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EP Read Along Week 5 - Chapters 12 - 14

Hey mia bella ragazza!  
Welcome back to our little EP read along.  I can't believe we are already on Week 5!  Time flies!  Thanks to our wonderful Bella Tesoro for taking the EP reigns last week! She did a beautiful job!  Hopefully we can convince her to make this a regular gig! :)

So the chapters are starting to get longer, but from what I'm reading in the comments from last week, many of you are finding it hard to stop at 3 chapters per week.  I say go for it! Keep reading.  I know how hard it is to put this story down.  A little Twitter bird told me someone was up until 3 a.m. reading E.P.  (I'm looking at you T & T! LOL)  Well you are not alone and you are in the right place.

So on to this weeks chapters.......

Chapter 12 (BPOV)
I know last week there was a bit of discussion about the flipping back and forth between EPOV and BPOV.  I have to say that as much as I love reading EPOV and I also love reading BPOV because I'm falling in love with Edward (again!) right along with her.
I love the way Jasper is helping Bella acclimate and make her feel comfortable.  It’s not the same as having another girl to talk to but at least she has someone.  And thank you Jasper for telling Bella not to call you 'sir' anymore.  Now if she would just stop calling Edward 'sir'.

Do you think it was a good idea to invite Bella to the football game?  I definitely think it made her feel good to be asked, but is Bella really ready to be around other people yet?  I was thinking that this has "bad news" written all over it, myself.

Let's talk about Edward inviting Bella into his room.  Did you enjoy Edward's inquisition of Bella?  Totally reminded me of Twilight.  And the delicious electricity that is around the two of them when they are in Edward's room?  I could eat that up with a spoon!  Then there is Edward's line of questioning. It is so schizophrenic! I love how he goes from “Do you fear for your life here?” to “What’s your favorite color?” just like that.  The one that made me literally go "awwwwww" out loud was "I need to know why you hate me".  How much do you love this man????? *sigh*  My favorite thing that Edward said to Bella while she was in his room was, "I think you’ll find that we’re a lot more alike than you think, if you give us the chance to even get to know each other.”  Definitely more foreshadowing there but I think it also reveals Edwards desire to get to know Bella - and not in the same way he knows the ho's from school.

Chapter 13 (BPOV)
So after that lovely pap smear experience, Carlisle takes Bella out to lunch.  The things that Carlisle tells Bella in the restaurant are so contradictory.  Basically Carlisle expects her to walk this fine line between being a slave and a free person.  He’s giving her quite a bit a freedom, yet that doesn’t change the fact that she is what she is.  I think that makes it even harder for Bella to know what’s okay for her to do and what not to do.  I also think having this pseudo-freedom makes it much easier to screw up and face a consequence from Carlisle.  Is this making sense?  It would probably be easier for Bella if he just treated her like a slave.  I’m not saying that would be right, but that is all she knows and then she would know how to behave and act.

I FLOVE Rosalie, the salty bitch that she is.  She literally made me LOL in this chapter with lines like “Honey, most of these females here couldn’t care less about football. The only balls they care about are the ones in Edward’s pants.” and “He’s a whore, that’s what he is. Can’t keep his dick in his pants,” I just fucking love Rosalie!  I love Alice too!  Don't want to leave her out.  She is really showing herself to be a good friend to Bella and I think Bella is starting to appreciate it.

Chapter 14 (EPOV)
Okay ladies, now things are getting real good.  Through Edward’s thoughts, we are really starting to see how much he and Bella have in common.  I think it’s because I’ve read this story before that maybe I’m seeing it more, because honestly he is being a little cryptic.  However, the hints are there. He's felt some serious emotional pain just like Bella....he just not saying what that pain is....yet.

And already we can see that Edward is changing because of Bella.  He feels respect for Bella – something that he obviously has never felt for another woman......except maybe his mother.

La mia bella ragazza,” *sigh* ….and now he starts with the beautiful Italian sayings.  Oh my goodness, I love EP Edward!

Okay, now I’m going to start going gah gah over all the little sweet things that Edward does.  Cupping her chin!  I FLOVE when he does that!  (In Twilight or any other FF)

Bella offering Edward a massage!  Where the hell did that come from????  How did she get from not even being able to be in the same room as him to rubbing him down????  Just sayin…   Where did this boldness come from?  Tracing his scar, tracing his tattoo?  I’m shocked. LOL

Gah! Edward in the wife beater!  Kills me!

So there you have take on Chapters 12-14.

Let the comments roll!

Okay, Kassie and I decided that for next weeks reading
we need to warn you......

1.  You will need Kleenex for Chapter 17
2. We are actually going to add on Chapter 18 for next week
so as to not leave you hanging too bad at the end of 17.

So for next week - Chapters 15 - 18
(that's 4 Chapters.....I think you'll be able to handle it - 
and trust me, you will thank us)


  1. @UAB, you don't have to twist my arm. I'm in for sharing with this gig! XO

    I loved your summary. I like reading both POV's too. Edward's for me, are more in-depth and I just love hearing what's in his naughty mind and comes out of his mouth.
    Bella's got that innocent voice. She's thinks she's being immature as she experiences butterflies, light-headedness, and the electricity each time she's in Edward's presence.
    I liked Edward's questioning her too. He even asks first, "you don't mind do you?" And I also liked how he respects her honesty as she admits that she fears for her life there with them. That she'd be foolish not to. She opens up to him that she doesn't hate him as he fears but that she doesn't understand him. He reassures her that if given the chance, she'd find they are very much alike. And it seems they are. More on that later...

    Yeah Carlisle is a contradiction alright. Bringing her to get her first internal exam, poor sweet girl! And then to say that he was forcing her to take birth control to avoid an unwanted pregnancy but not to worry, her virginity was hers to do as she pleases...I felt her pain, physically and emotionally has she had that exam. Even though Carlisle said he wouldn't look, he was still there as she went through that, alone with two men. In her world, that must have been awful.

    I loved the football scene, having Bella see Edward play football, something he's very proud of. Yeah, she may not have been ready to meet all those people, having to cover her ears as the crowd cheered loudly, but Alice was great with her, dressing her up, holding on to her, sweet Alice.
    Edward starts to get into protective mode with Bella when he sees her freak at the party.
    Yeah it may have seemed odd that she offered to give Edward a massage, but remember she thinks she's there to serve them and of course she admits to having feelings for him too. She makes him the homemade Cherry Coke, something very symbolic which we'll see more of later. What did you think of Edward spiking it with Grey Goose? He was hurt after all, trying to ease his pain, right?

    The best and most important part of these few chapters was the paragraph where Edward states: "It was startling how much we had in common....our worlds may be different but they were both hazardous, and neither one of us had a choice in the matter. We were born into them, forced to adapt to the danger. She may not see it, but I know exactly what it's like to fear having to pay for other people's mistakes. I know what it's like to live knowing your life could be ended because of shit that had nothing to do with you." That, right there, is a major theme and drives the rest of the story. For those of you reading for the first time, I wonder what you think he means? I've always felt that, and I may have said it before, Carlisle, Edward, and Bella are paying for other people's mistakes, and not being free in many respects, and have many things in common.
    You may not agree with me after chapter 17! Hold on Ragazza's that one is a tough chapter!

  2. Fran, I love that you mentioned what Edward says about knowing that your life could be ended because of shit that had nothing to do with you. That is the major theme of the story and it makes so much more sense to me the second time reading. I don't want to say much more and ruin for anyone who is reading for the first time. This is the reason I really wanted to read this a second time because I'm seeing so much more. Plus having the chance to hash it out with you girls is the best!

  3. Let me start out first by saying in my comment on the week 2 post I said if I remembered when we got to the part of why I thought it was a good thing Jasper made Bella the sandwich this is it... He is the first person to put his foot down with regards to her calling him 'sir'. Jasper is always the first to think of her feelings and needs over his own.

    So I was wondering in ch12 when Bella is thinking of her Mom; why did Carlisle not buy her too? Was it bc Charles 'used her' (the f*ing pig) or bc he didn't need 2 slaves or bc of some other reason that I can't quite put my finger on.. help me out here.
    I was pissed at Carlisle for the Dr visit.. he should know she'd be scared bc not only had she never been 2 the Dr regularly but also bc of what happened when he took her to be chipped by that asshole Doc... THEN he is taking her to get one of the most invasive, embarrassing, scary procedures done and all with little to no explanation at all... Not cool Carlisle, not cool at all.
    I think I pretty much hate him through the whole story with maybe only a few exceptions.

    "...the only thing involving police will do is sign your death warrant." let me just say... did it really need to be said?? I'm finding more and more little things in this story that really piss me off when they come out of Carlisles mouth. He is soooo good at pointing out the things that will end in her death but not so much in what would get her into trouble with consequences that are less severe than death... although in my opinion (to paraphrase Twilight) "Death is easy."

    I loved the football game (I was a manager for our hs football team and let me tell you... she is spot on with the skanky girls wearing little clothing in freezing weather just to get the attention of the players and trust me none of those guys were as hot as Edward.) I really love the connection Edward and Bella have when he's out on the field and they are all shy smiles and waves at each other awwww.
    Marie I agree with you on Rosalie... she is a spitfire and says what she means without apology.
    I love that at the party Edward seemed to be more pissed when Bella showed up not only bc she was scared but bc he didn't want her seeing him with Tanya on his lap, he just doesn't realize that yet.. stupid boy.

    OMG Fran I love the back massage for one reason... Bella's roaming hands. Our girl is getting a little brazen. It seems like shes getting a bit more assertive with her actions without having to physically say anything. It'll be slow going for her.

    One phrase that has popped up a few times already that some of the first time readers are going to get really tired of hearing is... "It's not my story to tell." Let me just say it is repeated a LOT and more times than not you're going to be waiting a loooooong time to hear said stories, so be prepared for that.

    I can't wait until next week. Chapter 17 is a doozie and we will be needing some hand holding... well maybe it's just me. The first time I read it I had a very strong emotional reaction to it. I hope I can make it through with less tears this time.

  4. Ladies,

    You're doing a wonderful job with the readalong!

    Even though I'm not reading along (not enough hours in the day at the moment) I'm enjoying reading your posts and hearing from my tweeps about how much they are loving this story (looking at you Jamie and Lisa).

    I can't wait to read the comments as the story progresses. OOH I really was tempted to write something spoilerific just then (since spoilers are this week's theme in the twiverse!) but I will keep my lips zipped.

    Enjoy xxx

  5. @TwiKiwi50, so you've read EP before? If so, just skim the waters and join in! Can't wait to hear from Jamie. Lisa knows I'm still waiting on her comments...

    @Kassie, reason Carlisle doesn't buy Renee too is that he: 1. has no reason to, HE only ever wanted Bella for ONE reason, and I don't know if I should say why yet, and 2. The Mob is big on minding there own business when it comes to each others "property." So he doesn't want to interfere too much with Charles'. As it is, Carlisle had to do some power plays to buy Bella.
    At this point in the story and after chapter 17, I too HATED Carlisle, but I later changed my mind. More on why later too.
    The layers in this story are deep, and peeling them away with you are as much fun as watching Bella peel away at Edward's cocky facade. So much fun!

  6. I just wanted to let you know that I have cheated on y'all and am up to Chapter 28...**hangs head in shame**

    I'll review the appropriate chapters for this week and comment tomorrow, lol.

  7. Z Any Mouse - Don't worry about reading ahead! LOL It is hard to stop once you get started! Nothing to be ashamed of at all. :) Can't wait to read your comments!

  8. @ZAnyMouse, I'm so proud of you Tesoro for moving on! It's only to be expected that you can't control your urges with this story!!!
    Love it, and can't wait to hear your
    thoughts now that you are so invested in the story. XO

  9. About Carlisle, is anyone wondering why the heck he ordered a DNA test on Bella? Is this standard operating procedure for all his new slaves? And why did he announce to Edward that Bella is a virgin? It's like he's putting a spotlight on her with a big sign that says "this girl needs some doin' NOW". That's awfully tempting for a sex addict like Edward.

    I love the whole massage scene. How it progressed from light touching to Edward taking off his shirt, then on up to lotion and heavy breathing. Finally to the end when Alice and Jasper arrive home to unintentionally break up this little party, with Bella and Edward scattering like school children being caught smoking in the boy's room.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. OK I just started re-reading this from the beginning. When you started talking about the read along I read all 80 pages in about a week. Of course I couldn't remember much about each specific chapter.

    The part I love about Chapters 12-14 is that both Edward & Bella are beginning to recognize the feelings they are developing for each other. This is also the very beginning of them being able to connect and communicate. Hints of things to come. Even for those who haven't read EP before, it's obvious the relationship will start developing into something totally unlike what either had experienced before.

  12. GAH! My emotions about this are just all over the place...I can hardly even put my thoughts into words.

    As you know, I've finished and now I'm wishing I hadn't. I wish I would have taken my time...kinda like Edward is with Bella. Yeah. But I didn't I actually treated it more like EP Edward treated his hos...I hit it hard and fast.

    Was that a bad analogy?

    Anyedward, I LOVED these chapters. I was like you...falling in love with Edward all over again. We wouldn't have had as much of a chance to do that had there not been the switch in POV throughout the story. So, I appreciate it. It lets you into Edward's minda (which is so damn sexy) and it lets you into Bella's mind (which allows you to see Edward through her eyes...which is so damn sexy). The night after the football game is one of my FAVORITE scenes. I loved that Bella took the initiative to give Edward a back rub. I was hoping for some more action, but it was nice the way it was. The 21 questions thing was so good...I loved the way that carried out through the book.

    I LOVE THAT MAN! Holy geez. It's unbareable really.

    Regarding Carlisly, he kinda gave me whiplash during these chapters. Always so hot and cold with Bella (makes sense later).

    Rosalie is AWESOME! I've always loved her character and I really love how she's portrayed through this story. She's a badass.

    All of Edward's sweet gestures ("bella ragazza", cupping of the chin, etc.) and his protectiveness is what makes him so so sexy. Gah. I gotta quit. I'm at work. There are no cold showers in my near future.

    You're making me want to just start the whole thing over again...I'm sure I could catch back up before next week! LOL :P

    I've got ideas for a new tattoo, thanks to EP Edward!

    (Oh, and this is Tess - from TNT, btw. I'm just logged in under my personal account and too lazy to switch it.)

  13. @z- there is a reason for the DNA test but you'll have to wait to find out why.
    That massage scene was sooooo hot & I love that Bella wasn't scared to explore that type of intimacy w Edward.

    @TMom- it's always hard to stop reading once you start EP! I've already sped through almost 30 chapters myself. You're right these early chapters are about E&B both recognizing their feelings.. and work on their communication (which is a very rocky road through out their entire relationship).

  14. Just stopped back by to read through the comments. It's just making me want to open up the PDF file on my PC here at work and dive right back in!

    I'm trying to get interested in CW&IA, but I may have to go one more round w/ EP before I do that.

    Gah. It owns me.

  15. Oh, and I had seen "Bella Tesoro" before and never knew what it meant...until now.

    EP just opens your eyes to so many things. Why hadn't I read it sooner??

  16. @jennykate - I was just telling TwiloveSue that I was going to reread CW&IA after I finished EP, lol. Keep going, Tattward will have you hooked in no time.

  17. UNFAIR!!! Every bit of genius I just wrote was lost by blogger...

    So great... what did I say???

    I LOVE ROSE and her mouth, especially when she and Edward go at it. I think Jas is the second best character in this story. He is so sweet and caring... Of course, Edward is my favorite character. He is just so brazen in his actions, but underneath it all, he is so sweet and loving and doting and... I could go on all day long tlaking about him.

    As for Daddy C, I think he was keeping up with outward appearances by insisting that Bella continue with her work. She was his... house girl... but I think that he slowly wanted to integrate her into living because she was so gone when he first brought her home. I think if he had gone out and said, "Hey girl, you're free..." she would have freaked out and not have survived. The best thing to do was allow certain things little by little.

    Yeah, I didn't get the whole massage thing, but I figure anything to get E half naked can't be all bad.

    Now, Blogger, post my comment!

  18. @ Yay! I'm feeling everyone's passion for this story.

    DNA, yeah I believe Carlisle mentions it is standard practice, but it becomes MUCH more later.

    @rpfangirljr, I agree with you that Carlisle KNEW he could not just let her free. She could never have made it out in the real world yet, as we saw after the football game/party. He knows a great deal about this subject.
    I don't think he had any motive in telling Edward that Bella was a virgin. I think it was just part of the conversation. Edward and Carlisle's relationship isn't your typical father/son one. Carlisle had no idea or even thought that Bella or any of his sons would have a relationship with this girl. Given his own history (you'll see) he SHOULD have seen it coming.

    @jennykate77, so many bella Italian words yet to come. I'm Italian and I'm eating those words right up. When Edward speaks Italian I melt.

  19. I did not get to post a comment on these chapters, and now I'm approaching the next 4. So, I'm just going to say that I agree with almost all of what was said above. All the ladies who commented are so brilliant! I can't wait to see the next round. I will be a better ep hoor and comment.

    I just wanted to also say thanks to UAB and Kassie for doing this. Such a lovely idea and way for everyone to get to hear others opinions on EP.


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