Saturday, January 16, 2010

Obsessed with Twilight???? Me?????

I'm sure some of you can relate to the following.  This is a conversation that takes place on a regular basis in my house.

Me: Just minding my own business, writing something for the blog, or surfing for more Twilighty goodies
Oldest son: That's all you ever do!   Watch Twilight or look at pictures of that fruit cup Edward on the computer!
Me: So?
Oldest son: You don't see anything wrong with this?
Me: No
Oldest son: You have a problem.  You're obsessed.
Me: Whatever.....
Oldest son:  Oh my don't get it.  None of the other kids moms are obsessed with Twilight.
Me:  (Ignoring Oldest Son)
Oldest Son: (to husband) Dad, don't you think she has a problem?  That's all she does.
(FYI - I do other things, like go to work everyday and teach 2nd graders, come home, make dinner, wash dishes....the usual stuff)
Husband (trying to remain neutral) basically tells Oldest Son something to the effect of move on with your life, you're not going to change anything so back off.

At this point it usually escalates into a full blown fight, with me being accused of neglecting him and being a terrible mother.  He is 13 friggin years old.....hello!  Most 13 year olds want nothing to do with their mother.  Time to loosen the apron strings. Thank goodness the other two kids love Twilight and embrace my TwiJunkiness.

Am I obsessed with Twilight?  Hell, friggin yes, I am.  What's your point????
Look at this....definitely obsess-worthy, right????

I am entitled to enjoy things, aren't I.  Why do I have to sit and be judged by a 13 year old????  I have literally purchased Twilighty things and was told by my husband that I better not let Oldest Son see it.  That's pretty sad.  I have to sneak things in past my kid.  Yikes!

I know what you're probably thinking.  He's thirteen.....kick his butt.  Easy for you to say.....I'm 5'4" and my 13 year old is 6' tall.  Seriously!  My butt kicking days are long, long gone.  So does anyone have this kind of crap going on in their house????  Please post.....make feel like I'm not alone out there.  LOL

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