Friday, September 23, 2011

Why Does Fanfic Make Me a Sentimental Fool?

We all know that I'm the go to girl when it comes to finding things in the fanfic world, right? Well I'm on a mission tonight to find something for BellaTesoro. And as I am on this extremely important, highly dangerous mission *hums the theme to Mission Impossible* I am going through my email account and the numerous amounts of attachments I have sent and received over the past 6 years that I've had this account.

I should be working on the EP post and I will... later... when I'm not sleeping... at midnight.

Okay back to my story. I'm looking through my attachments and what do I find? I find the exact date my life changed forever. Monday March 22, 2010! Before this date my attachments look something like this

Longstreet Paper
Psych Test
Charlemagne Paper
Econ Project
Edited Resume
Health Outline
Alzheimer's Paper
Econ Study Guide
Corrections Final Paper
Longstreet Paper Edited Version
Etc. Etc. Etc.

Starting 3/22/10
Eclipse Script
Oprah Posters
Letter to Rob
WFE Script
Memoirs (Remember Me) Script
Bel Ami Script
Wide Awake.pdf
More (shall not be named but if you really want to know email me ;)) fanfic pdf's

So I just want to say to those of you responsible for getting me here and keeping me coming back for more...

To Kristen: Thank you for lending me your Twilight books and for being the person to find the Eclipse script. And I cannot ever forget to thank you for taking me to Oprah and for introducing me to my bloggy partner in crime UAB Marie.
Who are these sexy bitches?

Yeah you got my ass there to see that shizzzzzz in person!
To UAB Marie: Thank you for posting my silly little letter to Rob. For welcoming me in to your RL home and bloggy home. For sharing so many wonderful experiences with me.
Remember that day UAB? I sure do! Ahhhh Papa C!!

To BellaTesoro: Thank you for being there when I need someone to talk to about not just fanfiction but other little problems I might have. Thank you soooo sooooo soooooooooo much for talking me through my anxieties about our trip to New York. For being crazy enough to fly to Chicago to meet up with not only me but Lisa, UAB, NHB and all the other girls (bc you clearly didn't fly all that way for Jackson naaaaahhhh lol).
This is the real reason you came to Chicago. Me and Capone! ;)

Look at us being all famous and stuff.
You're like the lead singer and I'm the drummer lol

To laureate04: Thank you for not thinking I was nuts in New York. For showing me the way to the Brotherhood. For being there to talk fanfiction, Brotherhood, whatever is on my mind. PS: We totes need to write some Brotherhood fanfiction.. no one else is doing it, why not us :)
Look at the range of expressions on these sleep deprived chicas!

To Robzie: Thank you for being one of the first bloggers to reply to a comment I made, when I was a newbie and extremely nervous wanting people to like me. Thank you for being you. You are wonderfully funny have mad skillz in the video editing department and are a great friend.
Wasn't this whole weekend the best? I love you two!!

To TongueTwied: Thank you for sharing in my Burn Notice and White Collar addictions. It really means a lot to me that you want to talk Burn Notice with me. Just like with Twilight no one in my RL wants to talk about my favorite TV shows with me. You could be doing far better things but you'll Tweet me your live reactions and I love it!
Thanks for helping me live in this fantasy world a little longer too!

To Naughty: Thank you for being crazy enough to meet up with some girls that you met during an online blog chat and taking the chance to meet me, UAB, Robzie and Kristen when we could have been serial killers pretending to be Twilight freaks ;) And a special thank you for hosting the *coughtoypartycough*
Let's get this crew and add some more for BD part 1.
We're gonna squee the walls down!

To Lisa: Thank you for sharing your first White Sox game with me. For also helping me through my anxieties about New York. Thank you for getting me to read MotU... one day I will read slash and I'll know it was because of you, ya dirty perv ;) Thank you for always being there. For sharing your epic adventures (whether I'm a part of them or not) and your undying love of Robsten.
We can't get enough of our Fifty, right Lisa?

To all my other friends that I haven't specifically mentioned: Thank you all for just being there. You have made this journey the most craziest, most bestest thing in my world. Without you all I swear I would have no life. Well I guess I technically don't, I'm like a step above a trekkie living in his parents basement playing with his light saber. The only parts of that equation that don't apply to me are the anatomical differences, I'm a Twihard, and I play with my Edward action figure(ewww get your mind out of the gutter, not that way lol).

I love you all and you have turned me into a sentimental fool!


  1. *sniff* what a sweet post! I'm so glad I have played my part in totally corrupting you! LOL I would have to thank Kristen for introducing us - she had no idea what monster she was creating! We are two peas in a Twilight pod!
    Love ya bb!!!!!

  2. Oh Kassie, what a lovely surprise! I'm honored to have played ANY part in your journey. The truth though, is that you've given me more than you'll ever know too.
    I would have never gone to NY if not for you, and if not for UAB Marie and your blog, I would never have found the rest of this fabulous community.
    From one sentimental fool to another, love you!

  3. I heart you, Kassie! And of course you also UAB.

    I think you guys do an amazing job on this blog, especially with all the work you have put in to the EP readalong. I was lurking!

    I remember when I was a very new blogger and you invited me to particpate in your Q&A session. I was honoured!

    Sad I didn't get to meet you both during my US adventure, but never say never xxx

  4. Kassie, your enthusiasm for all things Twilight/FF related and blog topics always comes through in every single thing you write and I love that about you (and the rest of the girls)So THANK YOU for always sharing your spirit and that piece of you with us!

    And as far as those USA shows--my pleasure! My hubby is all hooked on them now. He remembers they are on before me. We've added Suits to the lineup JIC you are watching that too.

    @UAB, I see the haircut now and it looks cute!

  5. Kassie, Thank you for sitting with me on the second WFE, talking Fan fic, and our dirty whispers about Jacob. It was our first meeting and that's when I decided I needed to see BD pt 1 with you! I'd do just about anything for you lovely ladies!

    I hope we have just as much fun with the Trilogy screening at the house as we did with the other thing.

    You are fabulous!

  6. Just saw this post under the read along and started reading...and then I was in it! Awww - thanks Kassie and than you too for dragging me along and accepting some crazy fool you met in line at 5am (oopss...4:00am ;-)) in NYC into this wonderful group of friends. I'll let you in on a little secret - I did think you were a little crazy in NY...but that was just what I needed - because I'm a little crazy too!! I'm so glad after all the introductions you've made for me (people, fic, etc.) that I could introduce you to the Brothers...and the Fallen Angel (you'll see, I promise!). Brotherhood FanFic needs to happen. Stat. I'm so happy that I made such wonderful friends that weekend!! Love ya!

  7. I'm not even kidding when I say blogger ate TWO of my comments on this post from two different days. Ugh anyway I love you all and I'm so happy some random teenage vampire book series brought us all together!



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