Friday, September 16, 2011

EP Outtakes

Welcome back to the outtakes. Feel free to discuss anything you found important from these passages in the comments.

Blood, Sweat and Tears (Carlisle POV)- Carlisle is in Chicago not as Dr. Cullen or father to three boys but as "Carlisle Cullen Consigliere to the Chicago Outfit". He visits with a woman he sees in Chicago for some 'relief'. After their time together he heads to Aro's place for an induction. After the induction Carlisle visits Elizabeth's grave and we get a bit more into his head when it comes to how he is not truly coping with her being gone.

Nonsense (Edward POV)- The kids all take a trip to the zoo. It's the first time Bella has been to a zoo. Emmett is being a big dork. Bella, Emmett, Alice and Jasper all ride on the carousel. It's a day of firsts for Bella. The singalong on the car ride, being to the zoo, riding a carousel, getting pulled over by the cops after their fun filled day. It's just a look into some of the fun they managed to have.

Expressions of Love (Edward POV)- Bella helps Jasper with Alice's birthday like how Alice helped Edward with setting up Valentines day. They have some fun times in the shower together and afterwards decide to watch a movie. When Bella throws in the DVD it isn't exactly what they are expecting. Edward ends up having to explain to Bella that what happens in porn isn't exactly real... it's kinda funny.

The Beginning and the End (Elizabeth POV)- This is basically the whole story summed up in a short chapter from Elizabeth's point of view. It goes from the first time she met Bella to bringing Edward to Phoenix and Bella giving him a 'kiss'. All the way to her desperately trying to get Bella out. She digs for information, begs Alec for help. But Elizabeth is on her own in the journey to setting Bella free, she ends up pushing too far and the chapter ends in her murder.

Hurt (Edward POV)- Edward is being interrogated after the shoot out. He claims to know nothing but they press for answers anyway. During the questioning it comes out that Aro is still alive and Edward starts to freak out. After finally being released he goes home and drinks his pain away. Then we relive the funeral though Edwards eyes.

Principessa (Edward POV)-

  • Edward freaks at the doctors office then again during the ultrasound.
  • Edward gets a cat.
  • Emmett want to name their daughter (Emmitina or Emmitricia or Emmart or Emmarty or even simply Emma) he was bound and determined so he called Bella and mentioned the name Emily too.
  • Edward has an adventure at Wal-mart looking for Ben and Jerry's Carrot Cake ice cream.
  • Edward runs an errand for Alec.
  • Edward's Wal-mart adventure turns into a bust when the ice cream melts during his 'errand'.
  • Edward and Bella go shopping at Babies R Us.
  • Bella goes into labor and has a normal delivery.
  • Edward and Bella name the baby girl Elizabeth Brianna
Four years later

Little C is seven and staying with Edward and Bella. A four year old Libby is the spitting image of her father with his same finicky tendencies. They have another little girl Gianna Marie.  Edward nicknamed his daughters piccola and sole mio just like Elizabeth had for him.

They head to a family get together in Forks. The family gets together every year and this year they went to Jasper's house. There are many adorable moments including Elizabeth holding her hand out to Alec and asking "Monies? Please." with wide eyes. He hands her a five dumbfounded as to why he gave her money. Edward laughs telling Alec he was just taken by a four year old. Alec's response "Unbelievable. Only your
child would be brave enough to try to extort money from me."

Edward and Bella get to spend their time together in the room where it all started, with their two daughters and the rest of their family nearby they get their 'happily ever after'.

See you next week for the Alec Novella!


  1. The outtakes were all either fun to read or interesting for some inner insights to the characters.
    My favorite was Nonsense because it was for just pure belly laughs. Rosalie and Emmett were the star comedians for that one, it's a must read just for some laughs.
    It was steamy and exciting to read about Carlisle's "gooma" even though technically she's not because he's single, but in his head he's still married to Elizabeth, but a virile man like Carlisle has basic needs and this woman seemed to be on the same page as him. Whoever she really was, I rather respected her, she "got" Carlisle and she took and gave just enough to meet his needs.
    Ahh, Principessa...the best!! It was more an Epi than an outtake. I think, for me, it was everything it should have been. It gave me a sense of peace knowing that Edward and Bella are off living their version of happily ever after. Edward was a funny little finicky fucker as always. The scene with him in the OBGyn's office killed me, and the Walmart, OMG so Edward! The best was seeing Edward with his girls and like him, I'm glad he has girls and not boys so the "mob" won't get their hands on them.
    Alec interacting with Edward's daughter and how he got "taken" for five dollars, precious. The only thing missing was Chelsea, right? Where was she?
    And I loved seeing Edward and Bella back in their room, "their safe bubble" for so many years. I loved how he describe Bella's body having changed after having the girls, yet he still found her perfect. Can't you just picture Edward feeling that way toward Bella?! It made it so realistic, after all women's bodies can't stay youthful forever.
    Oh I could go on with the small little things I loved about Principessa but you have to read it to enjoy it.
    Shit, I miss Edward already. I hope he and his girls are
    off enjoying their family and living safe and happily in Mafiawardland....

  2. I loved the insight into Carlisle... we didn't get enough from his pov during the regular story. His outtake really showed not only his strong mafia side but the hurt broken man hiding behind the tough guy. And come on that was a good lemon. Good for Papa Leech gettin some ;)

    Principessa is definitely like a better epilogue. We get to see their day to day living trying to fit in children and the mafia life. It would be cool to get a future take of their life but I'm okay where this one ended Mafiaward and all his Princesses


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