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EP Read Along Week 6 Chapters 15-18

So ladies welcome back, we're now onto week 6. How did we all survive? I only needed about half a box of tissues this time around. Before we get to the heavy, let's start with...

Chapter 15
Bella gets sick.
Edward brings Jessica over, has sex with her in his room which Bella overhears and passes out.
Then Edward admits his feelings to her, okay okay so he said it in Italian and she didn't understand but in chapter 16 we find out what he said and now Jasper and Alice know.
Bella admits that it might be nice having a real friend, in Alice, for the first time but is unsure if it's a true friendship or not. What do you think?

Chapter 16
This chapter is basically Edward making some bad decisions.
#1 inviting Jessica over
#2 leaving and getting trashed

We also get a little bit more about Edward's mom; directly from Edward himself. To Bella it is small but more than she knew before. It's like pulling teeth when it comes to the Cullen men talking about their mother.
What do you think of Bella quoting Schweitzer?
We also got to know more about her home life. What did you think of that?

Chapter 17
One thing that I got from this chapter, besides a heart attack the first time I read it, was that for Bella the subject of their mother is not just a memory they avoid but is a subject to fear and run away from.. well when it comes to Carlisle anyway.

What do you think of Carlisle's "punishment"?
My first time through it I felt it. I was literally shaking and crying on the verge of a panic attack, it is probably the biggest reaction I have ever had to a story before. Did you make it through?

Chapter 18
Well Bella endured it and was brought back to a place in her mind that she had started to escape from, being a slave.
What do you think of Edwards visit?
What did you think of him taking care of her afterwards?
What are the ramifications of the "punishment" on Bella? On Edward?

Let loose in the comments

We are going to try for reading 4 chapter this week, since so many of you are reading ahead anyway so for next week - Chapter 19-22. :)


  1. Blogger at it again! UGH!

    Chap 15 - Our girl is having a rough enough day not feeling good and then Edward brings one of the skank triplets home. How much is she supposed to deal with? She's trying to figure out all these feelings she has for him and she has to listen to him having sex with Jessica? It's sad that she immediately associates the sounds of them to her Mom and Charles. She's dehydrated and now dealing with those memories. Yeah, I'd pass out too. Our Mafiaward can't handle what he feels seeing her lying there and freaks. What does he do? Goes out and gets plastered. Oh Edward! I forgot about Alice. I think she truly wants to be friends with Bella. I don't think Bella believes she's worthy and feels she has to be because Carlisle told her Alice is like a daughter to him. I think Alice will come in to play later though and she'll be thankful. This kind of incompasses 16 too.
    Chap 17: I read this for the third time (to refresh. Wrong thing to do!)and was just as horrified. What he did to her was just evil. Pure Evil. I KNOW that there are days in people's lives that are full of sadness, sometimes dibilitating sadness. I think Carlisle did it because HE could finally control that day. He could hurt someone the way he was hurt those years ago. He was Carlisle "The Leech" Cullen in his most terrifying state. I'd hate to meet him on a cold day in hell.
    Chap 18: I'm glad it was Carlisle to free her and not the boys. She says it looked as if he wanted to say something to her before he walked out, but she will never look at this man the same way again. IMO, he just put himself in the same category as Charles. He may not have beaten her or kicked her or raped her, but the emotional trauma he caused is just as bad. It's sad that she was feeling freer and now she's back to square one. Sweet loving Edward finding her in that horrible state and then taking care of her after his father leaves...shades of little edward perhaps? Instead of swearing and yelling , he was patient and kind. Ofcourse, she's in that mind set that she did something and doesn't deserve the kindness or the relief of her pain. She's below him.
    Fav quote: Edward, Chap 15 "And then I knew it. I'd put up walls and avoided feelings, didn't give a shit about anyone but myself and my family by default, and this girl comes waltzing into my life and in one fucking month wipes all that away."

    Schweitzer: Bella is a smart cookie. She picks up things easily and probably heard the quote at Charles and it resonated with her life. He's on to her though. He's not sure how to handle it. I like how Edward pulls his own Schweitzer quote out. Little does he know...

    Take that Blogger!!!!

  2. @hisbella Yeah I think you're right about Bella in Chapter 15, she's lonely, and is starting to feel like she'd like Alice for a friend but she's afraid she's not her equal.

    I think that Edward ran out and got plastered because he realized he not only cares about this girl but that he LOVES her and he knows that given his dangerous life style, he'd be putting her in danger by admitting that. He feels badly that she made him feel all this without even her trying:
    ,"...she finds a way under my skin and into my fucking heart, ...does it all without even trying, without even wanting to...I haven't allowed myself to love anyone since I lost my mother...the pain of losing someone wasn't worth one gets to me...but she got in."
    He doesn't know how the organization would look at the fact that he's a "Mafioso prince falling for a slave." His plan is to pretend, hide his true feelings in order to keep her safe. He puts it as only Edward can, "I could put on a fucking show if I had to, if her life depended on it. And it probably did. I couldn't get her killed or sent away because of my hormonal irrational self couldn't control my impulses."
    Say what you will about Edward, his first and last thoughts are always about keeping Bella safe even at his own sacrifice. Also it's important to mention how much he worries about how his father would look. He doesn't want to cause problems for him with "the boss" and he is afraid of his father on some level. And rightly so.

    Didn't you like Bella checking out Edward's tatts? Edward explains what they say/represent. I love the one in Italian "time heals all wounds" and that all three of the boys have the same one in remembrance of their mother.
    The other tatt to take notice of is the one on his wrist "Fiducia Nessuno-trust no one" He figured she'd be able to relate to that one. Also that tatt comes up once again later in a meaningful way.
    @Kassie, I felt everything you did. Here is what I think of Edward's visit and ramifications:
    What happens to Bella in 17 is made even worse because just before that she's so kind and sweet to the boys, making them smiley faced pancakes in hopes of cheering them up.
    What Carlisle does to Bella is more than just a crazy assed mafioso made man dealing with a slave. This is directly related to a part of him that wants to make someone pay for "you know what" and his aim hits it's intended mark. Was it right? No. Did he plan it? As Edward believes, probably. He's lived with his father and knows what he's capable of on this of all days. He warns Bella to stay clear of him as he knows he can get out of control.

    Now you all know how much I love Edward, and I will defend his every action BUT. The FIRST time I read chapter 18, when Bella wakes up and feels Edward's presence in the room with her, I wanted to shout, "Get her out of there! Take those bindings off her." He obviously stayed and watched over her for awhile. I had a hard time with him not getting her freed at least for awhile. But as I read on, I understood that Carlisle told the boys NOT to go near her or help her. I still have a hard time with that one. Yeah Edward isn't perfect but look at how he got this way.
    I'm still upset over these two chapters, cry every time I read them and makes me sad just thinking about that sweet girl, so terrified she even peed her pants.

  3. I love how they are both starting to recognize what their feelings are in chapters 15 & 16. I hate what Carlisle did in chapter 17. I understand why he did it because I read ahead. That kind of punishment is still very, very wrong regardless of his reasons. Edward taking care of Bella in Chapter 18 was so precious. I love this story.

  4. Um, what chapters are we reading for next week????

  5. TM? How far ahead are you that you know the reasons why he did that? Jeez, now I've gotta put my nook down and go back and read more EP! I feel like I'm way ahead and losing the previous chapters.

    BellaT: Yes. Yes. Yes.

  6. As I've said before I'm not rereading at the moment but given so many of you are, I'm totally back there in EP land!

    I've been waiting to hear your thoughts on Ch17 with the punishment. I literally sobbed, gasped, freaked the fuck out when I was reading, the strongest reaction I've ever had to reading something I think.

    I LOVED Edward taking care of her afterwards. He can be an insensitve prick sometimes, but then it's like a switch flicks and he's back there being so sweet again.

    Aaah. Can't wait to read more of your comments.

  7. @hisbella- I think Carlisle did what he did in ch 17 bc like you said it was something he could control. He can't seem to control his emotional outbursts, according to Edward.. and he couldn't control what happened or take back that day. I still think, like most, that C's an a-hole for it no matter his justification.

    @BellaTesoro- I still get upset that Edward didn't help her too... I understand why he didn't, it would have been worse for the both of them if he did. I was just talking with Marie last night about the chapter and we both said the same thing... WHY DID BELLA PICK UP THE GUN??? We're both outraged she did it. I said I would have hightailed it out of the room and called Carlisle. I would rather 'bug' him while he's busy working (read: sulking) and ask him to move it... or I'd just work around it like it wasn't even there. I also made a joke that she was the one with the weapon in that situation, she should have used it... but I'd hate to think what would have happened if she would have pointed it at him. She would have died for sure. Me, I would have gone down fighting for sure... although I don't think Carlisle would take to kindly to being pistol whipped.

    @TwitartedMom- We were thinking about doing chapters 19-22 if everyone is okay doing four again next week.

    @TwiKiwi50- I literally "freaked the fuck out" the first time I read chapter 17... and I think those were my exact words to Marie when I was telling her to prepare for that chapter. It's the strongest reaction I have had to any fic.. it's still hard to get through a second time.

  8. Let me get to the happy stuff first. Edward literally makes me swoon in Chapter 16 when he is realizing that he is in love with Bella. I just love hearing his thoughts as he is going through this phase in his life where he is growing so much emotionally.

    Then of course there is chapter 17.
    As Kassie mentioned above, we were both saying last night "What was Bella thinking????" I would have backed the fuck off of that shit and never touched that gun. Seriously. And Carlisle's cruelty towards Bella is unbelievable! I mean who comes up with shit like that? An experienced mob boss, I guess. It is a testament to that girl's inner strength that she made it through that night without completely losing it.
    @HB - I never really thought about it that way until you said it but yes, Carlisle really has lumped himself into the same category as that piece of shit Charles.

    I think that Edward taking care of Bella was such a turning point for their relationship. He stays home to take care of her. He invites her into his room and his bed - and she just seems so comfortable snuggling up to Edward's pillow. All the first aid he administered was just done so lovingly and sweetly. I just love this Edward so much!

    I can totally handle Chapters 19-22 for next week! :)

  9. i love how the Edward and Bella connection develops.

    Jessica for godssake put some clothes on. bad, bad Edward.

    punishment: I realize this is a 'kiTT you are way too invested in this story that IS just a story comment' but I hate that Edward didn't stay home to shield Bella. If he knew enough to tell Bella to stay out of Carlisle's way and he already felt something for her why couldn't he have just stayed home and taken the brunt of his father's anger????

    And then when Edward wasn't willing to defy his father to help Bella I was dumbfounded and worried about Edward's acceptance of this kind of abuse.


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