Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Time to Say Hello to Our Newest Twilight Cast Member!

I have been a super bloggy fail lately. I have no excuse. But here is a pic of Rob begging for forgiveness on my behalf.

Please forgive Kassie. She really didn't know what she was doing.
My heart couldn't take it if you didn't forgive her. *

Did that do it for ya? Forgive me yet? Great! Okay lets get on to some Twilight news.

So have we all heard the news about our newest Twilight cast member??? Rami Malek.
Hello, Ben is it???

He looked very familiar to me and guess what... there is good reason for it and what I remember him from, has a Twilight connection! 

This is Rami and JRath on the TV show The War at Home. I used to watch this show ALL the time.

So Rami, I would like to say welcome to the crazy world of Twilight. Do you know what you have gotten yourself into? Of course you do and we are glad to have you!

Side note: Weird thing... I could recognize this guy that I saw on a couple episodes of a TV show from a few years ago but for the life of me couldn't remember like 10 people from my class reunion. Okay so 10 doesn't seem like a lot but it was my junior high reunion and we only had 40 or so people show up. I wouldn't have felt so bad about it if they didn't remember exactly who I was and my name... GAH, I felt like such a bitch.

*I don't mean to steal this from anyone but I am pretty certain I got this pic from Robsessed, clearly you gals are the source for mucho Robp0rn so I will give you credit. If it wasn't you then I will just give credit to VF for their awesome photo shoot :-)

Twilight Junkie Tuesday Featuring.....LwE!!!!

This week we are featuring another one of our wonderful bloggy buds.......
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Have you checked out here blog?  It's hilarious!  You really should get over there and see what LwE and mini-Edward are up to!

Without further ado....here's LwE.................

What got you into Twilight?
I first heard of Twilight on TV in December of 2008. I remember seeing previews for it and then I saw something on one of those movie review shows and I thought it looked really interesting. I didn’t even know it was based on a book. I always liked vampire things but I can’t watch anything scary. I was actually worried that Twilight was going to be a bit scary because it was about vampires. I finally decided to see it right after Christmas with my husband. We both really liked it and went to see it again a week later. I saw it 5 times in the theater, then I bought the book. I don’t like to read, so that was huge for me. I got addicted to the story then, and read the whole saga in a week.

Do your family and friends know how deep your twi-obsession goes (be specific about what your obsession is, how do you hide it, or how do you advertise it)
My husband knows everything. But he is a bit obsessed himself. He is constantly quoting the movies to the point of annoyance. He is very supportive of my blog and sometimes helps with the photography. Some of my family know. My mom knows about my blog and has helped with a few pics of mini Edward herself although I don’t think she has ever seen the blog. And on my most recent trip to visit my dad, he even got involved, which I was shocked at. But I don’t really do much with my obsession besides my blog and read the others. I have some merch. But even that I try to get on clearance and I’m not an avid collector of it. Except for the action figures. I’ll have to include a pic of the insane army I have.
from left to right: Edward, Edward who will remain in box, EC, Unbroken Jasper, Alice, Ed, Bella, Anthony, Eddie, Broken arm Jasper, Cullen, gasp! is that Victoria I see?!, Masen, and Newdward.
Are you team Edward, team Jacob, team (fill in the blank)? Why, is it because of the character or the person that plays them in the movie?
Team Edward, all the way. I love Edward’s character. And I have a thing for vamps and a thing for Rob. The first time I saw the movie, I actually wasn’t really that impressed with his looks. (Runs for cover) I thought he played a really neat vampire with him acting so human on the brink of losing it. That is what really fascinated me to the point that I wanted to see it again. But it didn’t take long for me to fall for the sex on legs that is Robert Pattinson.

Which Twilight book is your favorite and why?
This is a tough question for me. It’s a pretty close tie between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Eclipse has a really intense story and a lot of interesting character development. But I think Breaking Dawn had more suspense in it because no one could really guess how the baby was going to turn out and all that. And what was going to happen with the Volturi. Even though it was the battle that never wasn’t I’m glad no one had to die. I also really loved reading about Bella experiencing vampirism. I found that really interesting. That is my favorite part of the whole saga, but I’m not sure BD is my favorite book. I guess it depends on my mood.

If you read fanfic and your willing to admit it which is your favorite story?
Oh god! There are too many. I read all my FF on Twilighted.net. My current faves are Harvest Moon, Beyond Time, Hide and Drink, Across the Universe, Waking Up, The Woods are Lovely Dark and Deep, The Unaccompanied Soul, At Your Own Risk, and so many more. If you have time, look some of these up. You probably all have your own giant lists.

Which person would you most likely still be into if they were not involved in Twilight; explain why.
Probably Rob. I really enjoy his acting. However the only other movie of his I saw was Remember Me. Still waiting to see How To Be. I’ve had a movie out at Blockbuster since October and I don’t think I can rent anything until I pay for it. But I just found out that Blockbuster closed so now I have nowhere to rent movies. And he really has a unique look. He doesn’t look even similar to any one else to compare to.
If you ever met your favorite Twilight star how would you react? What would you do or say?
I have no idea. I know what I wouldn’t do. I would not scream or jump up and down or do anything obnoxious like that. I’m way too cool. J I would probably not know what to say though. I guess I would do the typical ask for the autograph thing and say I love your work and blah blah blah. I would hope that I would be able to come up with a funny sarcastic comment to make them laugh and not feel weird about me. It would most likely be a completely un-rememberable event for them. I may have them sign my mini Edward, but then that might contradict the plan of them not feeling weird about me.

If you were to replace any person in Twilight who would you replace them with and why?
Kristen Stewart, in a heartbeat. It’s not that I don’t like her, I do think she is a very good actress, but I can’t see her as a believable Bella. She’s too rough around the edges I think. I don’t think she portrays Bella’s love for Edward well enough in all three of the movies. It seems more like she thinks of Edward as a buddy. She just doesn’t display the emotion that Bella claims to have in the books. I understand that a character who is quiet and insecure would be a bit underplayed, I think Kristen underplays Bella on an extreme.

How many times have you read the Twilight Saga? If you've read it multiple times, what makes you keep rereading? If you've only read it once, why haven't you reread it?????
I’ve read the whole saga 7 or 8 times. Then last October I finally got my own computer, found fan fiction and haven’t touched the saga again. LOL

What is your most precious item in your Twilight collection and why? (share pics if possible)
My most precious item is and autographed photo of Robert Pattinson. My mom’s boyfriend got it for me for Christmas.
What is the craziest Twilight related thing you've done? (include pics if possible)
I am embarking on a trip across the country to room with people I’ve never met and hang out with all of the Twi blog hostesses for an incredible weekend of epic crazy funness. All in the name of Twilight. My husband and I don’t even get to take trips together except for when we visit my dad in Michigan. So this is a bit crazy for me.
Meeting people in person that I met online seemed like a crazy thing to me too, but I decided to try it in going to see Eclipse with Dangrdafne, her friend DangrDonna, and Mrs. P. I am so glad I did. It was one of the most fun nights ever.
DangrDonna, Dangrdafne, me, and Mrs. P at Eclipse

What is your favorite song from the Twilight Saga and why?
Probably Super Massive Black Hole by Muse. It is just an awesome song. I have no other reasons.

Tell us your favorite quote from each book.
Twilight: “Do you remember when you told me that I didn’t see myself very clearly?” I asked, raising my eyebrows. “You obviously have the same blindness.”
New Moon: “Well, I’m nearly a hundred and ten. It’s time I settled down.”
Eclipse: “I was all braced for the wrath that was going to put grizzlies to shame, and this is what I get? I should infuriate you more often.”
Breaking Dawn: “It goes against the grain,” he explained, “letting you wrestle with lions. I was having an anxiety attack the whole time.”

Has Twilight taken over your life? Explain.
Yes and no. It hasn’t changed the way that I live my life but my extra curricular activities are usually Twi related. If I read, it’s Fanfiction. Most of my time on the computer is used to read all of your lovely blogs. But come to think of it, I would not have bought my laptop if it wasn’t for Twilight. I was reading the blogs at work for about 9 months before I bought my computer. The systems that our work computers have do not allow commenting on the blogs so I really couldn’t get involved. I even bought my digital camera because of Twilight. I was going to go see 100 Monkeys and there was no way that I was going to see Jackson Rathbone or meet him with out photographing it. And not to mention I had to buy mini Edward. I had him and the camera for about a month before the computer, and I needed the computer to start Living with Edward. So I guess to sum up, Twilight hasn’t taken over my life but it does influence some of my decisions. And thankfully to this point, those decisions have only ended in good consequences.

Tell us anything else Twilighty about yourself that you would like to share.
Sometimes I drive like a Cullen.

Thanks LwE for sharing with us!!!!  I love the autographed pic of the Precious!  It is beautiful.....I ♥ that photo shoot!  I need to get an ah-my of Edwards!!!!
LOL!  But I guess I should just be glad I was able to sneak one into the house!

Next week is open if you want to featured!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Twilight Junkie Tuesday Featuring....Kyla

Twilight Junkie Tuesday is baaaaccckkkkk! 
This week we are featuring Kyla........

What got you into Twilight? 
 I was out of work, depressed and lonely.....my mom had been trying to get me to read them for years...I started on a Thursday and finished the whole series by that Sunday!

Do your family and friends know how deep your twi-obsession goes (be specific about what your obsession is, how do you hide it, or how do you advertise it) 
 Ok, so umm, no, they don't really know HOW DEEP it goes but yes, they know that I am twi-sessed and that I'm mildly addicted to all things twilight....they do not know that I spend the amount of hours that I do on that obsession, however. I do not hide it and I do flaunt it (jewelry, t-shirts, magazines, etc)

Are you team edward, team jacob, team (fill in the blank)? Why, is it because of the character or the person that plays them in the movie? 
 I am Team Edward, 100%. At first I think it was all about Robert Pattinson, but then when I really started reading and getting involved in the series, it was truly about Edward Cullen....I mean, c'mon, the man is every girls dream.....sexy, unknowingly so, honest, loyal, a virgin, wealthy, intelligent, kind....the list goes on and on....but I think that the best feature about him is that he loves and worships Bella....he is 100% devoted to her in all ways. He'd stop at nothing to protect her, shelter her, adore her....for him there is no other and never will be.....REAL MEN do not love like that. He is my fictional dream man!!!! BUT I am in lust with all things RPatz.....

Which Twilight book is your favorite and why?
Eclipse is my fav of the series.....to me, it's the cuspe of things to come for B and E.....it's the solidification of their relationship before marriage....it's the compromise, the resolution with Victoria, the dissolution of Jake's hold on Bella......it's Edward in his finest hour defending Bella, protecting her and her finally, FINALLY, giving her heart to him 100% by agreeing to marry him....I think it mostly is the closeness that develops with them in the book from his return in NM and before the giant leap of marriage...plus, its the first book where I really started to see through Jake....he was inconsequential to me after NM.....sort of.....I mean I feel for him but there's NO WAY she'd pick him over Edward, ever.....Love the bedroom scenes the most in Eclipse and the tent scene is one of my top 5 fav scenes from all the series....

If you read fanfic and your willing to admit it which is your favorite story?
I could NEVER deny my obsession and love for ff:) Ok, my ultimate fav would have to be A Life Extraoridinary by LolaShoes, but here's my list of top 10:
2) Clipped Wings and Inked Armor/MoBs too
3) Master of the Universe
4) Emancipation Proclaimation
5) Wide Awake
6) The Sacrifical Lamb/The Lion and The Jackal
7) Art After 5/Counterpoint
8) High Anxiety
9) Just Wait
10 Falling in love in a Coffee Shop
My fav page on ffn has over 300 stories, some I haven't read yet but were recommended so I'm saving 'em for when I have time....

Which person would you most likely still be into if they were not involved in Twilight; explain why.
I would have to say RPatz, cuz I've had a crush on him for a while before I even got into the whole Twilight world. Loved him in HP and really thought he was quite lustful:)

If you ever met your favorite Twilight star how would you react? What would you do or say.
First, I would stay calm and NOT scream (yeah right) but I WOULD try to be respectful and just let them know how MUCH I appreciate their work, their contribution to the twilight world and that I think they are fabulous:):) Ass-kissing never hurts does it??? LOL.....I would definitely ask for either/or autograph/photograph

If you were to replace any person in Twilight who would you replace them with and why.
I would definitely replace Nikki Reed, she's never felt right, to me as Rosalie....not really sure who I'd replace her with but someone more suited for that role. She's just never really struck me as a Rosalie.....

How many times have you read the Twilight Saga? If you've read it multiple times, what makes you keep rereading? If you've only read it once, why haven't you reread it?????
I've read the whole saga at least 4 times from book 1 thru book 4, however, I have occasionally gone back over the past year and just read Eclipse, right before the movie came out....for example.
Reading the books is like coming home to my old friends/family. I get lost in the sense of them....it's like I discover something new each time I read them...they are never far away and always bring me comfort....I've been thinking lately it's time to pull out all 4 books and do another read through since it's been a while.

What is your most precious item in your Twilight collection and why? (share pics if possible)
It's my NEW MOON hoodie....it wasn't that expensive or anyting but it's my most fav thing that I have.....

What is the craziest Twilight related think you've done? (include pics if possible)
Well, all of it hasn't happened yet:( I'm getting a tattoo with something from each of the books......I've got them all mapped out, given to my tat artist and waiting for the funding to make them all happen:)
I have gotten 1 tattoo with the word "MINE" on my leg....for several reasons but my twilight related reason is that I LOVE LOVE LOVE when Edward says this about Bella, particularly in ALE....I dreamed about this tat, called my artist and she drew it exactly how it looked in  my dream....I'll have to take another pic and send it in.
I also started collecting cupcake stuff since Tattward in CW&IA loves cupcakes:)

What is your favorite song from the Twilight Saga and why?
Possibility by Lykke Li.....that song resonates sooooo much with the movie and with crap that has been going on in my life in the past 2 yrs.....it just rocks my soul.

Tell us your favorite quote from each book?
he he he, these will be my tatt's!
Twilight - You are my life now.
New Moon - I can fight the moon but I can't fight an eclipse
Eclipse - Everyday of Forever
Breaking Dawn - More than my own life

Has Twilight taken over your life? Explain.
 Yes!!!!!!!!! I'm always searching for Twi-news, Twi-fans, Twi-blogs, pics, stories, updates, ff stuff......it's the focus of my social life!!!!!!!!!!!! It's the focal point of my life.....besides my daughter!!!!!! I read ff about 7-8 hrs a day......I chat, google, read, etc twilight stuff. I search out Twi merchandise when shopping.....

Tell us anything else Twilighty about yourself that you would like to share.
I've turned my 2 1/2 yr old daughter into a twijunkie! SHe loves Edwrd but sways towards Jacob at times....If I ever have another child, their name will have something to do with the characters from the series, for sure....I collect all magazines related to anything twilight.....I'm obsessed in over my head!!!!!!! I'll have to send pics and stuff when I'm home later, I'm at work now:(

Thanks to Kyla for sharing with us!  I love the idea of getting a Twilighty tattoo......when you do it, please send pics!  We can't wait to see it.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Got Punk'd!!!!!

You heard me.....I got Punk'd!  

I'm on Facebook late last night and I get a message and friend request from a girl named Ashley Milton who loves Twilight and and has joined my blog and wants to be friends.  Okay, so I'm cool with that.  Anyone who loves Twilight and has read it "elevendy million times" (that should have been my clue right there) is a friend of mine. I checked the blog to see if she had joined, but did not see her.  She's probably confusing the blog with the Twilight Junkies Facebook page.

So I send Ashley a message back telling her I'm always happy to find new Twilight friends and that I have read the saga 18 times but admittedly there was the one time I was reading New Moon and I skipped from where Edward left up to where Bella jumped off the cliff.  Click send.....

I proceed to check out my new "friend's" profile and note that she lives in a town extremely close to mine.  So I'm all excited because yay.....a newbie in the area to invite to one of upcoming Twi-events.  So I go back to messages and send her a quick note saying "Holy Crow - it's a small world" kinda thing....yadda yadda yadda.  I head back to her profile and note that her birthday is October 25th - the same as my son's.  (again, that probably should been a big fucking red flag, right?!?)

The next message I get from Ashley is asking me to go on chat (I always keep my setting on offline) so we can talk Twilight.  Well, I was actually in the middle of reading "The List" by Laura Cullen - thanks to Robzsinger's recommendation, so I was not in the mood to talk.  I was just about to message her back and tell her I was reading this juicy, lemony fanfic and that I didn't want to chat right now, but if you haven't checked out FF, you should definitely give it a try, when my son shows up (the obnoxious 13 - almost 14 year old).  

Now I'm flipping back and forth between FB and FF, so when I heard him coming, I quick clicked the FB tab at the top of  the browser.  

He starts leaning over my shoulder on the back of my chair and says "Whatcha doing?".  

"Um, nothing" was my genius response.

"Make any new friends lately", he says.

And that's when I knew.  What a little butt munch!!!!!!

He created this fake Facebook girl, just to fuck with me.  Unbelievable!!!!!!  Thank God I didn't recommend a juicy, lemony FF to my son!  Holy shit!
Is this the Internet equivalent to a prank phone call????

Of course now he is totally making fun of me for the response that I did give. 

"You read that crap 18 times???? You're such a loser" 
( I told you he was OBNOXIOUS!!!)
And all I'm thinking is, did I say anything that might incriminate me - oh shit!!!!  Thank God my response was pretty generic, because any juicy bits of info that I might have accidentally revealed would have gone straight to the Hubward via my son - cause that's my son's M.O.
Despite my humiliation, I had to laugh.
It was pretty clever and I can't believe how much effort he put into it.  He even friended one of my Twilight friends on FB to make it look more legit.  If you are the friend that got the friend request from Ashley Milton yesterday, do yourself a favor and delete her ass. LOL   I do realize how disastrous it could have been.  You know what happens when your worlds collide, right????  

The moral of the story is, be careful who you friend on Facebook!  Jeez, you never friggin know who the hell you are talking to!

On a side note-
Rob, you are welcome to punk me anytime you want!
Just sayin......

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Twilight Junkie Tuesday featuring....

This week we did not have a Twilight Junkie follower to pimp out on the blog... we would really love to hear from you. Since I have been kinda a huge bloggy fail recently I decided to take this time to recommend some fics that I have been totally absorbed in and thought this would be a good way to make it up to you all. Below is an email (well roughly the same email I added some things and took out some stuff) I sent to Marie earlier last week since I knew she was getting close to finishing CWIA. I thought I would do my fic pimping duty and let her know of some great fics that I loved after going through Fifty and Tattward withdrawal and knew she was going to get there soon enough. So here goes...

Hey so here is another few fics that I think you would like (this was after we both decided to give MotU a chance and I was putting my foot down and told Marie she just had to keep reading CWIA lol)

1) The Misapprehension of Bella Swan Regarding the Inferior Intellect of Hockey Whores by hunterhunting (author of CW/IA)

Here is Hockyward for you!!! YUM!!
This one makes me laugh out loud a LOT. Sometimes it is ridiculously absurd but fucking funny as hell... lets just say Bella is crass and has a potty mouth. She calls her lady parts "beaver" and compares Edward's peen to Snufalufagus. If that doesnt catch your interest I dont know what will.

2) Darkness by xcherryblossomsx


Edward and Bella both attend a college in NY the story is great, they are both human and have had a loss in their life, they come together as a couple and rock out together I mean that literally. Edward plays guitar and piano and sings, Bella sings, Emmett plays drums and Alice sings too. No Rosalie, little bit of Jacob, James, Jane, Emily, Jasper and Carlisle.

3) Emancipation Proclamation by kharizzmatik

Carlisle is a Doc in Forks but is also the Consigliere to the Chicago mob. Its really really good but Bella is a slave and I dont know how you feel about that. I'm not sure if the fic is complete but if it is the end its kinda a cliffie. There is one chapter that made me cry like a baby, I was scared to death. Like literally shaking and crying and freaking the fuck out. I rec'd it to Robzsinger (*waves* hey girl of course I had to mention our chat), she had it on her list of fics to read but put it off bc of the slavery angle but I gave her a more detailed description and I can send that to you too if you are really interested in this fic. (I could also send it to anyone else that is interested in a more detailed description.)

4) Dirty Dancing with the Devil Herself & Better the Devil You Know by JayJayHale


Cullens are vamps Bella is a bad ass biker chick that literally kicks ass. Only the first is a completed fic but they are a series. The POV switches a lot which is cool. It can go from Bella to Edward to Emmett to Alice, it jumps around which is something I really like.

5) The Weight of Words by georgeygirl-


Edward is the TA in Bella's class, this fic has some really funny moments and Edward has a grandmother that is freakin hilarious. Jacob and Angela are Bella's roommates and that adds a little extra drama. Jessica and Lauren are also another added layer of drama to this story.

6)Let Your Mercy Fall on Me by Robicorn
7)Edward Wallbanger by feathersmmmm
8)Going Down? by TexasKatherine
9) Osa Bella by Myg
10) The Education of Professor Cullen by sheviking

Okay so I should stop now that's a lot of fics, right??? LOL. You're probably thinking I'm crazy but I have read all these and a few more that are no where near finished, I prefer to read fics that if they aren't complete will be soon. This time I really am done LOL. So I will stop typing now bc this is a really fucking long ass email.


(PS: These are in no particular order other than I just needed to have them labeled bc I'm a crazy person lol, so please don't be upset if you think I like a fic less because it is lets say number 10 and not 1... because that is not the case at all... I love them all equally and if I could have each Edward... trust me I would take them. All of these fics are filled with lemony goodness and if you want a more detailed description of any of the fics I have mentioned shoot me an email and I would be more than willing to give you more info.)

(PPS: Fics 6-10 I did not even mention in the email that is why there are no descriptions. Plus I think I have taken up waaaay too much of you time now. So lets just say give these fics a chance you won't be disappointed if you choose any of them. Don't forget to check out the sequel to MotU... our boyfriend is back and we're going to be in trouble *fingers crossed for some eye rolling trouble ifyouknowwhatimean*)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Latest Droolworthy Biel Video!

Ahhhhh......Thank you Biel!!! 
Your videos never fail to make me pant and drool!

Is it hot in here, or is just me??????
Yeah, I know.....gross!

Is this better?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Twilight Junkie Tuesday Featuring.....Ashley!!!!!

Happy Tuesday Twilight Junkies!  
This week we are featuring one of newest, awesomest and amazingest followers - Ashley
 Thanks for sharing your obsession with us!

What got you into Twilight?
A friend told me to see the film and since the first 5 mins of it i was hooked hahaha, just thought the storey line was beautiful and i love how quickly i became into the characters

Do your family and friends know how deep your twi-obsession goes (be specific about what your obsession is, how do you hide it, or how do you advertise it) 
Hahaha ya my family and friends no about my twi-obession, i have loads of twilight stuff from t-shirts, posters, bags, jewerlly, dolls, books, diarys, dvd's and mobile covers ect... you can see my collection on facebook lol. i love going out with my twi stuff i dont care what people think when they see me with my bag or tee on because im not hurting them by wearing them and it makes me happy and makes people smile when they see me. i have had loads of people omg where did you get that i want it, i think its lovely.

Are you team edward, team jacob, team (fill in the blank)? Why, is it because of the character or the person that plays them in the movie?
Im 100% Team Edward, i love what Edwars stands for he loves, he cares and he is a gentleman. ok from time to time he gets jealous and gets into arguments with other people but who doesnt! I love the fact he is old fashioned to like marriage and all that, its rare to see men be like that and its lovely for girls who read the books and get to see that. Plus i love Edward because Robert Pattinson plays him i think he is a very talented young man and he is just Stunning!

Which Twilight book is your favorite and why?
Eclipse, i think its because you see another side to Edward, you see Bella's and Jacobs relationship get stronger and you finally hear about the other cullens and how they became vamps. Also the whole love triangle and the tent seen hahaha. i just love eclipse

If you read fanfic and your willing to admit it which is your favorite story?
Yes i have and favourite is MOTU Master of the universe think its amazing and amazingly written, plus i love edward in there but i do have a few others i love.

which person would you most likely still be into if they were not involved in Twilight; explain why?
Robert Pattinson i love the fact he chooses different films, every one is different not one is the same. Its like he is wanting to explore other areas of acting and not just be known for twilight or being a heart throb in the film i like it.

If you ever met your favorite Twilight star how would you react? What would you do or say.
I think i would be speechless for the first time in my life hahaha but once i have taken some breathes i would thank Mr Pattinson thank him for bringing the most special girls into my life, we would have never met if it wasnt for him so ya i would thank him.

If you were to replace any person in Twilight who would you replace them with and why?
I would have the old victoria back in eclipse think she done a great job in twilight and new moon, she made victoria more scary than the new one

How many times have you read the Twilight Saga? If you've read it multiple times, what makes you keep rereading? If you've only read it once, why haven't you reread it?????
I have read twilight 5 times, New Moon 3, Eclipse 11 and Breaking Dawn 8 i just cant put them down i just love how the after the 1st 3 pages your hooked

What is your most precious item in your Twilight collection and why? (share pics if possible)
oooooo omg i love them all but i would say my dolls i have kept them in the box i dont want them to be messed up lol

What is the craziest Twilight related think you've done? (include pics if possible)
Hahaha i dont know lol i remember i went to a work shop at work in my edward tee and bag and the woman who was teaching the session kept getting tongue tide and was like "sorry i keep looking at your boob i cant concenrate with edward cullen looking at me" i couldnt stop laughing and everyone else was in fits. what can i say he has this effect on all women hahaha

What is your favorite song from the Twilight Saga and why?
Has to be Sia - My Love and Debusy - Clair de Lune, my love because i think its a beautiful song and always makes smile and claire de lune because it was my nans favourite song and it is nice to just listen to when you feel stress and hearing the piano playing

Tell us your favorite quote from each book?
Twilight - Bella Swan "About three things I was absolutely positive: First, Edward was a vampire. Second, there was a part of him–and I didn’t know how dominant that part might be–that thirsted for my blood. And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him"
New Moon - Edward Cullen "My heart hasn’t beat in almost ninety years, but this was different. It was like my heart was gone—like I was hollow. Like I’d left everything that was inside me here with you"
Eclipse - Edward Cullen "Take care of my heart Ive left it with you"
Breaking Dawn - Bella Cullen "Why am i covered in feathers?" Edward Cullen "I bit a pillow or two"
Has Twilight taken over your life? Explain.
Hahaha yes lol everyday i check twilight gossip new pics lol, everytime im in a show and i see twilight i jump up and down like a little kid like look look its edward cullen hahaha but i love it

Tell us anything else Twilighty about yourself that you would like to share.
Erm thanks to twilight i have began to read books again and i have met the most amazing people ever!

Thanks Ashley!!!!  Loved reading all about your Twi-Addiction and seeing your awesome collection of Twi-Crack!

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