Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Vanity (Un?)Fair

Awww so I was reading Rob's Vanity Fair article and it made me want to cry.. and hug him but not in the 'I'm a crazy fan of yours' kind of way but in the 'I want to take all the craziness away for you' kind of way.

But then I was thinking, I'm not one of the fans he's talking about who is crazy and asks him to bite them and hunts him down on sets and in hotels and follows him when he goes out to dinner, am I??

Am I that person?

I go to Oprah and scream his name and he smiles nicely and waves. I'm thinking to myself "Oh my god, that's so cool, he's so cool!" and he's probably thinking "Oh god, not one of those. I bet her crazy ass will show up at my hotel."

Is it so much to ask that we all not be dumped into the 'crazy fan' category?

I mean we respect Rob, right? We respect him enough to want to meet him in person maybe shake his hand get an autograph to remember the occasion or a picture of some sort. But I guess when you are living in that bubble of fame where everyone wants a piece of you no matter how little, even the slightest thing can be blown out of proportion.

I don't want him to "shut the fuck up" like he says of himself in the article but seriously is it too much to ask that we all not get lumped into this category of crazy ass fans that want to tear him to pieces?

I may talk a good game about what I'd do to Rob if I ever met him like hug him and ask him to do dirty things with me. But I truly know myself and I would probably just say "Hi, nice to meet you." and move on. I would be thinking too many things to ask for a picture or an autograph and maybe internally being on of those 'crazy fans'.

Why does this make me feel like shit? Even if you haven't read the article yet, how does it make you feel?

*the picture is from Robsessed and it's the same place you can find the scans of the article.


  1. hey miss kassie, i just read the article.

    i liked rob's question..."what do they want?" meaning the twihards, us.

    for me, i am a huge fan of his. this is true. i like the way her projects himself and i admire his talents as well as his beauty. however, i would be perfectly content if i never met him, saw him, bumped into him at the local wal-mart, etc. i know how to conduct myself as a respectful and proper individual. like you, i talk a lot of game and perhaps i am using rob in a sense. but i have to say that i do get genuinely excited to see his photo shoots, watch a new interview, or see a Twilight scene. i am interested in him and his career as an actor and a musician.
    i'm rambling now, but what i'm trying to say is i feel like i'm pretty grounded and that i do all of this for fun and to escape reality a bit. i enjoy a lot of the women i encounter in the fandom, they move me in many ways. so i have a hard time believing Rob doesn't see any of us in a good light.
    i do understand why you feel that way.

    it's also true what he said, no one wants to hear someone like him complain and i DO think he should be a little bit appreciative. you never know what is edited out of an interview though, the writer needs an angle.

    and what did you think about him saying "traumatic" when talking about kstew? do you think they have an open relationship? like they're keeping it casual? who knows? i just thought his answer was odd.

  2. I just finished the article... and it made me a little sad also.

    Here's the thing... I don't think he minds meeting people at talk shows, press tours and at fan events.. that's what he's there for... I don't think he minds meeting the occassional person when he is out to dinner.. you know.. sitting at his table.. dinner finished.. and another DINER already in the restaurant stops to say hello.. I don't think he minds that... I think the excess comes when hundreds of people show up on a Tweet telling the world where he is and what he's doing. There is moderation and then there is excess.

    I think the best thing we can do as fans is, when we have to opportunity to say hello, treat him like a human being,and if you have the opportunity and it's not on a press tour or fan event.. don't go off tweeting it for the world to see moments later... I get the excitement.. heck, I danced on Columbus Avenue after I met him... cause that kind of happiness can't be contained.. but I met him at a talk show, he was there to promote a movie... had it been other circumstances, had it been on his personal time... I probably still would have danced after.. I just wouldn't have texted people about it until the following day.

    Use your common sense... you are not one of those "crazy fans".. it's about respect.. respect his personal life, being an actor shouldn't mean you have to give up your life.

    Listen.. I have often wanted to jump to protect him.. I would too.. I know it.. I just know it.. if I ever came acoss him being harrassed by paps I swear I would trow myself in front of him.. maybe that sounds bat shit crazy.. but I'd do it for anyone.. if a person looked like they were being harrassed or hounded, hunted like an animal... I'd do it.. I'd do it for Rob.. or anyone.. no one should be treated that way.

    *Dang this soap box.. how the hell did it get under me again?*

  3. By the way... I believe he does take pleasure in meeting fans in a normal way... how do I know... I have never seen a more genuine smile.. and the fact that when he spoke to me.. he made eye contact... he is very appreciative... and I think it actually makes him smile to see the joy we get from him... there is something magic about it all.. you can't help but be held in awe of the results.

  4. i agree with kelly, he comes off a lot more joyful in most scenarios than he does in this interview.

    i can't even imagine what it's like to have the crazies around you all the time--but we are not them.

    i also agree with slade, rob is an enigma.

    i'm not a fan girl, never have been. but there is something about rob and twilight and how all the stars have aligned that has made me one. it's all a bit magical.

  5. Haven't read the article yet, but now I'm even more intersted to do so.

    Yes I am a crazy fangirl (hear me SQUEEE). But I'm also an adult(ish type girl). Do I want to jump him? Hells yeah. But I also feel protective of him and want to take care of him. Maybe cook him some meals... or at least nuke his hot pockets and open his heineken.

    I talk the talk too, but I cannot imagine going batshit crazy in his presence. Ever. I save that for you peeps! xo

  6. Meg I think you're right, you don't know what was edited out.
    Rob has stated on more than one occasion how much he loves his fans. Remember what he said when it was the Fans who went chasing after the Paps who were stopping the filming of WFE?? He appreciated that and I'm sure was amused at those sweet things who scared the idiots away when not even the Cops could do that when he was stalked in LA...
    It's not the fans he's running from, it's the dam press/cameras and those few fans who invade his work and privacy.
    We, adult fans know exactly what we're doing, we're enjoying a star. One who shines really bright, one who has for some magical reason connected with us for us.
    He's hot, he's adorable, we want to protect him and honor him, it's ok that we're fans. Where would he be with out us?
    I think he'd get a kick out of us. We worship him from a far and if, like some of you who have been fortunate to be up close and personal, you've been nothing but respectful.
    He's Rob, I'm sure he was trying to be the self deprecating dork we've come to love. He's humble, he's been raised that way...
    Ok enough.
    Kassie, don't feel bad, be proud of how much you truly care and how even the thought of being grouped in the crazed category makes you cringe.

  7. Thank you girls you all have made me feel much better, we are not them-'the crazies' and maybe Rob is just being too self depricating.

    Kelly I agree.. I would jump infront of the paps for Rob or any other celebrity that was being hounded in any way. I have said it before that I don't really like pap pics of Rob/the cast. I will look at them, most of us do but when that video came out awhile ago where they were chasing him and he yelled at them or whatever, I didn't watch it or look at the pics from that situation because I was thoroughly disgusted with the paps behavior. Celebrities deserve to be treated with respect and that is not something the paps are known for.

    I guess we are just a very passionate bunch!

  8. Kassie I just read part of the interview. When Rob said, and he realized he probably shouldn't have, that he feels odd being part of something he doesn't really like, made me feel sad on one hand but I get it on the other. Rob likes to think of himself as an artist of sorts, he's not even sure what kind of artist. As he said, it's clear that Kristen wants to act, he's not really sure what he wants, or so he says.
    Now he's always been vocal about not "getting" the twilight thing. But at this point, "the Twilight Thing" has afforded him the star power to seek out his artistic talents. And I guess that made me feel like he stepped over us a bit. Now if Kristen had said the same thing, we'd be all over her.
    But then when I read that he liked the fact that Charlie Sheen behaves in the manner of not giving a "fuck" as he said, that didn't sit well with me. But there you have it, I get that too. Who are we to decide how someone behaves or how he lives? As Rob said, we've got a one sided view of him. I'm keeping my side as is. I continue to think he has that certain something special and with some more maturity I think he'll finally understand and get "that Twilight Thing".
    On a lighter side, WTF were they thinking covering him up with that foolish hat and an ugly gator? lol Dead Confederates will have lots of material with that shot! Just sayin...loved the pic of him with the piano and in the truck! Now that's the Rob we love!

  9. @bella - that part of the interview that you just wrote about, rob being a part of something he really doesn't like...i feel that perhaps he was referring to the promotional aspects of Twilight, like being on Burger King cups and keychains, etc. we have heard him say a lot that catherine hardwicke is the reason for his success so i think that he does appreciate what twilight has done for his career, i think they all really do.
    i think it's best to remember the way he was when you saw him at Oprah, Kassie, or the way he comes across during TV interviews. i have never gotten this vibe from him. it's only in written articles where so much is questionable.

    love ya. xo

    and bella, how hot COULD they have made a shot with Rob and an alligator...wrestling, no less?
    FAIL, VF. Fail.

  10. I haven't read the article yet, and I didn't read all the comments.

    But talking like the old person I am, I think one day Rob will appreciate the fact that he worked with the same group of people 4 times (i know 5 films) and realize how much he enjoyed it and the fan stuff will be background to those memories.

  11. I'm stopping by to get it on my way home today. I know...*bad twihard*...I'll take two slaps on the wrist for not getting it yesterday.

    I think it makes me a little sad too. I'll have to read it to get the whole jist.

    I don't think we're the crazies he's referring to. Most of us bloggers are just HUGE fans of him and his work...what artist/actor wouldn't appreciate that?

    You can't tell me that he just acts to act...he does it for something.

    An actor or actress wants the praise from their fans...that's validation. Everybody wants that. Even us, as bloggers, want the validation from people who read our blog...hence the comments.

    Looking forward to reading the article and delving into the pics!


  12. I'm finally getting a chance to comment. I just got an overall sad feeling from that interview. I'm sure there's a spin on it and all, but in general it made me feel bad for Rob. Don't get me wrong - he's making mega bucks and he probably needs to figure out how to suck it up and deal. Like Kassie said, I just want to give him a hug (and not the pervy kind either).

    I really think the paps are the problem. I know there are some crazy fans out there, but Rob needs to know that most of us would go ninja on any pap that we saw harrassing him! However, I do question how much we are feeding into the paps desire to get pics of Rob....cuz as fans we want to see them. We try to be all PC and say we want to protect Rob, but half the pics I see of him on Tumblr are pap pics. And I'm guilty of reblogging them too. It's a really fine line to walk.

  13. I just wanted to come back and say after reading my post again that I didn't mean Rob actually must have thought I was crazy at the Oprah show but it's possible after some of the encounters he's had. I don't think he lumps us all into the 'crazy fan' category but outsiders do and that's something that makes me sad... that and there are some people that do take it way to far, I just don't know any of them, they make Rob maybe not want to be a part of this anymore :(

    I don't know if that's they way it came off before but that's really what I meant. Whew I feel a little better getting that out.


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