Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More New Moon Party Details....

So Sunday I did kind of a speed post, just to get the pics up from the party.  I just did not have the energy to handle the details at that time.  So here goes.....

My wonderful sister Barb and I had our New Moon party this past Saturday night with 20 Twihards in attendance.  We started off the evening with a showing of Twilight first.  It was great to watch Twilight with so many other chicks who get it, and because we've all seen it so many times, we let the comments fly.  And boy did we have comments!  I really wished we'd had time to watch it with the commentary, which is   one of my favorite features of the Twilight DVD!

Meanwhile, the food kept coming!  Everyone brought the cutest Twilight themed dishes.
  Victoria made this beautiful cake.
Marissa made the apple cookies and the wolf chow....
Just a shot of one of the spreads.  The other table had the mushroom ravioli that Bella orders when Edward takes her to dinner. (no pic of it)

There was a LOT more food...these are just some of the highlights, and I don't know if we got pics of everything.  To see the rest of the pics, go to my previous post with the slideshow. 
The decorations......

I made this sign for Family Reading Night at my school where I read an excerpt of "Twilight".   I knew it would come in handy again.  I cut all the pieces out and glued them on.
I painted this for Lauren's birthday party over the summer.....it was pin the apple on the book.  It was just a decoration this time.....I forgot to cut out apples.  :(

A few of the banners I made.....this one using the 
postcards from Burger King

I raided Lauren's room for posters!  Believe me, if I could get away with it, they would be in my room!
I love these little filmstrip picture frames that I got from Michael's for like $2.  They came out really cute.

The Goodie Bags!!!!
Barb, Layla and I spent the last few weeks making the dream catchers.  The dream catchers have a heart charm on them with Edward and Jacob's pictures in them.  I also made the bookmarks and candy bar wrappers.

The Slam Book
We used to make these in High School, and I don't know what made me think of it, but it was a hit. Got everyone to answer a bunch a question about The Twilight Saga.  Remember, you write your name on the first page, then answer the questions on each page.  Anyway, I'll have to scan the pages one of these days and post it.  Here's the cover anyway.

The Guest of Honor!

My friend Kristen is lucky enough to own a FSE, and was kind enough to bring him along for the party, despite all the pervy things everyone was doing to him. LOL  Edward was the life of the party!

The Big Giveaway....
At the end of the evening we had a little giveaway.....some calendars and copies of the Eclipse script.  Here are the winners......



In the end, we managed to get (almost) everyone into one picture......
And we managed to watch New Moon.....

I actually got a chance to watch New Moon...
A very happy hostess......

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