Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Birthday MrsKassieCullen!!!!!

Wow!  Another year has flown by! 
 We've had a great year, haven't we????
Had so many great Twilighty/Rob times since your last birthday.
So to celebrate,
 I thought we could take a little trip down memory lane
before you open your presents.
Sound good?  Okay, here we go.
You've had a fan-fucking-tastic year babe, 
and you've been lucky enough to meet some amazing people!  
What THEY don't know is that they 
were actually lucky to meet YOU!
You are an amazing person, a wonderful friend, 
fellow pervy h00r, BFF, bloggy buddy and Twi-sister!
Love you babe!
Hope the next year is just as awesome.

And now it's present time......

Ooh La La - it's Cannes Rob just for you bb!  Enjoy!

Okay, now for some birthday suit Rob for your birthday!

Credit to Rob's Button Babe

Make sure you head over to
to continue the birthday celebration!
I have another surprise for you there!!!!

Friday, May 18, 2012


Welcome to the last and final day of the Birthday Blog Train. Head straight over to Robmusement for a Birthday PicSpam.

While we have you here, here's some of our favorite Rob pictures.











Don't forget, get over to Robmusement and celebrate!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Birthday Memories

Welcome to Day 4 of the Rob's Birthday Blog Train!!!!
Today is Birthday Memories day!

So Rob, one of the things you did this past year 
that we really love is.......
 adopting Bear.

We are so happy that you have a special companion, 
that loves you unconditionally.

Dogs are also great for socializing.....
Don't forget all the exercise you'll get from walking....

You also have a happy wagging tail to come home to....

Don't forget - dogs are protective - 
Bear will be a great addition to your security team.....

And we absolutely love listening to you talk about Bear!
It's so sweet!!!!
(Bear talk begins around 4:00)

We applaud you for rescuing Bear from a shelter.
 (but we would never be judgmental if he wasn't)
My two dogs were also rescued, and I think, like Bear, 
they are really appreciative.

So Rob, Ava and Sox wanted me to ask you if  Bear would like to meet for a playdate sometime at the dog park.  
We have some cool dog parks here in Chicago!

I am sure that Bear will bring you many happy memories to come.

Plus how many people have dogs with their own Twitter account! LOL


Please follow the birthday train, 
your next stop is 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Birthday Gifts

Welcome to day three of the Birthday Blog train! Hop on board the gift car and see some of the wonderful gifts we want Rob to have for his 26th birthday.

Hey Rob, every year for your birthday I worry about what to get for you. I mean I know you can get whatever you want, whenever you want no matter the cost. But you won't do that, will you? No. How do I know this, because I think I've come to know you fairly well over these last few years.

So I've decided to not only go practical but to stick with things you will willingly accept as a gift because they are not overboard, well maybe a little.

A new supply of Carhartt pieces. Let's relive some favorite Carhartt items on you...

Blue Carhartt pants, check
Carhartt workman's jacket, check
I don't blame you for wearing their clothes all the time, they are so comfortable!


Next I would get you a new supply of baseball hats. I see you've been wearing a plain black one out recently and I miss the days of you supporting MLB.

I will buy you one of every MLB hat I can get my hands on.

So now you can wear a different hat every day of the month.


I would also like to get you some more shoes. Because one can just never have enough shoes.

And I mean how cool would it be to own a pair of these???
...or is it just me?

Well Rob I sure hope you enjoy all of the gifts you recieved on your birthday. 

Happy Birthday from TJA

Please follow the birthday train, your next stop is Rob-Attack

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