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EP Read Along Week 12 Chapters 33-35

I wanted to start off this weeks EP post saying thank you to everyone that sent their condolences to me and my family. I also wanted to say a big thank you to UAB, BellaTesoro and hisbella for picking up the posts when I was away after my Grandpa's passing. All of the messages I have received meant so much to me, I could never thank you enough for the support you have given to me.

Enough with the heavy. Let's get into EP...

Chapter 33 EPOV

This chapter begins where 32 left off. Edward wakes to find Bella still in his bed from their ‘movie’ night. Edward runs into Carlisle in the kitchen where they play a little song and dance where Carlisle is basically telling Edward everything he should know but is refusing to acknowledge by being unobservant.

“And maybe if you’d hone up on your observation skills, people wouldn’t catch you off guard.”

After Edward has some ‘alone’ time in his bathroom he crawls back into bed with Bella, when he wakes in the morning she is gone from bed and he comes down stairs to a full house. Alice and Rosalie are over and everyone is having a good time. Edward grabs Bella and is blatantly being affectionate towards her. They are all surprised to actually see Edward being caring and gentile but Rosalie has to be Rosalie and spout off at the mouth about Edward being a whore and saying “a bitch would have to be stupid to ever be with you with your history.”

Clearly this upsets Bella not only because Rosalie is basically calling her stupid and a bitch but because it plays on Bella's fears that his past with other girls means she is probably not enough for him. That she isn't worth the work or time it would take to bring her to a place where Edward has had it so easy with girls in the past.

After Bella and Rosalie talk Edward asks Bella out on a real official date in only the way Mafiaward can… “We could go to the movies or the park or whatever. Maybe get some dinner.” So they do dinner and a movie, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire to be exact. Where Bella tells Edward that he looks like Cedric Diggory..
hmmm he looks an awful lot like our favorite vampire too..
Although Mafiaward would probably tell you he looks like a pussy lol.
Chapter 34 BPOV

In this chapter we get an apology from Rosalie and more of her back story. She is a cold hearted bitch because she needs to be. She does it to protect herself and the two people in the world that can most understand that are Bella and Edward. The three of them do what they have to, to survive. No matter how much any of them try to change it is ingrained in them to act a certain way because to act any differently would be extremely dangerous to their safety, security and peace of mind.

After their serious talk, Rosalie asks if Bella has ever 'seen' Edward or 'touched it' the conversation is uncomfortably funny but it brings to light some of the hesitation Bella is feeling when it comes to her sexual relationship with Edward. Talking out her worries and asking Rosalie questions is easier than trying to bring those things up with Edward. Because Rosalie is right, if Bella asked he would be more than happy to 'whip it out' and give a full demo. Even though he takes things slowly with Bella, when she becomes receptive to something he is quick to move forward as was evident in chapter 32.

In chapter 33 Edward bitched about his dad keeping the heat up in the house and I was trying to figure out what kind of mobbed up reason he would do that until... "Dr. Cullen kept the house comfortable, slightly warm, which I was used to and appreciated." See awwww I still get mad at Carlisle for the punishment but then I want to hug the shit out of him for doing something so nice like keeping the house warm for Bella, its something small but speaks volumes about who he truly is.

The rest of chapter 34 is spent cleaning Edward's bedroom. Bella is surprised and elated that he is allowing her to go through his things but she can tell when he is biting his tongue, allowing her to just do it when all he really wants to do is start taking things from her and putting them in the proper place. What a finicky little shit!

Bella comes across a doll in one of Edwards drawers and it will be an important item later in the story. So remember it for later.

Chapter 35 BPOV
And wouldn't you know it... in chapter 35 Bella opens up to Edward and he is more than willing to let her get some one on one time with his... uh 'manhood' as Bella calls it. Do you think it was too soon? Or about damn time!

Carlisle takes a DNA swab from Bella dun dun dunnnnnn.

Edward and Bella talk about Christmas and a bit more about Edward's extended family and the lack of family on his mothers side. We get the feeling that even growing up with two brothers Edward didn't consider his family big. Bella just had her mother and dreamed of a big family.
The chapter ends with Edward whispering to Bella "We can have a big family."

Do you think Edward is going to free Bella and they will live happily ever after with lots of little Edward's and Bella's running around?

Sound off about the chapters in the comments.

Next week is chapters 36-38


  1. @MKassieC, Mi sei mancata (I missed you) welcome back!

    I'm going to jump right in here because you got me thinking as you mentioned Rosalie in chapters 33 & 34. I like how this Rosalie and Edward's relationship is described in detail bringing out both of their similar snarky personalities. Edward lashes out at her telling her that Bella isn't like them meaning she's innocent, coming from abuse and he won't put up with any more abusive attitude toward her. If anyone can put Rosalie in her place it's Edward and he does here. To her credit she realizes she was wrong and makes it right by bonding with Bella while telling her about her own dysfunctional family. How about the way she admits that Carlisle probably killed her father in order to revenge the way he mistreated her and her mother? She seemed pretty happy about it too. Now we know why she's so brassy herself.
    The line I think sums up both Edward and Rosalie's relationship was this: "We both press peoples buttons intentionally as a way of protecting ourselves...If I ever needed him I know he'd be there for me."
    And then there's the opposite Alice/Edward. Didn't you just love how Alice jumped all over Edward, hugging him for the way he is being good to Bella. I think she loves Edward and really understands how good he is and it's obvious that he likes "shorty" too.
    The "Ahhhh, Edward moment" when Edward whips off his shirt,(you thought I was going to say whips out something else, didn't you? That comes out too!!!) and he has Bella feel his heart and he says, "Do you feel that? I'm not going anywhere, Isabella. This is yours."
    And he later tells her he will fight to get her away from there and free, no matter what it takes.
    You know how I love my hormonal Edward. Well he certainly came out to play, giving Bella her first look see, feel with his show and tell men's anatomy 101...Was that just adorable and hot at the same time?! Can't you just picture "cocky Edward" showing his goods and Bella getting the education she finally is ready for. And then how Edward tries to reassure her when she wonders if "it will hurt" (you know his being so well built and all..had to laugh at his self confidence) and he says "It'll probably hurt a bit, tesoro....I'm going to be gentle...I'll never fucking hurt you on purpose." Edward is so patient and considerate with her. It works too, Edward makes Bella feel so safe, and happy.
    I know Kassie, that final sentence you quoted, "We can have a big family." makes you think there might be HEA with little miafiawardbabies...but we'll just have to see...

  2. Crap! Maybe if I hadn't spent 2 hours on the phone with UAB last night, I would have remembered to reread these chappies!

    You don't have to say thanks. I was more than happy to pick up some slack. I'd do it again in a heartbeat for any of you. Lots to do today, but I'll be back to post my thoughts on these chapters later. Smooches & gropes to the ladies!


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