. Cullen returning to the house after the big blow out and he goes into his doctor mode. You have to appreciate how concerned he is about Edward in spite of his anger. He does love him, he does understand where that "irrational and volatile" comes from. He's just trying to get them all safely out of this mess. Can you imagine telling your father, let alone one with a gun, to go f**k himself etc? Yeah, Carlisle's right volatile...

  6. @BellaT: I dare ya!!! LOL

    That would be friggin' hilarious and I could take a pic and put it on here..."when they say punishment, they mean punishment."

    Ok, so these were the chapters I had a hard time with...couldn't get past 49!!! I'm getting ready to walk about the door, so I'll be back later to put my two cents in.

    {peeks out blinds for black mercedes...}

  7. Okay girls I'm a huge fail this week... I didn't read. It was only two chapters but I just couldn't find the time, I was busy learning something new that I will be sharing really soon:) I will catch up, so no need for punishment... um I mean unless you want to send Edward here to give me a stern *ahem* talking to *bites lip*

  8. @HB, If I could afford to rent the Mercedes I would so do it!

    @MKC, We'll let it pass this time because it sounds like you're about to do something interesting.

  9. I liked these chapters too...I really think it shows a lot about Edward when he goes to Bella after having locked her out of his room. He just needed a little time to think and then I think he understands why Elizabeth did what she did because Bella was special to her too and he sees that because of his feelings for her.

    @BellaT...I cannot ever imagine saying that stuff to my parents...even if my dad wasn't a mafiosi and didn't have a gun pointed at me. I think it shows a lot about their relationship though - that although he's angry I think Edward knows that his father wouldn't hurt him like that. He really is trying to protect him and keep him away from this mafia life and I think Edward knows that, somewhere deep down.


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