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EP Read Along Week 9 Chapters 23-26

As you may have noticed we skipped last weeks EP Read Along. It was not so much intentional but accidental because of the trip Fran and I took to New York for the WFE premiere... there was so much going on and so many things for myself, Fran and Marie to do that it completely slipped our notice to get it done and in place on the blog by Friday afternoon. And honestly did you notice? Probably not. We were all super preoccupied with starring at Rob all hot and sweaty in a white wife beater and lets not forget the sexspenders that the whole Friday for most of us is a bit hazy.

Without further babbling from me I will turn the post over to Fran...

Hello everyone and welcome back from WFE frenzy week. I’m finally coming down from my Robland adventure high and ready to get back into my other obsession and delve back into EPland...

Chapter 23 is short and sweet. Edward and Bella are continuing their smoke induced relaxation. Or as Edward put it, “it was erotic watching her inhale a part of him going inside of her...” I have to agree with him it was pretty steamy. Edward realizes she’s never done this before and part of him feels like he’s corrupting her but on the other hand it feels good to him that they are indulging in “normal” teenage behavior. He’s starting to feel like he wants a relationship with Bella, but he’s not sure how to go about it. He’s in love with Bella already and admits to being as inexperienced as she is and is clueless as to how to make it work.

Edward has many FIRSTS he wants to suddenly experience. He wants to kiss Bella on the lips, sleep the night with her, and for the first time he wonders and wants to “taste and smell her female juices...” You think a guy really looks forward to “female juices?” Go, Edward!

Edward gives Bella a book of his mother’s to read, “Wuthering Heights” and it’s interesting to note that he says she will like it because it’s about love, hate, obsession, passion, revenge, cruelty. These are the same themes in EP, and I’m sure that the author uses this intentionally to mirror the two stories. Bella is starting to make eye contact with Edward. The chapter ends with Bella having a bad nightmare and Edward puts her on his chest to calm her and vows to protect her no matter what. How sweet was it when he kisses her head and says, in Italian, “Sweet dreams my beautiful girl.”

Chapter 24 is in BPOV
Bella wakes to find she’s slept with Edward and she’s embarrassed and afraid she’s once again over stepped her “slave” boundaries. Always trying to keep busy she bakes peanut butter cookies because she knows everyone loves peanut butter. While baking, Tanya comes barreling in making a scene because she’s furious over Edward’s rejection of her. Didn’t you love how Edward goes after that skanky Tanya after he finds out she knocked Bella down? And how “finicky Edward” was it, as he went to hide his Volvo in the garage fearing she’d come back for revenge?

Bella must feel like she’s living with two different Carlisle’s after he comes home, happy as can be calling her “Dolcezza/sweetie” and then she’s treated like an “angelo/angel” by Edward.

Edward questions Bella about her nightmares and how concerned he is that she’s not sleeping. He knows what that’s like as he himself suers from the same problem. He wants her to be honest with him, he wants to help her. Edward tells his father that they are going to help Bella read, winking at Bella to let her know he’s got her back. Slowly Bella is being treated like one of the family. What did you think when Rosalie assumes Bella should serve her a drink and Carlisle tells her there’s nothing wrong with her legs, letting her know Bella is not there to serve?

After Carlisle watched B/E interact a bit, he seems to be wondering what’s going on. Do you think he suspects Edward has feelings for her? And what do you think of the phone call about “hits, and run the tests again” He’s confused about something alright! What do you think it is? And don’t you just love Edward’s attitude about everything as in “Beats the F**k out of me.”

Chapter 25 EPOV
This chapter expresses Edward’s continued growing love for Bella. He’s being openly aection to her and is happy to see she’s starting to feel comfortable out and about in the world.

I won’t say too much about the Halloween party, as I’m hoping that kiTT will add her comments here. She just loves the party and I can’t wait to hear her thoughts.
I will say this, I love Edward’s reaction to how beautiful Bella looks in her “treasure/tesoro” costume. And the dance and kiss, well it was all so romantic.

Chapter 26 BPOV
Jasper has some influence over making Bella feel more comfortable, mirroring cannon Jasper. She’s afraid to come down to the party and he tells her what his mother always told the boys when they needed encouragement, “In life: nothing ventured -nothing gained.” Jasper is so insightful, asking her if that’s all she wants in life, just to survive or is she willing to take a chance and move forward. It was touching when Bella asked what it was about her that Edward was attracted by and he could only guess that it had something to do with her reminding him of his mother.

Wasn’t it great to see Bella finally feeling like a normal girl in love with, as she put it, “an amazing boy?” She started to react to Edward’s romantic side, the dance, and his true feelings for her. She gets lost in the moment and remembers Jasper’s talk about taking chances and she goes for it and kisses Edward. I wanted to cheer her on at that point, go Bella!

Once again Edward has to ruin all that and over react to Mike trying to help Bella. Edward’s violent attack towards Mike causes Bella to remember being treated like that by Carlisle and she of course gets frightened enough to shut Edward out. When will that boy learn to control himself and think before he reacts? Not anytime soon I’m afraid.
Isn’t it sad how Bella misunderstands Edward, always thinking SHE’s done something wrong? Like when he catches her cleaning up the blood from his fight with Mike. He gets mad that she’s cleaning it, knowing it was his fault and she shouldn’t have to clean up his mess. But she automatically thinks so little of herself that she feels responsible for his anger.

Edward’s finally had enough of not acknowledging the attraction between them.And Bella admits she hates it when he hurts innocent people and she’s the cause of it. Finally, these two are communicating! Bella is surprised to hear that she fascinates Edward, that he thinks she’s remarkable. Can you imagine what that must feel like from someone who’s been raised to feel they have no value at all?

During the party clean up I thought it was funny to see Edward’s reaction to cleaning and Bella laughing at hearing him curse as he forces himself to help. It’s clear Edward is spoiled and doesn’t know the first thing about chores, but for Bella, he’s willing to try to figure out how to help. The dishwasher disaster was laugh out loud funny. It was like an “I Love Lucy!” episode.

Can you just picture them rolling around in a mass of bubbles? They were adorable and I can see how they wound up kissing. For two people who never kissed, they both seem to enjoy it now. Love watching these two fall in love, find themselves, grow and become better people as they help each other heal.

For me, this story is always about how Edward finds in Bella “everything” he needs, wants, has to protect and does so without a thought about himself anymore. Bella brings out in Edward something good, pure and intense, that not even he knows exists within him. These chapters are the beginning of all that and I loved reading them again.
Well everyone, let the comments fly! I’ve loved reading how much you love this story, nice to be in the company of like minds.

For next week chapters 27-29


  1. Oh Lawdy! I forgot to re-read these! Let me do that and get back here. I think you two were also a little busy getting ready for that flik...what's it called...oh Yeah, "The one where The Man lookes outrageous in just about everything." yeah, that one. LOL

  2. whew! I'm really glad I had that little extra week, because I have to admit I wasn't ready last week. And with WFE weekend, it was crazy.

    This is where Edward and Bella are becoming so good together and so sweet. I just enjoy watching them both change and grow as they fall more and more in love with each other. Throw in a little adorable cursing on Edward's part and it's perfect! LOL

  3. Actually I did notice & miss the EP read along last week. No guilt because you had a Higher Calling, just letting you know someone looks forward to your weekly post.

    I loved these chapters as Edward & Bella are getting comfortable with the idea that they are actually in love with each other. Then Bella kisses Edward and Edward professes his love.

    Nearly perfect except for that moment when Edward goes psycho on Newton. That boy has a lot of growing up to do.

  4. @hisbella I totally understand how things are with you. That "man" you referred to had us ALL tied up in knots. Who could possibly see beyond "his outrageous looks?!" Not us, you saw our moment, he makes us all lose our minds.
    But I can't wait until you get out of the Jacowski hawt haze you're under and comment on our other little hottie, Miafiaward.
    @UAB, What is it about reading/watching young love as it develops? It was the same for us in Twilight, right? I think we just want those moments replayed over again,
    to revisit the raw, real, sweetest of true, first love. I'm such a sap.
    And how is it that Edward's cursing is hot and adorable? If my son were to walk around with that mouth on him, I think I'd flip out, yet on paper, for Edward, it just works!?
    @ TwitardedMom, It's nice to be missed! And thanks for understanding why we were temporarily MIA. We just couldn't focus!
    That's the story of E/B's lives, everything seems picture perfect one minute, and then they get "punched in the gut" with something, usually Edward's doing. He's such a hot head, but like his naughty mouth, we love him because it's part of what makes him lovable.

  5. ok. I totally agree with UAB and BellaT. Young Love...sigh.

    @BellaT: What to say about mafiaward...Just too friggin' HOT!
    I can picture him just being unbelievable! I wish someone would manip a pic of him with the tattoos from this story. I want to see him blowing the smoke into Bella's mouth...I'm at chap 49 now. There is sooo much I think would be awesome to have that actual visual. As for the story, I love how it's developing. I love how these two are coming together. because I'm almost 20 chapt. ahead I find myself editing what I write here. I know too much...maybe Mafiaward will come and get me. (Ohplease, ohplease,ohplease!!!)

  6. @twitartedMom- I'm really happy you look forward to our EP posts... that makes doing this read along worth it!

    It's really nice living this life through Edward and Bella's eyes. I wasn't what you would consider a 'good girl' when I was a teen but I never would have done drugs or drank the way they did at 16. Hell I'm almost 26 and still wouldn't do it... but I do have Mafiawards potty mouth though lol

    I love watching them change in the dynamic of their relationship and each grow as individuals. I don't always agree with their choices, mostly later in the story, but the two of them have a lot of growing up to do and they are learning together.

    The Halloween party was really the biggest changing point for them... Bella being assertive and kissing Edward first, then him kissing her back... I need a fan to cool off.

    The dishwasher fiasco was just like an "I Love Lucy" episode! I love that they are being 'normal' playing in the suds on the floor without a care in the world. I love those little moments where Bella can just be... where she doesn't have to think about the how's and why's she just gets to have fun with Edward.

  7. @MrsKassieCullen, you liked that "I Love Lucy visual of mine" because, like me you probably laughed out loud. There are a few more of those Lucy/Ricky moments which balance the angst, which I appreciate. Edward/Rosalie have some fun scenes in this story...
    @hisbella, I'm so happy you think HE's so hot too, makes me feel less like a perv. I have just the picture for you. I'll find it and email it along with a few more from my EP Edward stash! lol

  8. The party chapter and morning after are two of my fav chapters in all of FFland.

    the end.


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