Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Green Eggs and Rob

Did you know there are still people out there who don’t really care for Rob? It’s true, unbelievable but true. So this is a little something for them, in the hopes I can change their minds about him. 

I like Rob.
I like Rob.
Rob, I like.

So you don’t like Rob you say.
Try him, try him and you may.
Try him and you may I say.
Would you like him in a house?

Would you like him on a mouse pad?

Would you like him with a box?

Would you like him when he’s on Fox?

Would you, could you, in a car?

In a tree?

A train! A train!
A train! A train!
Could you, would you, on a train?

In the dark? Here in the dark?
Would you, could you, in the dark?

Would you, could you, in the rain?

Could you, would you, with a goatee?

Would you, could you, on a boat?

I like Rob in all these ways, now you’ve tried him so what d’ya say?

I could always move on to all the wonderful things Mr. Pattinson can do, like play the guitar and sing to you…

So, how many minds do you think I changed today?
I really hope Dr. Seuss doesn't mind that I took liberties with Green Eggs and Ham :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Birthday UtterlyAbsurdBella

For this video I raided your Facebook accounts for pictures of you
pictures of Rob so I could use your favs ;)

These are some gifts I wanted to get you this year... but they are extremely difficult to come by
A real live FSE

A trip to an exotic location... with Rob... just the two of you... alone

Time at the circus with Rob and Tai

A trip to Canada to the Cosmopolis set

Some swimming time with a happy carefree Rob

A ride in the Volvo with Edward. I mean it's not like you have to drive the whole time.
Look at him biting his knuckle thinking of what you two can do in the car. 

A copy of every single magazine that Rob graced the cover..
ya know without that one chick or smelly dog

I so wish I could make all of these things happen for you! 

Enjoy this day. Spend time with your family. Have chips and salsa ;) Have some cake. Have some Robp0rn but most of all just have fun!
Happy Birthday Marie
I love ya my bloggy bestie!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

EP Read Along Week 17-Chapter 49-50

Hey girls! How was you're week?  Did you get some EP reading in?  Well, I'm cheating a little bit and only doing 2 chapters this week since I was on a little vacay this week.  That's all I could get done.  We can go back to 3 chapters next week.

So here is chapters 49 and 50.

Chapter 49 - EPOV

At the beginning of Chapter 49, we have fast forwarded two months after Edward and Bella's special Valentine's Day and Edward is talking about how much Bella has changed and grown.  You definitely get the sense of pride he has in her when he speaks about how she has become more like a normal teenage girl, who is playful and more outgoing.  She's even not afraid to put her finicky Edward in his place.  Bella is spending more time drawing, writing and working on her reading.  I love the story Edward tells about Bella in the grocery store when she asks the clerk to tell her about their rewards program, effectively ending the clerks attempts to flirt with Edward and demonstrating her newly acquired reading and social skills.  Edward is just beaming.

Edward talks about his 18th birthday looming in the near future and what was expected of him from certain people and he mentions this to Bella.   Bella may be naive but I really found her to be very insightful in these chapters.  She tells Edward basically not to make a rash decision that he will not be able to change later.  She points out that Carlisle stays away from the Mafia stuff as much as he can and tries to balance out all the bad stuff he does by helping people as a doctor.  She also tells Edward that maybe his father made his decision to become initiated without really thinking about the consequences and that he regrets it now and basically that he should learn from his father's mistakes.  "Did I really want to do that and risk turning into my father in twenty years?"

I really enjoyed the banter with Emmett in the kitchen when Edward sneaks a piece of bacon.  "Every time I try to get something, she hits me" Emmett said.  Edward's adorable response is "It's one of the perks of being the boyfriend".  Everything seems so normal with them but then Emmett brings up the GPS and they talk about how they are going to use GPS jammers so that Edward and Bella can run if they need to and not be found.  What do you think about Edward hiding this from Bella?

Edward gets it in his head that he is going to take Bella shooting and takes Bella to the basement to get supplies.  Bella is very hesitant about going down there sensing that she should not be going in there.  Of course she is unable to say no to Edward and goes down there with him.  How many of you were thinking "NO, don't go down there Bella!  It's a bad idea! ?" It just seems like Edward wants her to go down there as a way to face her fears and for no other reason.   Edward seems really cocky and thinks he is invincible.  He tells Bella, "You don't need to be afraid of anything, Bella.  I'll protect you".  Again, it just seems like Bella has more freakin sense than Edward does because her response is "I know you'd try to, but you can't always be there to save me.  You aren't exactly a superhero."  As they enter the basement, Bella mumble something about Edward be "Irrational and volatile".

Not surprisingly, Bella is unsure about the whole gun thing and doesn't think it's a good idea and is worried that Carlisle will flip out.  Again, Edward being his cocky self, just leaves his father a phone message telling him what he is doing (not asking!) and just does it anyway.  Do you think this is going to back to bite him in the ass?

Edward goes into a safe hidden behind a picture frame to put some money away and a folder falls out with "Swan" written on it.  He sends Bella upstairs for something and looks at the papers while she is gone.  They are the results for the DNA tests that Carlisle had performed on Bella and now Edward knows that Bella is somebody.  Just who, we don't know.  Of course this discovery is just going make Edward want to dig deeper and snoop more, don't you think?  He quick stuffs the papers back into the safe when Bella returns.

The shooting lessons go as expected.  At first Edward just throws her into it like he did with the driving, but then realizes what he did and pulls back and takes it slow with her.  When Edward came up behind Bella to line her up with the target, I thought of Kassie. :)  I know how she finds guns really sexy.  Wouldn't you love Edwards arms around you teaching you how to shoot???

Later Edward and Bella are awakened in the middle of the night by a very angry Carlisle.  Carlisle comes home and confronts Edward about taking Bella in the basement, taking her shooting, letting her see the safe behind the picture.  Carlisle knows Edward is up to something and tells him that he needs to stop whatever it is he has planned because he has no idea how serious the situation is.   He also threatens to get rid of Isabella and when Carlisle calls Isabella a bitch, that's when the confrontation gets out of hand and Edward ends up punching his father.  Luckily Emmett comes in a breaks it up. The chapter ends with Edward saying that the minute he could talk Bella into it, they were gone.

Chapter 50 - BPOV

Chapter 50 starts off with BPOV of the altercation between Carlisle and Edward which scares the crap out of her.  We find out that Bella is the one who went to wake up Emmett for help.  Jasper wakes up as well and is there to comfort Bella because that's what Jasper does. :)  Edward reveals to Bella that he has something planned and it involves running away which Bella is against.  Again, I feel like Bella is being the rational one here.

Bella tells Edward that she feels like she's tearing his family apart.  Edward's response was that his family was torn apart when his mother was killed "So unless you plan to take credit for that, you can drop that bullshit".  Foreshadowing????  We shall see.....

The next day is Easter and Bella is going about making an Easter dinner, and is kind of in autopilot and slipping a little into slave mode which is upsetting Edward.  It is also becoming more apparent to Bella that Edward and Emmett are up to something and she knows that she needs to make him stop.  Edward says it's too late, it's already done.  Bella is starting to panic.  This is the kind of stuff Carlisle wanted her to stop him from doing.

Dr. Cullen returns home, and makes an attempt to check on Edward's hand that he punched him with but Edward is hostile towards his father.  Then Carlisle says the same thing Bella said earlier - "Irrational and volatile".  The family sits down to eat dinner, and Emmett can't take the tension anymore so he insists on a family sit-down.  I really enjoy the banter at the sit-down.  Leave it to Emmett to try to lighten the mood.  "Calm the hell down.  There's no yelling at my fucking sit-downs bro" LOL
Dr. Cullen starts off by saying the same thing he's been saying.  That there are complications with Edward and Bella being together that none of them understand and that he can't explain to them.  He tells them that his knowing who Bella is related to puts him in danger and he is putting his family before the Mafia which could come back to bite him.  Edward's anger gets the best of him and he pushes his father until his father reveals that his mother has everything to do with this.  Edward insists on know who killed his mother and shot him.  Carlisle says that it doesn't matter because they are dead now anyway.  The Edward insists on knowing why they did it and Carlisle reveals that she was snooping around and asking questions because she was trying to same someone's life and ended up losing her own in the process.  Edward keeps pushing it, wanting to know who was so important that she'd risk everything for.  Then Carlisle gives Edward a look and finally Edward puts the pieces together.  He stares at Bella for moment, and then leaves the table and head upstairs.
When Bella goes to find him, she runs into Dr. Cullen who tells her to give Edward some time.  When she gets to Edward's room, she find that he had locked the door.  He had never locked her out before. Bella goes to bed really upset and sad, but eventually Edward joins her in her bed and tells her that he loves her.
So what did Edward just put together and figure out????

For those of you that are reading this the first time, I guess I'm leaving you with a little cliffie but the 2nd and 3rd timers, know what's going on.
Next week, we'll get EPOV in chapter 51 and you'll find out the answer to everyone's question.
We'll read Chapters 51-53 for next week.
UAB Marie

Monday, June 20, 2011

Make a Wish Mr. Cullen

What do you get a vampire who has everything, for his birthday?

Well, first let's review what you already have, shall we?




Mind reading ability
(except Bella of course)

Sex Hair

And don't forget, everything about him invites you in.....
His voice
His face
His smell

Here are my top ten gifts to give Edward for his birthday.
(Just humor me - I'm feeling a little silly!)

10. Vampire Popsicles
because you should have a sweet treat

9. Vegetarian Vampire Boxers
(to ensconce your lovely sparkly peen)
8. Cullen Crest Socks
(because even vampires need underwear and socks!)

8.  Novelty Goblets

7. Vampire Cuff Links
(do you notice a theme going on here?)

6.  Blood
(It's the real thing baby!)

5.  Too little too late?????? LOL

4.  Vampire Troll
(C'mon Edward - I know you have a sense of humor!)

3. Mini Bella
(for when the real thing is not around)

2. Vampire Porn
Also for when the real thing is not around
(He may not be human, but he is a man!)

1. A Vampire Car!

Happy Birthday Edward!
Here's to an eternity of birthdays!

Friday, June 17, 2011

EP Read Along Week 16 Chapters 45, 46, 47, 48

Emancipation Proclamation Read Along Week 16
Chapters 45, 46, 47, 48
Hello all mia bella ragazza! It's Finally Friday and that means more Fun with Fran and her Finicky EP Edward. Do I dare keep going with the F-words? We know how many of those are found coming out of Edwards mouth, right?! Yeah, well since reading this story, I find that word rolling off of my mouth all the time now too. It's all Edward's fault, but I'll try my best to keep things clean here. Well, here we go girls. Let's get the comments flying. I want to hear what you all think of my favorite chapters, especially chapters 47 and 48!!!

Chapter 45: EPOV
Edward wakes up and senses something is wrong with Bella, and so Edward lays out the Italian charm, trying to get Bella to spill what is wrong with her. He's quotes the poem “La Vita Nova” by Dante. Edward may be a bad ass, but he's a very bright one, he knows his tesoro can't resist him when he speaks Italian. Then it's adorable how he starts to give silly examples as to how the two of them are just right together. Some of my favorites were “spaghetti and meatballs, chips and dip, (it's got to be ripple for the finicky Edward) cherry and coke...He gets her to tell a bit of what's wrong with her. She tells him that Carlisle wanted to know if she was in love with Edward. And that she said yes, and he thought they were idiots if they thought they could fool him. So, it seems Carlisle is ok with them having a piece of happy as long as they don't flaunt it. Do you understand why he doesn't want it flaunted in his face?

Did you not love it when Edward keeps walking around shirtless and his father asks him if he needs his laundry done as he's been walking around barely clothed? And Edward answers him “I've got my dick covered, you taught me that shit at least...” I love how those two banter with each other, it's usually in good fun. Except after the shooting range scene. Then the real fire power came out. First though Edward explains to his father that he couldn't help falling for Bella, it wasn't something he was looking to happen. Edward challenges his father and how he's dealing with Bella. Carlisle finally puts Edward in his place by explaining he's not the bad man his son thinks he is. He demands that Edward let him control the situation because he knows what he's doing, he's got a plan to get them all out of this situation he's worried about. Of course Edward still doesn't trust his father completely, but he's left speechless from his father's rant. Carlisle gives him some answers, tells him why he wanted Edward to be the one to teach Bella to drive. He wanted him to see first hand how hard it is to deal with someone as sheltered and broken as Bella, it's something he knows a lot about. Yeah, Carlisle knows his business. I don't know about you, but my opinion of Carlisle went way up during this passionate speech to his son. Edward SHOULD listen to his father.

Chapter 46 BPOV
This chapter finds Bella getting some much needed real world experience. She notices Edward is more patient with her, she doesn't know that it's because of Carlisle's disclosure of how things in life need to be slowly exposed to her. Bella and Carlisle have a bonding moment when she makes him lunch and a Cherry Coke. She doesn't understand why he's been treating her so well and he is touched that she is so kind to him despite his past behavior. He's as taken in with Bella's beautiful soul as Edward is, he's trying in his way to do right by her, for Elizabeth and Edward's sake.

Ahhhhh, and then there's the waxing scene. Did you not just feel horrible for Bella, enduring not only the pain of it, but how traumatic it must have been for someone as sheltered and abused as Bella? She must have felt violated. But Edward makes her forget all that, yes?! With the bath tub-Rosalie's toy soothing he gives her. Yeah, I'm sure the waxing event was quickly forgotten. Love Edward's reaction, he didn't know if should beat Rosalie/Alice or fall on his knees in thanks to them for getting her waxed. That scene is like a lot of them in EP, one part sad and another part funny. I for one think Edward “handled” it very well. How about you?

Chapter 47 and 48 Edward and Bella's POV

Bono San Valentino!
I'll just review the Valentine's Day scenes together. Bella doesn't know what this day is all about. Alice comes to take her for a girl day, explains a little and helps her get ready for what Edward has planned. As always, it's Edward's reactions that steals our heart. He is having a panic attack worrying over his plans to make Bella's first Valentine's Day special. He loves her so much, he just wants it all to go well. And he thinks he's not romantic and he thinks he's clueless when it comes to what “making love” truly means. Do you agree with him? Is Edward lacking in the romantic department? I don't think so! Not after he rents a whole Inn, right? As he goes about the business of getting flowers, candy, the B&B, picnic lunch, taking her to an art gallery... he starts thinking it will all go wrong, ants will invade their food, etc. He has no self confidence when it comes down to it, he thinks he's bound to screw this up too. And then in walks Bella, and one look at her and he remembers what it's really all about. Just her presence is enough to make all the panic go away, she's what's been wrong, his missing piece. They both relax in each other's presence, they realize all they need is each other.

I won't try to describe Edward's perfect Valentine's Day, I could never do it justice. I will tell you that it was Bella's decision when she asks Edward to make love to her. I will say that I cried through out the whole “FIRST TIME for Bella” scene. I cried at how beautifully Khar described this for the both of them, I will tell you to go back and re read that scene again, beginning with Edward playing the piano for Bella, and the words to 18th Floor Balcony. I will tell you to listen to the words, watch some of the Twilight Video clipped to it and see how it fits their lives.

I will tell you that both Edward and Bella felt this was THE moment, FINALLY, because they were out and away from what defines Bella as a slave, that they both felt free and whole and normal enough to let this happen. I will tell you that I wish everyone's FIRST was this PERFECT, because everyone should be as lucky as Bella, to have a man make the effort he did to make the first time so artfully romantic. He worships her and he not only tells her this, but shows her in every soft kiss, warm touch, and delicate way he makes love to her. Edward finally gets it, he knows what making love is. He felt the intensity of the two of them coming together, “merging our body and souls. I was making love to her entire being and getting all of her in return.” Bella asks him to never leave her. He says he never would and asks if she feels it, feels how much they belong together. And she replies “Sempre” and his reply is also “Sempre, Forever, Isabella. I'll fucking die without you. I'll never survive if you ever go away from me.” And with that, I say enough said...about their first. 

But the next day, I think is cute. When Bella wakes up, sees a little blood and Edward explains what that is. Then he starts getting aroused again but realizes she may be too sore and he wants her to speak up for herself if she doesn't want to have sex. I just have to quote this because it's pure Edward: “Because quite frankly we'd never leave the bedroom or put clothes on if we went by when I wanted it, because I'm a man. I'm pretty much always fucking ready and willing....And by the way, I also told you that day that you'd be comfortable enough to want to try that kind of shit with me someday. You didn't believe me, and look at you now with your cherry popped.” He goes on to be serious and says he doesn't want her to think that it's all about sex with them now. Edward has grown up for sure! Did you not love how he draws her a bath and washes her? 

They reluctantly leave the Inn and head back to the roles they have to play. First they stop and have lunch and Edward openly displays his relationship with Bella. Bella feels the shift in their new found connection, she feels and believes Edward's devotion to her, she believes no one will come between them, but there is this feeling she recognizes, she feels like they're being watched. Hummmm?

So girls. What did YOU think of their first? Where do they go from here? The title of this chapter is “Change is Coming” and so it is. Hold on tight for it....!!!
PS I think she also made the banner at the top of the post :)

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If I Were A Vampire!

As you all know we here at TJA are supporters of Alex's Lemonade Stand, the man that put that charity on the map for us was Peter Facinelli. And if you may recall it was not that long ago that we met Mr. Facinelli. 

Well PFach has launched a #ifiwereavampire campaign and through this campaign money will be raised for Alex's Lemonade Stand... want to know more about the #ifiwereavampire campaign and what you can do to help??

Well head on over to where you can read about it... there is information about how you can help out by just a few clicks of your mouse. While your there comment and tell Jamie that we sent ya ;)

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Twilight Playdate!!!!!

Who wants to play with paper dolls???????

You say you're  too old for paper dolls?

Well feast your eyes on this.......

Are you interested NOW????

Read on.......

Okay, okay, I know that I've been an epic fail when it comes to blog posts!  
Well, now that school is out, I'm going to try to post a little bit more.
I've been wanting to post this for a few months.
Remember back in April when Kassie went to the WFE premiere in NYC?
I gave her a mini me (aka Mella) to take with so I could feel like I was there.
Well the dress I used for the mini me came from this really cool website called:

So if you're looking for some good old fashioned fun with the kids this summer,
with a Twilight twist, you will love this site!
Here's each of the characters that they have along with one of the outfits.
Each character has several outfits, but I picked my one fave for each to post on here.

Edward's boxer briefs.......*sigh* words
(I could really do without the flip flops - just sayin)

 So, are you gonna play paper dolls with me????

Ask Edward

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Mafiaward's h00rs......

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