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EP Read Along Week 21 - Chapter 60-62

Chapters 60-62

Hello Ladies!  Hisbella here!  I’ll be your guide through chapters 60-62.  Exciting times ahead!  There’s a lot going on so, let’s get one with the show.

Chapter 60:

Edward and Bella get to spend some quality time together, building Sandcastles, playing catch with the football.  Edward even tried teaching Bella how to swim.  Didn’t go so well!  Bella is concerned about Doc C and the boys.  She did put two + two together about the disappearance of the other Doctor.  She doesn’t want anything to happen to them, they are her family.  Emmett and Jasper are heading out for school.  Jasper to Seattle, Rose & Emmett are driving cross country.  These are big changes for her and she doesn’t particularly like it.  She gets to share a sweet moment with Jasper.  He tells her he is proud of her and can’t wait to see what she’ll accomplish.  He thanks her for ‘coming along’ and she’s the one thing he’s always wanted: a sister.  Can we all give a collective “AWWWWWW”.  Very nice, Ladies.  Very nice!  Rose tells Bella to keep her chin up and don’t let anyone intimidate her.  She’s better than those “Forks whores”.  We learn that Bella has a “Photographic Memory”, something that only 2% of the population can boast.  Doc C says it’s extraordinary how she learns so quickly, especially with her past.  She heads to Port Angeles to take the GED test.  She sails through the first part but ends up frustrated while pondering her ‘essay’ topic: Characteristics of a Good Parent.  Charles didn’t even acknowledge her existence, was abusive and malicious.  If Carlisle hadn’t bought her she probably would have been a sex slave.  She decides to write her essay on Renee.  Her Mother did her best to protect, support and teach her as much as she could.  She taught Bella how to have hope.  If it weren’t for Renee, she wouldn’t be sitting there taking the test and moving on to an actual life and freedom.  After Edward brings her home, they talk about their Mother’s.  Edward tells her “My Mother is dead but she lived.  Followed through on decisions she made which got her killed.  Your Mom is alive but hasn’t even lived”.  Better to have a short life, than to have no life at all.  Do you think he’s right?    What did you think of the tender moments with Jasper and Rose??

Chapter 61:

Our happy couple is enjoying each other, making out.  Nothing in the world can hurt them.  Then…Carlisle bursts through the door.  He’s panicked, frazzles and angry.  His tone and demeanor setting Mafiaward on alert.  Edward sends Bella up to their room while he meets his father in his office.  We learn the “Family” is unexpectedly coming to the house. Edward has had a bad feeling all week, he was right. Doc C doesn’t know who they are coming for; Bella or Doc C.  He orders Edward to take Bella and run!  He tells Edward if it was himself, Aro would have called a sit down.  Alec doesn’t know what is happening but orders them to meet him in Phoenix.  Yeah. Phoenix!  They drive for two days only stopping for short amounts of sleep and food.  When they are driving through California, Bella tells Edward she likes it there because of the palm trees.  She asked if they have good schools and maybe she could go to one for art.  Bella tells him she thinks he would make a good lawyer and could help the Borgata.  They arrive at the hotel and Edward calls Alec.  He rips a page out of the bible to write the address down to meet Alec at.  Bella gives him shit about it.  She tells him Carlisle would be disappointed in him for doing that.  He blows it off.  Do you think Doc C is alright?  What do you think is happening???

Alec instructs them to meet him at the Swan’s.  Bella can see her Mother.  She starts to panic as she gets closer to the property.  Once they park, Edward tells her that she is better than her Father and strong.  They can kiss her ass!  They get out and Edward immediately complains about the heat, telling her “It’s hot as Hell.”  She responds by telling him, “It is Hell.”  As they embrace, someone exits the main house and he knows exactly who it is.  He asks her, “If this is hell, does that mean he’s the Devil?”  Who do you think it is? 

Chapter 62:

Faced with the man who made her life Hell, Bella is scared and unsure.  Edward wants to rip the man limb from limb.  Charles can’t seem to believe his eyes.  Bella doesn’t lower her eyes and act submissive to her former master/sperm donor.  She’s surprised he isn’t acting quite himself but realizes it’s because neither is she.  She knows he holds no power over her anymore.  Alec comes out and basically disses the House of Swan by mentioning how you can get used to the heat when you’re raised in those conditions.  (Basically saying Charles let his own daughter and the others swelter with out a care in the world for their lives.)  Jane the Nut Job emerges from the house acting like the bitch she is and then she sees a “Ghost.”  She knows who Edward is and can see that he looks exactly like Elizabeth.  She flips out and runs inside.  Bella doesn’t want to enter the house after Alec informs Charles he’s being rude to the kids by not inviting them in.  While talking about Charles’ reactions to Alec and Carlisle, Edward lets it slip that his father off’d (clipped) Charles’ father.  Bella catches it, but Edward tells her it’s a long story and to not worry about it.  Do you think she’ll ask him later?  Will he tell her the truth about his mother’s murder?

A loud noise startles Bella, which turns out to be Renee, who thinks she’s seeing an apparition.  Bella is taken back by her Mother’s haggard appearance.  They enjoy a hug and tears of joy.  Renee tells her daughter she needs to leave that it’s not safe here for her. Once Bella tells her that Alec and Edward brought her there to see her, Renee cannot believe what she is hearing.  She then notices the love bite on Bella and freaks out more, thinking she’s been sold for sex.  Bella explains that she and Edward are in love, the family knows and she is ok.  Alec shows his influence and makes Charles allow Renee to spend time with Bella.  Bella explains her life of relative freedom and her time spent with Alec and Esme, the future she and Edward are planning.  Edward emerges from the air conditioning griping about Charles and that he thought Alec was going to kick his ass for his behavior.  After his introduction to Renee, she realizes he is Elizabeth’s son.  They discuss his Mother watching Bella once to keep her out of Renee’s way so she could work.  Alec announces lunch, which leads Renee telling Edward that she is not allowed to eat, only at night.  This causes Edward to get mad and go in and HE makes lunch for Bella and her Mother.  Bella informs her mother of Elizabeth’s murder.  Bella goes to sit down on the ground to eat.  Edward asks, “You can’t sit somewhere less dirty?”  This makes Renee laugh and she tells them when they met as children, Edward said the same thing to her.  Bella answers the exact same way, “I’m already dirty.”  Renee implores Bella to leave and be with Edward where she belongs.  They check into another motel, where Edward explains that they are going tomorrow to a lawyer to make her an actual US Citizen.  Charles is going to admit his paternity. They are going to say Bella was an orphan in Italy that Charles knocked up a woman there.  They will not be naming Renee.  Esme is going to meet them back at the hotel and the men are going to go back and get Renee.  Alec & Esme are going to take her home with them so she can have a life.  He tells her at some point, they can move to be closer and Bella can see her Mother all the time.  After signing the papers at the lawyer’s office, Charles makes a comment about Cullen/Swan offspring and Bella goes ballistic.  She tells him he will never be her Father and that he is a rapist.  He will never be apart of her life.  I think he only agreed to everything because he is looking to further himself in the ‘family’.   Edward has also explained to Bella that the Justice Department is on to Carlisle and they are cleaning everything out of the house; guns, drugs, etc.  This is also one of the reasons for Bella’s citizenship.    

Esme is more than happy to spend the afternoon with Bella watching chick flicks and ordering room service.  As the day wears on, and there is no sign of Edward or Alec, Bella begins to worry.  Edward returns to her with news…What do you think is going on in Forks with Carlisle?  What do you think of Bella being given her citizenship?

In case you have not heard, Kharizzmatik is taking the Emancipation Proclamation blog down on July 31, 2011.  If you are reading it from the blog, please make sure to finish it before Sunday.  If you are not able to, please contact one of the ladies of TJA.  The Author  has an awesome opportunity coming up and we wish Kharizzmatik the Best of Luck with it. 

I want to say thanks to the Ladies of Twilight Junkies Anonymous for letting me do another post!  This is always fun!  Happy Reading everyone!  I will see you back here next week for chapters 63-65.    


  1. @"naughty HB" You're right when you said you got the intense chapters to review. These three are some of the saddest yet. First as you mentioned in chapter 60 everything seems good, Bella tells Edward how proud she is of him and they start talking about their future looking bright and she has hopes of Edward doing something with his football skills. Yeah, I thought and wanted that for him too...
    From there it goes down hill fast. For me, saying good-bye to Emmett and Jasper was the end of their "safe little bubble" and the bubble starts to burst fast. Bella is sad to see her new family life change, Edward too is going to miss his brothers as they start their lives. Edward says he's going to make sure Bella gets a chance to live her life. As Emmett leaves he tells Edward to make sure he puts Bella's well being first, as we know Edward will.
    Edward has that bad feeling and boy is he right.
    A lot of drama as Carlisle (lmao: "setting Mafiaward on alert," makes Edward take Bella away from the Family that are coming to Forks. And so they go to Phoenix, or better known as "Hell" I thought it was adorable, as does Edward, when Bella decides she'd like to go to school in CA because she likes palm trees. This line says volumes about the deep feelings he has toward her, "She really was an artist at heart if she wanted palm trees, I'd give them to her without a second thought about it." He would give her anything.
    And so she gets to face "Hell" with Edward's support, sees her mother, gets to tell her she loves her. In return Renee gets to see how well her daughter is doing and that her wish for her to be free and make something of herself is coming true. It really pisses me off quite frankly, that Renee, can't hold on just a little longer in her suffering. What a last thing for Bella to remember of her mother, right? (More on that next chapter) Poor Edward, getting the brunt of Bella's sorrow/anger when she finds out her mother is gone. After all, Edward promised, he couldn't wait to tell her their plans for getting Renee out of there and when it falls through, Bella is naturally heartbroken.
    Yeah, HB, these are intensely sad chapters. And I already know what's going on in forks and we have Alec to thank for getting Charles to give Bella her citizenship papers. Sure wish everyone else could be as confident, organized, thorough as Alec.
    Bad enough these chapters make me cry, I'm reading them on Kharizzmatik's blogspot for the last time. Dam her, she gets me weepy at every turn.

  2. These chapters are tough to read... although the next ones *whew* are going to be a doozie.

    I'm sad that the kids are leaving for college. Bella's whole support system is disintegrating before her eyes. Sure they will do anything for her, but not having them in her daily life changes lots of things. But some changes are good ones and not all sad like Bella getting her GED.

    When Carlisle tells E&B to go to Phoenix I for sure thought he'd be dead before the chapter was through but when Bella is eventually granted her citizenship I was a blubbering weepy mess, you woulda thought someone had died.
    Speaking of someone dying... why is Jane so freaked out at seeing Edward? So what "he looks like his mother" lot's of people look like their parents and don't get THAT type of reaction. Do you think maybe Jane had something to do with Elizabeth's death, or am I just reading WAY too much into it?

    I'm really glad Bella stood up to Charles. He's a piece of shit and NOW he wants her to be a part of his life in some way through Cullen/Swan babies... I. Don't. Think. So. Pal.
    Even given half the chance (being sold, still as a slave) Bella thrived and turned into an extremely intelligent, beautiful, talented, and loved girl. If Charles wasn't such a piece of shit and allowed everyone in his life to call the shots (his parents, Jane, the Borgata) he could have turned his life around, atoned for his sins and given Renee and Bella a chance at a good life. But I guess I just live in a fantasy world where people choose to do the right thing, over the easy thing.

    I don't even want to read the next chapter... it's gonna be so sad. HB your gonna rock the shit out of the next three chapters :)

  3. @BellaTesoro...again, you are right on! I love how we think alike!!! Love you Fran! miss the shit out of you!

    @Kassie: Yeah, I agree - Charles could have been a Man and done the right thing. Unfortunately, people like to take the easy route and not do the right thing. Seeing that in my life now. Soooo done with those people. Off topic!

    Thanks for the encouragement on 63-65. I figured it would be pertinent for me to do them since 63 is EPOV on 62. I hope you gals enjoy!!!

    Next week on "Mafiaward"...LOL

  4. @Kassie - that's an interesting theory about Jane. I bet you're right. Or she is just a loony toon which we know is true.

    These chapters are so intense and suspenseful. The 4 black Mercedes that E & B see heading for the house while they are leaving Forks just freaks me out!

    I absolutely loved the interaction between Edward and Bella in front of Renee for the first time. Edward is just totally Edward in front of Renee - potty mouth and all. He says he's not going to pretend to be something he's not.

  5. @MrsKassieCullen, Now that you mention it, maybe Jane did have something to do with Elizabeth's murder. She's more of a shit than even Charles. Love her nickname, "Crazy Janie"
    But even if she didn't have something do with it, she probably knew all about it and looking at Edward reminded her of it.
    @NHB, I love how you are reading this for the first time and milking the shit out of all the good parts of it! Can't wait to read your next review! We are part of the EP Sisterhood, all we need are guns and black Mercedes, or better yet, silver Volvos....
    Makes me happy that we think alike.
    @UAB, I'm going to walk on my elliptical and read. Thanks for the incentive, reading ff makes the grunt work somewhat easier.


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