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EP Read Along Week 10 - Chapters 27-29

Hi everyone!
Hope you've had a great week and have been able to stay caught up on your EP reading.  It's hard with RL getting in the way and all that.  I'm actually going back and forth between rereading EP and reading The Office for the first time.  I'm also waiting (very impatiently, I might add) for my copy of "Gabriel's Inferno" to arrive, which will get added to my rereading list with EP.  So is the life of a FF addict! LOL  Luckily, I am in the right place, and among those who understand.  So, on to this week's EP Chapters.

Chapter 27 - EPOV
(This is a loooong chapter! LOL)

At the beginning of the chapter, when Bella finished cleaning up the kitchen, Edward looks behind him to see if she is following him up the stairs.  When he sees that she is, she takes her hand.  All I can say is.....awwwwwwww!   I doubt Edward has ever been a hand holder before, so this is new to him.  And so very sweet.  Makes me swoon.

I just love Edward and Bella taking things slow, getting to know each other.  Spending time in their little bubble that is Edward's room.  Bella is so overwhelmed with emotion that it brings her to tears.  They both are struggling with whether they should say those magic words out loud but it's obvious that they are both feeling it.  Edward tries to talk to Bella about sex and is clearly embarrassed, but it's a conversation that they need to have because of Bella's past experiences.  I admire Edward's ability to hold back and take things slow with Bella.  He must really be in love. :)

In this chapter, Bella asks Edward what happened with Jacob, so we get a little bit more detail about that situation.  Were you surprised that Edward and Jacob had once been friends before all this stuff happened?

At school Edward threatens to expose Tanya's extracurricular activities if it gets around that he kissed Bella.  Do you think Edward will follow through?  It's mafiaward, right?  Stupid question. LOL

Edward comes home from school and the whole mafia is there.  My first thought was how was Bella handling having all these strange men in the house.  When Carlisle tells Edward he wants to see him in his office now, I'm thinking that they are totally busted.

Chapter 28 - BPOV

Bella is cleaning when Carlisle comes home unexpectedly and brings several men with him.  Bella wants to run up to her room and lock herself in - which is what I would want to do in her situation too.  Carlisle seems more cold toward her than usual and is acting different in front of his "colleagues".

When Aro is introduced to Bella, his reaction is "It's nice finally see her after all this time".  What do you think he means by that? It definitely seems like they know more about Isabella than she thinks they do.

Were you surprised that James snuck up on Bella and started touching her inappropriately?  James has to be an asshole, right?  I was happy that Carlisle came to her rescue.  Doesn't make up for the punishment incident in my book, but still I was glad he was there for her.

It's so convenient that Carlisle gives Edward a key to Bella's room and asks him to basically babysit her.  Do you think Carlisle suspects anything between Edward and Bella at this time?  I  don't's possible.  Jasper was able to see it....but Jasper is more observant than Carlisle.

Chapter 29 -  EPOV

Chapter 29 is basically the same as Chapter 28 except from EPOV.  There is his conversation with Carlisle in his office where Edward is freaking out because he is sure that his dad knows.  To his relief, that was not the case.  Their conversation does take an unexpected turn when Edward says that he thinks his dad was messing around with the last slave and that an intimate relationship between a  master and slave was possible but not probable.  Kinda gave Edward some insight into what his father's reaction might be if/when he finds out him and Bella.  Edward was doing pretty good keep up his facade, until he called her Bella.  He did recover but do you think he may have raised Carlisle's suspicions?

At dinner Aro asks Edward what he is planning to do when he turns 18.  Of course he wants Edwards to join and take the oath and all that.  At the beginning of the story, it seems like Edward just kind of accepted that that was the direction his life was taking him.  Now that Bella has entered his life, do you think he could change his mind?

My favorite part of Chapter 29 has to be when Edward sends Bella the text saying I Miss You and to his surprise, she sends him a text saying U2 Sempre.    His exclamation of "Fuck Me" in class made me LOL!

Sorry, I feel like I kinda rushed to post.  I tried to highlight important events.  Please feel free to add any other events that you thought were important that I might have missed.

Each time I post, I try to add another little element to my post, like the Graveyards book last time.
With this post, I've added a little musical element to it.
A few months ago, Fran sent me a set of 5 cd's with Khar's entire EP Playlist.  A few songs really stood out as favorites with me.  One of those songs is "Beautiful Disaster" by Kelly Clarkson.
The lyrics are so fitting for our Mafiaward (and Fifty if you think about it!!!!)
I was going to just post a video with the lyrics only, but I thought you girls deserved a little RobCandy!
I did post the lyrics below though so you can read them.

Beautiful Disaster lyrics
Songwriters: Johnson, Rebecca; Wilder, Matthew;

He drowns in his dreams, an exquisite extreme I know
He's as damned as he seems and more Heaven than a heart could hold
And if I try to save him my whole world could cave in
It just ain't right, Lord, it just ain't right

Oh, and I don't know, I don't know what he's after
But he's so beautiful, he's such a beautiful disaster
And if I could hold on through the tears and the laughter
Lord, would it be beautiful or just a beautiful disaster?

He's magic and myth, as strong as what I believe
And a tragedy with more damage than a soul should see
But do I try to change him? So hard not to blame him
Hold me tight, baby, hold me tight

Oh, and I don't know, I don't know what he's after
But he's so beautiful, he's such a beautiful disaster
And if I could hold on through the tears and the laughter
Would it be beautiful or just a beautiful disaster?

I'm longing for love and the logical but he's only happy hysterical
I'm searching for some kind of miracle, waiting so long, I've waited so long
He's soft to the touch but frayed at the ends he breaks
He's never enough and still he's more than I can take

Oh, and I don't know, I don't know what he's after
But he's so beautiful, he's such a beautiful disaster
And if I could hold on through the tears and the laughter
Would it be beautiful or just a beautiful disaster?

He's beautiful, Lord, he's so beautiful
He's beautiful

Okay, Tesoros - Let the commenting begin! :)
For next week we are reading
Chapters 30-32


  1. First of all, Beautiful Disaster is one of my all time favorite songs. I especially love the acoustic version. Amazing.
    Secondly, I tried to do the read along with you. I really did. But then something happened and all of the sudden I found myself...done with the entire story. I finished at the beginning of the week.

    No spoilers, all I will say is it is my favorite fanfic of all time. I'm still sad because it's over and have no plans to move on to another ff any time in the super near future because I'm not ready to move on to a different Bella and Edward just yet. I am definitely going to re-read this in the future.

    I hope you all end up loving it as much as I do!!!

  2. @Jaymes805, congratulations and welcome to "The EP Owns Me Club" No need to apologize for not being able to control yourself, I don't recommend anyone hold back. Besides, I think most of us have already read the entire thing once and it adds to the insight when you need to understand the character's motives...
    If you need something to soothe you, help ease you out of your EP addiction, email me as I have the equivilate of a nicotine patch to get you through. Lots of ff recs....
    @UAB, I love that you included Beautiful Disaster at this point in the story. Really it will continue to fit as we move on...
    I don't think Carlisle suspected up to this point. But like Edward knows, he can't hide anything from his father, he knew all his "tells". I think it's from this point forward that he picks up on things. Remember the cameras are on now.

    For me the central idea in these chapters are the acknowledgement from both E/B that things will never be the same for them again and that what they feel for each other is deeper than they realized was possible. "All I knew was that she stole my f**king heart and there was no way to just simply go back....No, she wasn't my girlfriend. She was my life."

    @Robzsinger, you know I love me my Italian, and here Edward explains to Bella about "Colpo di fulmine and cantante" Cantante means you call out to me like a singer, and the other is when you're drawn to someone like a thunderbolt. Yeah, Edward has been hit hard.
    Edward isn't as shallow as he believes himself to be. Deep insights such as when he explains to Bella that he will not push her into anything..."We'll learn together..Just tell me what you want from me and we'll figure the shit out. Don't be shy, it's just us. Don't be afraid..." And that breaks Bella enough for her to admit some adorable things about her feelings and shows she's as in touch with her feelings as he is. Especially when she admits: "You give me hope and that's scary. I gave up hoping for anything a long time ago....You make me happy. It's like the happiness is sucked from the world when you're gone." This makes Edward happy too, that he is able to get her to feel safe with him.
    Here's my favorite Bella moment as she tries to explain what Edward's kisses make her feel: "You have such soft lips, they're surprisingly sweet for saying such naughty things." This made both me and Edward laugh. His reply was equally as sweet, as Bella tells him he reminds her of warm, sweet, happiness that smells like sunshine: "Thanks, that was probably the nicest and deepest thing anyone had ever f**king said to me. I'd been complimented my entire life over shit, most of it fickle, but she just topped it telling me I smelled like sunshine..."
    There's a serious part between Aro and Carlise that is a bit of foreshadowing, Bella hears them when Aro asks Carlisle "I'm curious,..Tell me, was she worth it?" and Carlisle says..."Absolutely not. Of course she wasn't worth it." But then he goes on to say she's an obedient worker. Poor Bella having to hear that and not know what to make of it all.
    All I have to say about James is that he's the ass that Edward/Carlisle believe him to be.

    It was interesting to hear Edward's thoughts about his father and how scary he can be. He thinks he's got a twisted mind, and how he's called the leech because his favorite method of murder was draining them dry of blood...(vampire's anyone?) This goes to show why Edward feels the need to protect Bella from him.

  3. continued...(can't stop myself...)

    How about when Carlisle warns Edward about not doing coke, and Edward simply says I don't do coke any more and he knows his son isn't a people person, but he gives him the job to watch Bella because of all his son's he's the one that would have the balls to shoot someone if need be. How cool was Edward when his father offered him a gun, and Edward said, no need I already have one in my car and Carlisle replied, "Do you, now? And how long has the aforementioned gun been in your car?" and Mr. Cocky replies, " How long has the aforementioned car been mine?"

    And finally, we get to see Edward in all his purity, yeah I said purity, he's so honest, natural, and open about his sexuality, this helps with being able to awaken sweet Bella of all her past issues...he makes it all seem so right and beautiful... "I loved this girl and if meant going without...and my balls turning so blue, my dick shriveling from lack of use...I was going to get carpel tunnel and f**k up my wrist if I kept wacking off as much as I have been...I'd have to be slow and gentle and not think with my dick..I knew I wasn't that great of a human being...but I'm whipped..she didn't label me and I wouldn't her...I knew if my mother were here she would be proud of me..." Finally Edward feels like a "good person" as he takes his mother's wisdom about taking care of those that can't do it themselves to heart and puts it into action. He's thinking of what his father said too, that it would take a woman with a big heart to be able to see past the labels, he's found her in Bella...

  4. ok, so really...just ditto on BellaT's post. Lord woman. You are awesome! All that reviewing I did just to comment!
    I just needed to confer with you. lol

    I'm busy reviewing and making sure I have interesting things to say for next weeks EP read along.
    See you then.

  5. Sorry I've been MIA. I haven't forgotten about you girls! I got sucked into a -insert adjective here, real or regular didn't fit - bookclub and had to read 3 of the most depressing books I've ever read in my life, and not one bit of lemon in any of them. Hmph! Anyway, I'm thinking of ditching that bookclub so I can get back to EP.

    @Kassie - so sorry to read about your grandfather :( Take care.


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