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EP Read Along Week 7 - Chapters 19-22

I, like Isabella, have paid for others mistakes—namely, my father’s mistakes. I got the scars to prove it—physical and mental. “ – Edward Cullen, Emancipation Proclamation – Chapter 19

Sorry I’m late this week girls!  RL just kept  getting  in the way this week….dontcha just hate that?  Kassie and Fran are preparing for their amazing adventure in NYC tomorrow, so I’m behind the wheel of our little EP drive this week.  Here we go……

Chapter 19 EPOV
This chapter opens up with Edward talking about how much the death of his mother still profoundly affects him.  He is just so good at hiding it.

When Edward confronts Carlisle about what happened with Bella, you can see that their relationship is strained.  Edward is so cocky that his father won’t kill him because he looks so much like his mother.  Do you think that’s true, or did you think if Edward pushed Carlisle far enough, he would snap?

What do you think about Edward going in to see Bella when she is bound and leaving her like that?  As much as Edward wanted to let Bella go, I think he did the right thing for Bella’s safety.  With Carlisle so insane at the moment, there is no telling what he might do to Bella if she had been cut loose.

So Bella is opening up to Edward more and we are learning a bit more of what her life was like back in Arizona.  I mean she is a bit stoned….and I love how this fact causes her to start getting snarky with Edward. 

Chapter 20 BPOV
Bella wakes up and is freaked out because she knows the pain killer she took had her confessing all kinds of stuff to Edward.  Edward returns the massage favor, which is so sweet and shows how much he cares about Bella.  Then later on Jasper  has her feet up on his lap and is massaging her feet.  Do you think that’s a little odd?  I do love that Alice doesn’t even care.   Alice and Jasper know Edward’s secret.  How long do you think they can go without telling anyone else?  Do you think Rosalie has figured it out or is she just being a bitch because Jasper is rubbing the feet of the slave?

Carlisle tries to make amends with Bella in his own way, but it is just too soon.  Bella is scared to death of him and certainly does not trust him nor is she ready to forgive him.   What you think about Carlisle approaching Bella this way, and acting so caring about her injuries?

Chapter 21 – EPOV
Edward’s unbelievable huge ego comes shining through at the beginning of Chapter 21.  He is a cocky little shit, isn’t he????  So Edward says he’s going to ask the first bitch he sees to homecoming, and he asks Tanya to homecoming.  That skank makes my skin crawl worse that Jessica and Lauren.

I really enjoyed Edward description of all the crazy things that Jasper and Emmett do for Spirit Week.   I particularly enjoyed reading about Emmett wearing a Smurf t-shirt and riding around on a tricycle! LOL

Alice corners Edward and has a little talk with him about his feelings for Bella.  Didn’t you just love Alice helping Edward?  Telling him basically to go for it?  Maybe this is the push Edward needs to make his move.  Will Edward take Alice’s advice?

At the football game, Edward keeps trying not to look for Bella, but finally spots her sitting with his family looking really sad.  After the game he spots her talking a boy who turns out to be Jacob Black, and Edward totally loses it.  What do you think happened between Edward and Jacob Black for Edward to react the way he did at the football game?

Edward always knows just what to say at an awkward moment, doesn’t he?  “This tie makes me look fucking fruity, doesn’t it?”  Well, it got Bella to laugh, which Edward really needed to hear.
Edward leaves the dance with Tanya and goes back to her parents’ house.  They start screwing around and then Edward has to stop and leave.  Did Edward just have a epiphany???   I think our man-whore is changing…..all because of Bella.

Chapter 22 – BPOV
Edward gives Bella alcohol and a little pot and gets Bella to play 21 questions with him which is his clever little way to get to know her better.  Bella finds out how Edward got his scar and what happened to the last slave.  Now we see why Edward did not remove Bella from her restraints the night that Carlisle punished her.  If it was like what happened with the last slave, Bella would have certainly been killed.  It’s so sweet how Edward takes a hit from the joint and then blows it into Bella’s mouth.   And staring into Edward’s eyes, Bella finally realized that she is stone cold in love with him.

So, what do you think about the slow burn Khar has created???  It’s delicious, isn’t it?  We are already up to Chapter 22 and E & B still haven’t hooked up! 

For next week - Chapters 23-26

As a native Chicagoan, I have a little interesting side note.  Mt. Carmel Cemetery in Hillside contains the remains of the Who’s Who of the Chicago Mafia.  I have this really interesting book called “Graveyards of Chicago” which contains an entire chapter on Mt. Carmel Cemetery and who’s buried there.  I thought you might find it interesting.  I didn’t want to piss the author off my posting scans of my book,  but I did find the author’s web site and he has a cool link to each of the cemeteries from his book and I’ve included the link.   If Edward’s mom was real, she would be among interesting company .

Also, if you are interested in this sort of thing, I also own some of  the co-author, Ursula Bielski's other books:

LOL!  Do you think I'm a little macabre???  I do own all four of these books (well the last one -Creepy Chicago - is the kids version that I bought for my kids).  I just find this stuff so interesting.


  1. UAB! Have you done the Richard Crowe tour? The Hubby & I did it about 10 years ago. SO COOL! My son loves scary stuff. I'll have to look for these for him. I have to go back and review the chapters for this week. I'll be back!!!!

  2. I loved these bittersweet chapters despite the pain they both have from Carlisles punishment.

    Chapters 19 & 20 have show a lot Edward & Bella's character in how they cope with the after effects of the punishment. Plus they are each coming to realize how much they are in love. The only bad spot for me was Rose. I never liked her.

    Chapters 21 & 22 lets allows them to get to know each other better. Each almost lets themself wonder if the other could possibly be feeling the same.

    Looking forward to the chapters for next week.

  3. HB - I would love to do a tour like that! Actually my hubs and I did the "Untouchable" Tour about 14 years ago (I was pregnant with my oldest....that's why I came up with that crazy number! LOL) The Untouchable Tour was really cool....saw all the mob haunts. Now that the kids are older, I would love to do one of the ghost tours!

    TwitardedMom - I agree! Rosalie is being such a bitch! Such a contrast to Alice. It's a wonder that the two of them can be friends. Rose is a hard nut to crack. I do love that E & B are really looking at each other and thinking maybe the other feels the same. They are so sweet!

  4. UAB: Well, then we'll just have to figure out if they are still doing them and do it!

    Chap 19 & 20: "I wanted nothing more than to rescue her, knowing it had to be painful as hell, but there was no way I could." His hands are just as tied as Bella's were. We find out she learned to read by closed captioning! Classic!!! It's terrible to not be able to trust anyone (not even the one you love) for fear that you'll be thrust into the line of fire...sound familiar? She had built trust in Doc C and he threw her in the line of fire. I love how we get to see that Emmett is not as 'unaware' as people think. There's more in that head of his!
    Chap 21 & 22: I loved the conversation btwn Alice & Edward in the car. She lets him in on the fact that he's never fooled her when it comes to his feelings on things. Bella is trying her best to make sure she doesn't embarrass Carlisle at the game, and then she meets Jake. He makes her smile and laugh and then Edward comes barreling in causing a scene. Of course she's going to think she did something wrong! He's pissed but if he just paid attention he'd see she's pulling back so she won't get hurt again. I'm not a pot smoker, but damn! If Edward wanted to blow smoke into my mouth...we're on baby! Both times came off as hot. My fav quote in 22: "I shed blood over shit that wasn't my fault too." They're learning just how alike they are, 'class' (rich or slave) doesn't matter when you've been through hell.

  5. I'm 2 weeks behind on my comments for EP (RL getting in the way), but I had to laugh out loud at UAB's Chicago Haunts book collection. I own the equivelant for Long Beach, CA, and for most of them I used my kids as an excuse to buy them, lol. I love driving or dropping by places I've read about that are haunted!

  6. Z Any Mouse - My Graveyards of Chicago book is so beat up because I've been keeping it in the car! In case we pass by an interesting looking cemetery - then I can quick look and see if anyone interesting is buried there! LOL Glad it's not just me that likes this stuff!

  7. signing up for coments and coming back tomorrow to post my answers. (I thought this week was going to be skipped because of the WFEness of the weekend...)

    Oh well... To quote Schwarzenegger...
    I'll be back!

  8. Chptr 21--One of my fav moments is Edward waving just a little hi to Bella from the football field. Just that slight acknowledgement. We've all seen Rob wave I think to imagine this scene clearly add in the football uniform = DED

    Also I love Alice getting into the car and how he calls her Short Stuff.

  9. fINALLY answering:

    I do think that Edward seems to get away with a lot because he is his mother's son. I feel that if he didn't look like her, Daddy C would have snapped a while ago.

    Edward unfortunately did the right thing by keeping Bella tied like that. I felt horrible that Bella went through that, but It was nice to see that Edward felt wretched seeing her that way. Yet another instance where he just cared for her so much.

    Alice... I still wished that she was more a part of Bella's life, but after finishing EP, I understood why she wasn't.

    Jasper is such a doll. I adore that he cares so much for Bella and does things for her that no one has ever done before... He's just so sweet. I wanna Jasper.

    Rose is Rose. If she weren't a bitch, she wouldn't exist, I think.

    Carlisle would have freaked me out. Especially after that whole night's torture. I can't say that it was too soon or not soon enough... because, if he had waited too long, Bella may have been even more afraid of him... like maybe he really didn't care about her at all.

    Tanya, Jess and Lauren... So many stories now that they have all been skanks... The poster girls for VD for sure.

    I thought Bella's comment about Edward's attire was cute. I'm shocked that Edward didn't have his head too far up his @$$ to not notice her that night.

    THE TWENTY QUESTIONS!!! That was one of my favorite parts of the whole story... Gah! I just melt after reading that.


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