Monday, May 2, 2011

The TJA Girls Meet Peter Facinelli! -updated

Yesterday was a big day for me and Marie. We were patiently waiting to post our MotU tribute and impatiently waiting to see Peter Facinelli!

When I got to Marie's house at quarter to 7 she practically sprinted out the door, we jumped in her car and set off on our trip. We spent the hour drive to the mall talking about... well anything and everything. We were squeeing over seeing Peter and couldn't wait to get there and line up.

We parked by Macy's at about 8 and headed inside. There were barricades along the hallway wall so we hurried into the main part of the mall where the stage was set up and what do we see when we get in there... a line! *GASP* A whole 5 people waiting!!

Yep Marie and I were numbers 6 and 7!

The girls that lined up after us drove all the way from St. Louis to come see Peter. We had a lot of fun making friends with the girls in line. The girls shared their stories about the conventions and times they have met other Twilight actors. We shared our Oprah story and pimped out the blog.

After sitting around for a bit they moved us to the barricades we saw against the wall on our way in so we could pay for our pictures and autographs. 

The Hot Topic girls came out and put all of their Twilight merchandise out, ON SALE, to tempt us to buy shirts and nicknack's.
Kassie - I had to add the was too funny!
I said it was like waving candy in front of a bunch of Twilight babies!
Once we paid we sat around for a quite a while. Then we were subjected to a torturous 'fashion show' that was put on by a local modeling/acting agency for kids. The woman running it was, for lack of a better word, a bitch. She was being very condescending to the 'models' at one point saying "Was I speaking English? Because I'm pretty sure I was."
Yeah... bitch!

When the 'show' was finally over I noticed security beefing up around one doorway. Clearly Peter was behind that door! 
At this point I'm so anxious and nervous I'm picking myself apart, bitching about my choice in jeans and reminding myself to suck in when I take my picture. I'm sure Marie wanted to knock me out lol.

The VIP people got lined up and were taken in that door. At first I thought "Oh no! It's just like when the people are being led in to see the Volturi!" But wouldn't you know it... they all came back out the door with smiles on their faces.

It was another few more minutes before the DJ announced Peter. He came strutting out of the door and I started frantically taking pics with my camera and phone. 

squeeeeeee Peter!!!!!!

Hi Peter! *waves wildly*

Just couldn't resist!

 He also talked about the reason he was there, Alex's Lemonade Stand. 

Then bam they were taking us up!

Marie went before me. They had her walk across the stage to put her things down. One of the girls that had been in front of us in line was getting her picture taken with Peter, so Marie gives me the international sign for "Oh. My. GOD!"
You know the sign.. hands out at your sides and jaw practically on the floor while keeping a smile on your face. Yep that one! Since I was on the opposite side of the stage I gave her the look back. When I do it, Peter turned and started to head back to the table I was standing by. I tried to get my I'm-freaking-the-fuck-out face back to normal but it was too late and he saw me going all fangirl lol.

Then it was a blur of... "This is soooo not happening!" 

I hand some guy my ticket thingy and sticky note with my name on it for my personalized autograph *squee* then this conversations ensues.

Peter: Hi how are you?
Me: Hi, I'm good. Just a little nervous. Hehehe (trying not to sound like an idiot but epically failing)
Peter: Oh... I don't bite. *panty dropping smile*
Me: *crickets*

Peter put his arm around my shoulder, it felt sooooo good there... I never wanted him to move it. His arm was heavy across my shoulders, he's just leaning on me like "We're cool."
I made sure my whole forearm was touching Peter's leather jacket with my hand splayed out on his back.. oh damn it was ah-mazing. 
I totally sniffed him too. He smelled gooooooooooood! 

The whole time I'm trying to do my best I'm-actually-relatively-normal smile. Then it's over I say "Thank you!" he says "You're welcome." 
With a goofy grin on my face and shaking legs that carry me (without falling) to the floor, I wait for my picture with autograph.

Look.. we're both wearing distressed jeans.
Oh and if you click to enlarge.. that is a cell phone in his pocket!
Just don't ask why I was looking there or do ;)
Marie and I hug and squee and tell each other exactly what he said, showed each other our pictures, then discuss how wonderful he smelled. 

Oh good lord look at how far open his shirt is unbuttoned!
We realized we were starving since we skipped breakfast and run to the food court.

We had lunch, squee'd some more and tweeted our pics! This tweet made me smile like an idiot for the rest of the day.

Thanks Mary! That was definitely a confidence booster!!!
Maire and I headed back to the car and just like that our epic adventure was over.

I just want to say though.. all joking, fangirling, and squeeing aside. We are really grateful Peter is so sweet and accessible. That he travels around meeting his fans while working to support a really worthwhile charity, Alex's Lemonade Stand


This girl pretended to bite his wrist for her picture lol.
from Marie
I hope Kassie doesn't mind if I add some pics =o)
Here's my full pic.....finally got a chance to scan it.
Should have left my ass cropped out! LOL

I also took a short little vid of Peter talking about how Alex's Lemonade Stand got started.

And a few more pics of me and my bloggy BFF!
This is a before pic
This is right after......we are literally shaking!!!!! 


  1. FREAKING SQUEE! haha! love it, so glad we all got to bask in the light of Peter this weekend!!!

  2. God-freaking-dam it! I hate my life right now! I should have told you guys to just pick me up! {goes off to sulk and cry}

    I am soooooo jealous of you two right now! You both looked hott under his arm!
    @Kassie: MamaC is right - your tatas looked fab! LOL

  3. Of course I have first hand experience with your reactions to hot men, so I know exactly how your were feeling. I could feel the vibrations here on the east coast!
    Loved your "blow by blow" of how his heavy hand rested on your shoulder and how he've been reading way to much ff! (OK so how did he smell?! Spill!)
    Seriously, what a thrill for you both. I'm excited for you. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. I'm just so happy the TJA gals got all up close and personal with Peter and his chest hair!!!

    Both of you took fabulous pictures and I was so excited for you both when we were tweeting yesterday.

    Did you guys see my tweet to him today? Told him Rob was wearing a short black leather jacket in Spain and asked if it was okay he was stealing Peter's look. :)

  5. @Cat- I'm still completely dumbfounded that it happened. I wish I would have said something about the Root Beer you gave him. Damn it I was just too freaked out to think! BTW Root Beer is my fav thing to drink LOL

    @hb- we really wish you would have come with us :(
    and I was being extra pervy and everything *stomps foot*!

    @BellaTesoro- I have been reading too much fanfic lol. He smelled, no joke like sunshine, clean laundry and super sexy hot man! I will never forget how it felt to have his arm around me... apparently I'm now turning into a super stalker.

    @TT- I did see your tweet to Peter. You know I was thisclose to buying a cropped leather jacket just for seeing Peter but the store only had it in a medium. I should have just bought the damn thing anyway! But then we would have looked matchy matchy and that could have ended up looking stupid or like the best picture ever!

    So ladies did we make a good couple or what? LMAO

  6. I only wish you guys didn't get flat-haired petie though. He's let it grow out in the past 2 months.

  7. TT- his hair was much longer than it has been... but in person it was sticking up all over the place. The farther away you are the flatter his hair looks but when you're right up there it's a gorgeous mess :)

  8. I'm glad you put those up M! The one I have of us by the sign was waaaay dark so I didn't use it. I'm going to go watch the video you took... over and over and over and over.. okay I'm going now lol

  9. oh, kassie. it's all about the bewbies, girl.

    @marie - so glad you went. the smile on your face is worth a lot!

    @hisbella why you no go? :(
    you can sit next to kassie at BD but i get to sit on her other side and squeeze the shit out of her hand during the c-section scene.
    @kassie - promise you'll whisper in my ear, "i'd let edward butter my toast," during the scrambled eggs scene, kay?

    @tesoro - *waves* and thank you for asking the important question.

    Pfach smells like sunshine. you heard it here first, folks. lol

    Funny post, gals. Loved it. xo

  10. Robzie- you better bring a pen for all the stuff that is gonna come out of my mouth during BD :)

    You want me to whisper that I'd let Edward butter my toast??? I'll be letting the whole theater know it lol.

    I can't wait to be a part of a hb/robzie sandwich!

  11. That's so cool y'all got to meet him. I have met him 2 times now. He is always so very sweet and patient with crazy fangirls like me. He does smell yummy. I also met one of my twitter friends in line one of the times. :)

  12. Yeah. What hisbella said. God-freaking-dam it! I should have gotten up early and drove there to go with you two.

    This ---> "Oh no! It's just like when the people are being led in to see the Volturi!"

    Oh, Kassie, you just make me smile.

    Marie, great pics and thanks for sharing the video.

    So happy for you two!!



  13. @Cat - I am so jealous of your pic with Peter! You girls are so creative and clever! If anyone has not seen Cat's pic with Peter - head over to The Daily Twimes and check it out. It is so freakin cute!!!!

    @HB - I really wish you could have come. We totally would have come and got you!!!!! For realz!!!! Next time just say the word and we'll be there.

    @BT - Peter smelled wonderful and felt wonderful. I was like OMG I have my arm around Peter Facinelli!!!! GAHHHHHH! His leather felt so good on my arm! Yum!

    @TT - Thanks girlie!!! Peter's hair was longer, but scruffy which I really liked.....a lot! Delish!!!!

    @Robz - Thanks hunni! The boys got to go the Sox game so it made it a little easier for me to go to my thing. Also, I have been cutting back on my computer time, which I think helped my case too (and I think that's what bothers my husband the most) So yay! I got to meet Peter!!!! My husband texted me a pic of the boys meeting Minnie Minosa - so I texted back a pic of me and Peter. He texted back, "Is this the kids' new daddy?" LOL

    @Twi-Lin - I was really hoping we'd run into some girls we might know from the blog, FB, or Twitter, but no luck. The girls in line by us were super nice though!!! I gave them our blog address. Hope they stop by sometime!

    @Lisa - You really should have hauled your ass up here!!!! We would have totally held a spot for you in line! Next time, k? Well, before you know it, it'll be 100 Monkeys time and we'll see you soon, right????

  14. heehee! Don't worry about the Root Beer :) We know exactly how you felt! We were also shaking afterwards (not before though, crazy!)
    Steph had the idea for the stethoscope nurse idea, I loved it! so fun :)

  15. I love that I can feel your excitement in this post. I couldn't stop smiling the whole time I was reading. You ladies look gorgeous in your pictures. Lucky lucky ladies.

  16. OMG I am one of the girls from St. Louis. Holy cow I can't believe you girls mentioned us. That was such a super fun day! I was so nervous and really wanted to bite him. Lol! Hopefully we meet again soon at other signing! We may even go to the Twilight convention in Chicago.

  17. Hey Danielle!!! It was so great to meet you girls there :) We definitely have to meet up again! The convention would be the perfect place. Unless you girls want to make the trek back in July to see 100 Monkey's Chicago show. That would be AWESOME!!!

  18. Hi Danielle! I'm so glad you stopped by our little blog. It was awesome to meet you girls and chat in line. We will have to make sure we see you girls at the next big event. I just sent you a friend request on Facebook.



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