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EP Read Along Week 13 Chapters 36-38

EP Read Along Week 13, Chapters 36, 37, 38
     Hi mia bella ragazza!
Welcome back and thank you to all those who are sticking with us as
 we continue to dig into this long, yet wonderful story.  

Chapter 36:  Edward POV chapters are always my favorites. In this one Edward digs back and tells us some of his history.  It’s Christmas and Edward tells us that after his mother died he just became this closed off person, creating walls to protect himself from any further hurt. And so until Bella came into his life, he never enjoyed Christmas or really allowed himself to enjoy anything that might remind him of how happy life was when his mother was alive.
We learn that his aunt Esme came to live with the Cullen boys after Elizabeth’s death. Carlisle couldn’t deal with his pain and feelings. He’s  feeling guilty that he should have somehow been able to protect Elizabeth, and so, he too shuts down and leaves his children to deal with their hurt themselves. After some time passes, Esme is the one that pulls him out of his dark place, enough so he takes over parenting his boys. But Edward never really recovers from watching his mother get shot and killed, and not even his loving aunt can help heal his pain.
It’s Bella that starts Edward on the road to healing.
This is Bella’s first Christmas where she is able to be part of a family and Edward wants to help make it special for her.  He takes her Christmas shopping, something he hates to do, but he wants Bella to experience the thrill of it. Because Edward is with her, Bella manages to get past the fear of being around crowds and ends up having a great time buying thoughtful presents for everyone.
Which ones did you like best? I’ve got my favorites, let’s hear yours...

There’s a part in this chapter that I think is where the title of the story is referenced. They are talking about the Civil War being of interest to Jasper. Bella surprises Edward at her knowledge of the Emancipation Proclamation. She tells him that all slaves know that Lincoln was supposed to have given freedom to all, and here they are still enslaved despite a war having been fought over it. It’s an Edward and Bella moment, when he sadly and profoundly tells her that he can’t save them all, but that he promises to save HER if it’s the last thing he does.   Pretty sad, right?     

Chapter 37:  This chapter starts out explaining Bella’s POV and how she freaked out seeing Esme. She remembers Esme as being Jane’s sister in- law, and of course it puts her right back in the slave/master frame of mind. Until Esme tells her a story of when she was a child. The story is about how Carlisle throws a rock at “crazy Janie” to protect Esme. Alec is silently watching this (he was creepy even as a kid) and when Carlisle’s mother goes to punish him for throwing the rock, Alec speaks up and defends him saying that “...because he was only trying to protect his family...a person should never face punishment for protecting their own.”  Well this proves to be something that Carlisle, Edward, and even Alec continue to live by. Esme also tells her something that Bella may need to hear at this point, seeing as she’s getting involved with a potential mafiaprince. The women of these made-men, understand they grew up in this life. They know they have flaws, they are violent and yet they love and accept them for who they are. And she let’s Bella know that she sees that Bella cares for Edward and that she too accepts him for who he is. Yeah, seems like their little secret isn’t so secret after all.
Esme’s nurturing and kindness helps Bella feel better, they go on to have a really nice Christmas. Opening up gifts. Did you pick Rosalie’s gift to be your favorite? Yeah, well I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of that gift yet!

Chapter 38: This chapter is a rare Carlisle POV. This is the chapter that convinced me that Carlisle wasn’t such a bad man. Esme and Carlisle watch out the window as “the kids” play in the snow, which by the way, is the first snow fall Bella has ever experienced.
Carlisle explains that he blames himself for Elizabeth’s death, not doing more to protect her. He also  blames himself for not being able to help Edward deal with his emotional pain. They talk about knowing that Edward and Bella have fallen in love and how Carlisle thinks they are “idiots” to think that it will work out for them. Esme tries to explain how good it is for both of them, they are healing  each other. Carlisle also admits he was wrong for being so cruel to Bella on the anniversary of Elizabeth’s death. He’s ashamed of himself and knows that his wife would be too. The theme of atonement and revenge are also discussed by Carlisle, he wants to make up for not being able to save Elizabeth and for all the bad he feels he’s caused others.
We get the history of how Elizabeth and Carlisle met Bella, and the attachment that was formed with this sweet meeting.
 Elizabeth wanted to save everyone it seems, adopting Emmett after his mother abandoned him and then determined to save “bella bambina” after she meets the dirty little Bella. What is it about Bella that causes everyone she meets to fall in love with her? They all want to save her it seems. Even Carlisle wants to help her, granted at first it’s to atone for his wife, to try to do it for her. Have you changed your opinion of Carlisle? Or do you still hate him?
The part of this chapter I found most interesting is when Esme says Carlisle  should tell Edward and Bella about who she is...and he says, “ do you tell your child that his mother was murdered in front of him and he was nearly killed himself because of his girlfriend? How do you explain that he was broken, and was being pieced back together by the very same person who inadvertently caused him to shatter in the first place? How could I make my son see that it wasn’t Isabella’s fault, when part of myself still blamed her , and I was doing all I could to try to finish what she’d started...” See, Carlisle is trying to do right, but he’s still got that anger and wants revenge...he’s trying at least to get over it. He’s  not sure that Edward will be able to look at Bella with the same eyes once he knows the truth.
What do you think? Will he? Is he just like his father? Or is he better than his father?
Esme has faith in Carlisle, that he’ll redeem himself, save Bella for Elizabeth’s and Edward’s sake. How about you? Think it will happen?

I hope you’ll tell me your thoughts, comments, or drop by and tell us what chapter you’re on.

Next week’s chapters will be 39, 40, 41...

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SURPRISE!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Kassie!

Wow Kassie!  
Can you believe that we have been bloggy buddies for a year now!
Do you remember your first "guest" post?
It was an awesome letter to Rob after our Oprah Eclipse experience!
After experiencing Rob alongside you and reading that letter, 
I knew you HAD to become my bloggy bff!
Here we are, one year later
and it's your birthday!
In celebration of your birthday, 
I got a few peeps together,
because your birth is definitely something to celebrate.

Let's start with some lovely messages for you 
from some wonderful ladies.....

from Dangrdafne

Dangrdafne is away on vacation, but she wanted me to wish you a
Happy Birthday
and to let you know how happy she was
to meet you in NYC!
Bella Tesoro, Robzsinger, 17Forever Lisa, Kassie and Dangrdafne
From RenaBug!
Kassie ~
You're perfectly gorgeous in every way!  I hope you have a wonderful birthday!  You deserve the and always!!
Big hugs from me, Rob & Kellan,

From Jeanette at Robmusement
From Amy at TwiKiwi
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From Lety at A Twilighty Life
From hisbella


I wish you nothing but happiness and a bit of this…
And a little bit of that…
But most of all, I wish you…
Lovely day and a LOT of this…

Happy Birthday!
With love,
From Jelena
From BellaTesoro

Mia Bella Ragazza,
You and Rob are the two coolest 
2 0 - s o m e t h i n g s  I ’ v e  h a d  t h e 
pleasure of meeting in person! 
Wishing you the Happiest Birthday 


Happy birthday, Kassie!

I hope you get fifty

Love sempre,



From Kristen @kris124



From LwE

From kiTT atTongue-Twied
(who I owe a BIG GIGANTIC apology to
for forgetting to include her prezzie!)
(Forgive me, kiTT???)

And last but not least......little old me ;)
Thanks to all of you wonderful ladies who helped make 
Kassie's birthday super special!!!!
You h00rs are THE BEST!!!!
Love you all!!!!!!!!

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