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EP Read Along: Alec Novella

Welcome back ladies!! Are you excited to get started on discussing the Novella? I know I am!! I've decided because the story is quite long we will break this up into two separate posts. Today we will discuss the prologue and chapters 1-5. Next week we will do chapters 6-12 and the epilogue. There is a lot of material to cover, are you ready? See you in the comments!
I don't know who made this but all credit goes to them.
I found it on Twilighted forums.

Prologue- Alec is speaking about important days in history. How they affect people differently how some won't remember a specific day because it holds no special meaning or because it has impacted their life. For Alec it's different some days are less important than others, and ones that are 'special' for him (the day of his birth) is 'special' to others for a different reason (his father gloating over a win for the mafia). So for Alec they all hold no meaning they are "Just numbers." "No significance." "Story of my life."

Chapter 1 Hell in a Handbasket-
Throughout this story we are in present day Chicago with Alec, but there are many flashbacks to many different times. Right now Alec is working in his office in Chicago, being the boss. He's collecting money and working on hiring a hostess for his club. He gets a call from Edward explaining one of the clubs in Vegas is going to be raided by the cops because of prostitution. Alec tells Edward to take care of it, because it's his job to do so. And he is "replaceable". He recalls the day he visited Edward at the hospital in the ICU. He remembers feeling Edward was a victim, something he tried to never think about in his line of work. Alec also prayed to God to intervene to spare someone caught up in their world. He hates threatening Edward over mafia business but he does it because he wants Edward to survive in this world. The only way Edward will survive is to learn, and they only way he'll learn is for Alec to be tough on him.

We flashback multiple times to October 1996 the day of Elizabeth's murder. Carlisle runs to Alec and Esme's house frantic and covered in blood. He is having a breakdown and without having to be told Alec knew something had happened to Elizabeth. Alec goes to the morgue to identify the body, because Carlisle was in no condition to do it. When the officer is asking basic questions about Elizabeth, Alec can't answer them. The cop says "You know, for being her family, you sure don't know much about her." He knows it's true. 

Chapter 2 Cut to the Chase-
We start with a flashback to April 1982 Alec is 18 years old. He is instructed to be at the bosses house after a job. The boss happens to be Antonio Cullen; Esme and Carlisle's father. Alec runs into Esme and becomes flustered by her appearance. He doesn't understand why he was having a reaction to her presence and chalks it up to allergies or a stroke. This is one of the most awkwardly adorable scenes between the two. Esme has a date that night and Alec is all over the place with his emotions. Antonio notices and with a neutral face and calm demeanor waits for him to crack. Sounds a little like someone else we know. When Alec is finally relieved for the night he heads out to follow Esme on her date.
At the drive in Alec parks in the back partially concealed. He watches Esme and her date eat popcorn and drink soda. When Esme leans in to kiss the boy, Alec becomes furious. He jumps out of his car and reaches for his gun, just as he is about to take steps towards them Alec hears his name being called, by Carlisle. They exchange some words about how neither one of them belong there, and each threaten to tell Antonio on the other. Carlisle sums up Alec's feelings and actions concisely "If you like my sister, just ask her out. At least it would be less messy... I think, anyway."

When we flash to the present Alec has flown down to Vegas to help clear up the situation. He meets Edward at a club and they eventually take off for the place that's going to be raided. Alec tells him he needs to clean up his appearance. Although he tried to look presentable by wearing a tie, his long hair, stubble and Nikes don't pull that presentable look off.

Chapter 3 Go Out on a Limb
This chapter starts with a flashback to May 1982. Alec is waiting outside of Esme's school. He's in a suit, on a high school campus, during a heat wave. He sticks out like a sore thumb, but stands his ground and waits for her. Esme is wearing a very skimpy outfit that Alec is sure her father wouldn't approve of. He doesn't approve either... well maybe just a little. Alec ends up sticking his foot in it again trying to ask her out. There is a bit of back and forth banter with him thinking she is saying no to going out with him, but Esme sets him straight. They end up having pie at a diner. Well Esme orders pie and a milkshake, when Alec tries to just order water she tells the waitress "He'll take some cherry pie, too. It won't kill him it's made out of fruit." when the waitress asks if he wants a milkshake Esme replies "No, he doesn't like ice cream. Or chocolate. Or even milk, really. So I guess you can still bring him the water." Alec is surprised she remembers all this about him. When he takes her home Esme tells Alec that he needs to stop doing what people tell him to do. That he needs to break the rules. She gets him to do exactly that, and the opposite, when he helps her sneak to her room to change before her dad sees her. She works him, and he loves it.

Back in Las Vegas Alec goes to the club with Edward, teaches him a little about respect then goes all bad ass on the guy running the club. He threatened the man's daughter (but would never really hurt her) and busts up all of the illegal activities that are happening. When Esme calls she is upset with Alec for not letting her know he was going out of town. She is upset by the work he does so the only she feels better is to know where he is. In her case no news is not good news. Alec feels terrible that she is upset and that's how we know he truly loves her, if it were anyone else he wouldn't feel a thing.

Chapter 4 Zero Tolerance
We're transported back to Phoenix, December 1970, Alec is 7 years old. His parents are fighting over money  and we get a clear picture of the messed up life he and his sister Jane lived through. It gives us really good insight into why those two end up the way they do. At the dinner table their mother is screaming at their father wanting more money. He tells her he already gave her money, she screams it's not enough. She knocks down a glass of wine and it spills all over, and also throws a tray of lasagna. Elizabeth is screamed at to clean it up. Getting on the floor she starts to dab the red wine with a white cloth. Alec knows she will get in trouble if it doesn't come out of the cloth. His father tells Elizabeth to throw it in the trash, bury it deep so it won't be found. Alec isn't surprised by this, he knows his father isn't a bad man. Before his dad leaves to head back to Chicago he gives Alec money to hide, just in case they need it. But his mom has other ideas and goes up to his room later and takes it from him. Their parents are a piece of work. His mother even tells him not to have a family or he'll screw them up just like his father did to them.

Back in Vegas Edward and Alec watch the club get 'cleaned' by the crew. On their way to get Benjamin from the casino Edward sees a teen prostitute being man handled by her pimp. He wants to step in, but Alec won't let him. He says there are more of her like that out there and he can't save them all. Alec asked Edward if Bella would be upset if he was hurt helping the girl, Edward's response is that she would be upset to know he didn't do a thing to help. Then lands a low blow "She's someones daughter." Those Cullens really know how to get under his skin. They get Benjamin from the casino, he's drunk and trying to bag himself a cougar. Alec wants to speak to Edward in the morning and Edward freaks.

Chapter 5 Blessing in Disguise
July 1972 Alec is 8 and they are in Forks. Jane is being a brat by the lake and calling Alec names when Esme shows up. She is nice to Alec and Jane but Jane is still being a brat. At the dinner table Alec thinks the Cullens are a strange family. They are nice to each other, pray before meals and no one screams. He learns that they are just like every other family when Jane taunts Esme into saying something mean and Mrs. Cullen punishes her children for being rude to their guests, even after Jane proves to be the instigator.

Back in the present in Vegas, Alec has picked up the teen prostitute. He's taken her out for pie at a diner. Alec gets her "price" and she is willing to do anything for $150 an hour. This little girl is clearly in over her head and has just made the craziest and best decision of her life. Driving through Vegas Alec asks about her life, she opens up about her sister and grandmother in California. Alec takes her to a casino hotel and parks his Mercedes. She is nervous but follows him out of the car anyway. When he crosses the street instead of heading into the hotel she is confused. Alec walks into a bus terminal and purchases a one way ticket to Bakersfield, California. She doesn't want to go, she keeps saying that "he" will kill her if she goes. Alec gets all bad ass on her and tells her it would be a shame if he ever ran into her sister that looks like her twin and her grandmother in Bakersfield, it would be a shame if their house caught on fire and the smoke detectors didn't work, such a shame. She is in tears and gets on the bus. Alec would never hurt the girl or her family but he knows the only thing she cares about more than her life is the lives of the only people that care about her. That is because he feels the same way about Esme. "There was a lot I'd kill for, but only one thing I'd willingly die for." Oh and I can't forget he has Benjamin take out the pimp.

Okay ladies comment away! And don't forget to come back next week.


  1. Kassie, that was the best review! I can tell how much you loved this Novella, perhaps as much as I did.
    First, I wonder if this story would have stood alone if we didn't know him/Edward from EP? I mean, I think it was better written than the beginning of EP because, well, Khar got better as a writer. Her characters started to really shine, like Alec as she got more experience.
    I'm so happy she gave us more of Alec's backstory. Like you described he was brought up by two crazy, broken people it's no wonder he and Jane grew to be one themselves.
    When I first read this, I of course loved all the Alec goodness. I loved how he fell hard for Esme and I loved seeing Esme make his good side come out. I'd love an Esme POV, right?
    I liked seeing that, from the beginning, Carlisle and he saw each other clearly and somehow bonded with all their history. They were two peas in a pod who accepted who they were and had each other's back...
    Most of all, I loved finding out about Edward. But for me, this left me worried that Edward was doing as poorly as I'd expected. That his life was weighing heavily on him, as I feared. And then on top of it, he had a new family to worry about. I hated it for him.
    Thankfully Alec was there to help, and I think he did. Alec is Edward's voice of reason, he's taking Carlisle's place and finally he's doing it with love. Thankfully Khar didn't leave us worried that Edward's life was this bad, lucky for us she wrote Princepessa. I needed that story so much!
    I think this Novella showed not only how Alec became who he is, but how he grew to love Edward and feels he's responsible for him. I think he feels he owes it to Carlisle and Elizabeth and of course to Esme to mentor Edward, protect him in a sense, not only as his boss but as his father figure.
    Anyway, I loved this story more than I can say. Alec was always if not my favorite character but for sure the deepest one of them all.
    Gee, I hope Khar writes more...
    Thanks Kassie, this was a well written review.

  2. I agree, Fran. Principessa was a well needed after bit. I got the same feeling you did with this one that the life would be too much for Edward.

    I do love Alec's tough love for Edward in the beginning here - your description was spot on, Kassie. Him trying to help Edward by making him tough enough for the life he has to now live. Part of me always wanted Alec to give Edward a real out when he became the boss. Like actually let him run away with Bella and hide and not be found, but I know, in the end that would have given too much leeway in the organization for it to be safe for Alec. It would look as though he were losing control and he couldn't have that. I know Edward is safer with Alec at the helm than he could ever hope to be otherwise and he did sort of give him an "out" with his Vegas assignment as it's not as intensive as living in the center of the Organization.

    I did love watching Alec fall for Esme too - he is so cool and calculating in the rest of the story - always the "tough" mafioso, but watching him truly fall in love with his other half was a nice glimpse into another side of him. It kind of gives reasons why he was willing to help Bella as much as he did. He really does have a heart - he just is what he is because he has to be to survive. And, as you said Fran, growing up the way he did and whatnot he built up survival mode. I freaking loved this novella - Alec was easily one of my favorite characters in EP and I loved seeing more of him here.

  3. I was thinking the same thing about this story possibly being a stand alone story. We would miss a LOT of back story but as it is this could have been a stand alone story.

    I loved seeing Alec's soft side with Esme. We only really saw him as Edward's scary uncle then as Bella's scary 'handler'. It's cute to see him all flustered with Esme when they were teens. And an annoying younger brother Carlisle was so funny.

    I do wish Alec could have helped Edward get out permanently, but like you said Lauren, Alec gave him his own sort of out in Vegas.

    I'm working on the rest of the chapters now :)


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