Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Time I Saw Rob Two Days in a Row.. WFE

I've finally be able to come down off my high and was able to finally sit and concentrate on writing a post. You probably want me to just jump right in with the good stuff but this is a long one so buckle up

After I was finished checking my bag at the airport Saturday morning I ran into my flight buddies MamaCougar and 17foreverlisa in the security line. We talked about how excited we were and I was exceptionally anxious to get on the plane and get the flight over with.

When we finally arrived in New York I went to get my bag and lo and behold... it didn't arrive. Yep my bag was delayed. I was trying not to let that dampen my spirits. When tatoomicky and her sister redcarpetninja picked us up from the airport I was ready to get WFE weekend started!

The five of us pulled up to the Hilton, got our crap together and headed into the hotel. I was scouring the faces of everyone around me looking for BellaTesoro. You know that cliche in movies where two people run towards each other through a field with their arms wide open... well it wasn't exactly like that but I did run to her squealing my way through the Hilton lobby for a hug.

The first thing we did was head to lunch at Planet Hollywood. We spent a good 20 minutes with Rob's hand prints before we lined up to wait to be seated. LachkeyWife and DoubleDippin came to have lunch with us too.
A picture of the picture of Rob and his hand prints at Planet Hollywood.
His hands are so big!
Edward loved seeing Rob's hand prints

Mella with Rob's hand prints.
 Our waiter at Planet Hollywood was so freaking cute, 17foreverlisa was giving him shit and I loved it.

PS: I totally accidentally touched his thigh when I was wiping crumbs off my lap... no really it was an accident! And at least I think it was his thigh ;)

Then some inappropriateness happened with Rob's hand prints but I will let you read that tale from MamaCougar. We also spent some quality time with the prom tux and Bella's dress, once I get the pics from BellaTesoro I will do another post just for that.

We finally got settled into our room when Robzsinger called to say she was on her way! When the knock came at the door I jumped and ran to open it. Squealing commenced from me once more. Robzie made a hilarious crack about it being like a Craigslist blind date... I'm sure she's glad it went sooooo much better than that!

After shooting the shit with BellaTesoro and Robzsinger (You don't know how hard it is to go back to using bloggy names after not using them for three days straight!) we got ready to head down to the WFE party in the Hilton bar. It was kind of a clusterfuck but still awesome!

I met so many people there and I can hardly remember them so here are the ones that I could...
LwE and Edward
Mandy from Malicious Mandy's Mind
Steph from The Cold Shower
Mark aka Kinko
The Fabulous Sara Gruen
Sara signing autographs
I asked Mark and Sara to both sign Mella's back, they were both nice enough to do it and they each signed something else for me too!

Sara was so funny! She laughed when I pulled out Mella. I told her UtterlyAbsurdBella couldn't come but really wanted to be there so I brought her along in my bag. She must have thought I was either really nice or really strange. I'm going with a bit of both!

When Sara was taking pictures she would turn away and wait for the person taking the picture to count to three then she would whip her head to the side for the picture... and they always came out fabulous! She told me it's her "bend and snap" LOL! Did I mention I love her?

LwE and I wearing the same shoes!
A woman actually asked me if I was wearing Rob's shoes. I should have said "Yes these are literally Rob's shoes!" but I didn't.
BellaTesoro, Robzsinger, 17foreverlisa, LwE, DangrDafne and I sat around the Hilton bar chatting over $5 bottled water and $15 glasses of wine while we watched people in line for wrist bands.

Edward from Living with Edward (you can see his whole NYC adventure here), Robzsinger's New Moon Edward and my Eclipse Edward all had a little pow-wow while we were chatting over drinks.
We all spent a lot of time getting to know each other and trying to make plans for the premiere. I finally got a call about my bag being located, right as I was starting to have a mild panic attack for it not showing up. I perked up a bit but was feeling a little uneasy from my lunch at Planet Hollywood... BellaTesoro and I called it a night while Robzsinger, DangrDafne and LwE made their journey around the city.

While MamaCougar and TatooMicky and many others had spent the night outside braving a pretty nasty storm to get red carpet wristbands the rest of us decided to stay in.

At roughly 4:30am I woke up and just had a feeling. I don't know what that feeling was but I had it and it told me to go downstairs and look at the line. I left the room in my pajamas took a quick scan of the line and booked it upstairs to get BellaTesoro and Robzie. BellaTesoro shot up in bed when I came back in the room and I 'calmly' explained that we all needed to get our butts downstairs and get in line... we might just make the cut off *fingers crossed*.

The three of us prettied ourselves up and by that I mean threw on our coats and made quick pit stops at the bathroom before running down to get in line. I called 17foreverlisa and told her in no uncertain terms that she had to "get in line with us!" just in case we made the cut off.

We made some new friends in line and had our own personal security team...

We clearly needed a wrangler!

She flew all the way from Israel for Rob. How amazing is that?
And her shirt!! Soooo cool!
Did you all know that I love professional wrestling? No you say? Well I do. What's the point you may ask? This is a post about WFE and Rob. 
Well we just so happened to be standing by two fabulously awesome girls Lauren and Jen in line and we bonded over Rob. When the sun came up I noticed Jen was wearing gloves that were black and green and had a tiny little logo that I recognized immediately as WWE. I freaked and totally fell in love! We talked at length about wrestling and how Jen went to Wrestlemania this year (I was sooo jealous, still am actually), they became our new BFF's!
Left to right
Lauren (bottom a little cut off), Jen, Me, BellaTesoro, Robzsinger, 17foreverlisa
Once I get a better one I'll replace this one, I just don't have any right now.

The 6 of us sat/stood in line until 9 am when they started handing out wrist bands. As the women (and some men) who braved the elements were walking past us with their wrist bands we congratulated them and were really happy they were getting the opportunity.

I think all the positive vibes we were putting out sealed the deal. A man that I assume was with Fox asked us how long we had been standing in line. After we told him, he just had this look on his face that said "I'm gonna make this happen".

THEY EXTENDED THE CUT OFF FROM 200 TO 250!!!!!!!!!! And the video you saw was us totally spazzing out because we made it and got wrist bands.

17foreverlisa and I getting our wristbands.
Do you see who else is in that pic?
Mini E couldn't miss the fun!
Put on before my shower!

Took BellaTesoro's candy bag and covered my wrist band for my shower.
The happiest moment was when I got my wrist band, but it got even better! When I walked into the hotel lobby my bag had finally made it!

Since we had time to kill before we had to be back for the red carpet we walked to Central Park.

Mella at Central Park

Mella by a rock in Central Park.

I know you're probably thinking "Get on with it already!" So here we go...

Took them until only a few hours before the premiere to finally replace the Arthur banner with a WFE one.
Josh taking our picture.
We kept yelling... "Josh" "Hi Josh" until he finally turned and waved. I took a picture of him taking our picutre.

Josh interviewing Francis Laurence
Hal Holbrook

Who do we have here? The original Mr. Pattinson! Hi Dick!
My oh my... finally THE PRECIOUS
Dean kept getting in my way..
but he was great help for me to find Rob when he got lost through the crowd of people.
His hair looks amazing doesn't it?
This was the last picture I got from my camera before it died, it came back to life when Rob was across the street.
Apparently the camera takes after me :)
From my phone

The girls behind me wanted Reese to wave so bad and she did!
What was she talking about with Josh?? No consolation prize here!
Josh interviewing Cristoph Waltz
Rob getting a man hug!
Zoom is a beautiful thing!
Fox interviewing Rob and Reese

The wrist bands were kind of a joke. People jumped the barricade without wristbands and no one stopped them. An autograph hound shoved me when Rob came by. I was so pissed I wanted to cry. He not only shoved me but he came back and did it to me again when Reese came by. I was really disappointed that security wasn't around protecting the people with the wristbands from line jumpers, because it was clearly needed.

After the red carpet was done Robzsinger, BellaTesoro and I headed out for dinner. We sat and talked about Rob of course and blathered on and on about how great he is, his relationship with Kristen, and his future as an actor. When we made it back to the hotel we crashed so we could be up early to get in line for the today show.

BellaTesoro made a poster at home to bring to the Today show but had forgotten it at the hotel so she bought poster board to make one when we were in line. But after thinking about it she decided to return to the hotel to get it, and it was a good thing she did because Rob signed her poster!

Side 1 of the poster we made on the street.

Side 2

The poster he signed!

This is where Rob and Matt Lauer sat. The chair on the left had the pleasure of holding up Rob's ass lol.
See that?? There is no Water For Elephants banner! That was superimposed during the interview and blocked my freaking face, damn!

Mella at the Today show

And here he is again. Two days in a row!

He was so sweet to everyone!

Hello side profile!

He is always so surprised people want to meet him. That's one thing I love about him!
I took a video of Rob signing autographs, that will be for another day :)

We had to get back to our hotel to pack for check out after the Today show. We still managed to fit in a trip to see wax Rob at Madame Tussauds before Robzie had to catch her flight. We paid, got on the elevator and as we were walking out I asked the tour person.. "Where's Rob?" She looked at me like I was crazy and asked "Who?" I exasperatedly said "Robert Pattinson!" While Robzie calmly asked where he is placed on the floor (she's so much nicer and more calm than I am lol). The woman directed us straight ahead.

The three of us walk straight ahead... look around... look some more... we're stumped. 

We head towards the next room just in case he isn't on that floor. We stop and ask another guy, he walks back onto the "actor" floor comes back and says "I don't see him, let me call on my radio."

We wait... and wait... and wait but Robzie needs to get to her flight. He finally says... "They've taken him off the floor for maintenance." *crickets* COME AGAIN??? YOU TAKE ROB OFF THE FLOOR ON THE WEEKEND HE IS IN TOWN FOR HIS MOVIE PREMIERE??? WTF!?! 

Then it was just a drive-by of pictures as we hustled our way through the museum so Robzie wouldn't be late for her flight home.

Regis and Kelly just had to have me on. I said no a few times but eventually caved.

My boys Matt and Al! We had a great time laughing about the weather and how cool Rob is.

BellaTesoro and I in a cab with our shades on!

Me and 17foreverlisa in Times Square...
ask her about the time she spanked Naked Cowboy and got a kiss and leg hitched by him.

My next post will be the time I met one of the girls from Teen Mom 2 at the Hilton
Leah from Teen Mom 2 and Me

There was so much I didn't even get a chance to write about but don't worry BellaTesoro, Robzsinger, DangrDafne, MamaCougar, 17foreverlisa, LwE and many others will fill you in.

UPDATE: Fran and I were interviewed while waiting for Rob before he came to do autographs on the today show and Fran made it in this video.


  1. Wow, it was like I was there... oh wait I was!! :)

    What a great time. It was awesome to finally meet you and I am do glad we got to hang out together. I am stealing your Hal Holbrook picture by the way as I missed him and he is a life long favorite of mine.

    I am also glad I got to meet Mella :)

    Great recap! Thanks for sharing your adventure with us.

  2. This is so cool. It sounds like you ladies had a great time. Lucky BellaTesoro to have her poster signed! I watched a video of Rob signing at the premiere and it sounds like a lot of people were getting pushed around. It's too bad security didn't do a better job. See you Friday Miss Thing!!!

  3. That was awesome! Great post! Thank you so much for bringing Mella along! It is really crazy, but it made me feel so much better about not going (although I did my share of pouting and crying this past weekend!) I can't wait to see you on Friday to hear all the details in more detail!!!!! LOL

    Kassie, you are the best bloggy BFF a girl could ever have!!!!
    Love ya bb!!!! xoxoxoxoxox

  4. Loved reading all of this! So glad that mysterious force was with you early Sunday morning that got you guys up and in line!

  5. @DD it was so great meeting you too! I wish we had longer together. And go ahead and steal away :)

    @hb- Can't wait to see you Friday!

    @UAB- girlie you're gonna make me cry :*( Love ya back!

    @TT- That same mysterious force told me not to check my bag but I did and it got lost... looks like I need to stick with my gut! PS: I have decided I know who you are... Michelle Obama! Now don't break my heart and tell me thats not you mkay??? LOL

  6. Remember how I said the tears would appear once I came off cloud nine? Well the cloud has burst!
    You did an awesome job giving the highlights of our Robland weekend. You got it all pretty girl.
    Now I've got it down in print to look back on and relive the fun, excitement, and people.
    You were the best person to be with because your refreshing attitude just made free to let everything happen.
    I'm glad you told about "my crazy" when I walked back, alone, along the dark streets to get that poster that may or may not have been in the hotel. Just like your bags, they were their.
    I'll never forget how you and Robzie added so much spice to this experience.
    And let's not forget your the only other person in my life I've shared a bed with! Was it as good for you as it was for me?
    Seriously, it was like we've known each other forever.
    I think the three of our combined energies got us those bands, and front and center to every Rob moment. Miss it all, miss you all.
    Thanks for doing the "kassie" review, it was the best!

  7. Kassie- Awesome re-cap. Totally felt like I was there with you. LOVED IT!

    So excited you had such an awesome experience! He is truly AHHHAZING!

    xo J

  8. PS this post makes me miss Lisa even more. Gah! Can't wait to see you in San Diego Lisa!

  9. *sigh* It's almost like I got to be there, too. You all seem so excited and overjoyed at everything. Just aweome!!! Maybe Cosmopolis will have me at the premiere... but I won't hold my breath. LOL ;)

    Thank you so much for sharing your trip and allowing me to live through you.

  10. @BellaTesoro- Thanks for letting me share your bed. I feel honored I'm only the second person you've *cough* slept with lol. I knew it was going to hit us hard to say goodbye but I wouldn't trade the tears for anything. I couldn't have asked for any better people to spend the weekend with (clearly taking Rob out of the equation lol).

    You and I need to get our show started ;)

    @TwiredJen- It was an amazing experience, just being in New York was great then to add meeting so many people I talk to online, meeting Sara Gruen and then Rob just made the weekend perfect! It's hard not to miss Lisa.

    @rpfangirljr- I'm more than happy to share! I wish everyone could have come... it would have been crazy awesome! Let's make a tentative plan for Cosmopolis, okay? ;)

  11. great post, girl. so many little things i forgot about, you mentioned.

    miss ya already! xo

  12. Fantastic post! I feel like I was there. You did a great job summing up all the awesomeness :-)

  13. I want to go back and do it all over again. Let's keep our fingers crossed something works out for Cosmopolis!

    Kassie, I adore you.




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