Sunday, March 28, 2010

How Far Out of the Closet is Your Twilight Addiction????

How comfortable are you about flaunting your addiction?  Does everyone know that Twilight is your brand of heroin?  Or are you one of those closet Twilight fans that prays to God that no one finds out?   Personally, I just don't give a shit what anyone thinks and pretty much advertise my addiction regularly.  If you read my previous post you know that I have an obsessive personality.  I also discussed my Beatles addiction, and want you to know that I used to walk around high school from class to class carrying this........
Yes, I carried my little blow up George doll around with me.  And surprisingly, nobody gave me crap about it.  Seriously!  I think that if you just give off the vibe that you just don't give a shit what other people think, they leave you alone (or they thought I was a psycho bitch and stayed away from me because they were afraid - LOL!)

Now, if they could just invent a Rob blow up doll.......preferably life-size, thank you very much!

I guess this is a close as we are going to get, huh?

Anyway, you know where I am going with this, right?  I don't care who knows about my Twilight Addiction.  I really don't.
I bring my lunch to school in one of these......

And I wear these on a very regular basis.....

Twilight New Moon Run With Vamps T-Shirt - 241076
And my car looks like this.....

So yeah, I don't give a crap.  My husband, however, does.  So when he drives my car and get weird looks and has 13 year old girls giggling and pointing at him, he remembers that he is driving around "like a Cullen" and is completely mortified.  (You know the answer hubward......don't drive my car!)

So  how "out" are you????  I'd love to hear from you in the comments.


  1. I'm completely out..except maybe to my parents-but they wouldn't know what Twilight is anyway. My dad made some "what the hell is all this vampire crap nowadays" comment at Xmas so I don't think I'll be gushing to him about it ;-)
    At work my cubicle is wall-to-wall Edward and strangers say "oh, YOU'RE the Twilight girl..I see your cubby everyday but didn't know who sits here" And of course, I dole out appropriate condescending looks & eyerolls whenever somebody asks me "did you know..." questions about upcoming Twilight related events. Ummm...duh-do you know me? LOL..I fly my flag high & proud..screw anyone who doesn't like it or "get it" TEAM EDWARD!! Cuz Abs aren't enough!!!

  2. LOL!! I think you already know that I'm WAY out of the closet with my Twi/Robsession. I'm the idiot who started her blog with her real name, etc., etc., thinking it would just be something a few friends and co-workers would look at. I've often thought of starting a new one under an anonymous name, but what a hassle that would be. I have t-shirts (Team Edward, Robsessed, Cullen 17, New Moon made by Mama Cougar) and a sweatshirt (Cullen Baseball). At work, my cubicle has a Twilight calendar, a framed picture of Rob from Vanity Fair (cigarette/white oxford), a New Moon poster, Twilight and New Moon adhesive bandages. At home, I have Pocket Edward, every released DVD with Rob in it, and almost 50 magazines. I've taken Pocket Edward to family holidays and on our recent vacation for photo ops. My Robsanity is full blown and everyone around me knows it and, for the most part, humors me :)

    That's why blogging is so damn fun. You get to interact with people who "get it." LOL!


  3. Definitely-it's great to know there are other people who are just as far gone as I am!! My BFF at work is Team Jacob, but she's nowhere near my level of addiction!! I wish I knew other people in my general location so I could go to Release parties & fully nerd out! I am single & have 3 boys..the oldest (18)is totally disgusted with my Robsession-the middle one (13) was Anti-Twilight in the beginning, until he watched it-and now he is Team Edward!! A male convert!! Whoot Whoot!! He has now read all the books & is anxiously awaiting Eclipse. My youngest (12) just kind of humors me-is Team Jacob if anything-and recently has just been doing alot of eye-rolling LOL..I got a new Blackberry-he says "lemme see--"of course it's Edward on the front" Were there any doubts? I freaked out at work when my wallpaper disappeared & I didn't have any pics on my new phone lol..they were ready for an intervention! For Xmas, a guy at work made a pic of Edward & wrote out a note to me on it (as if it were from Edward) and framed it..along with an Edward lunchbox/dogtags/various other Twilight this guy understands an obsession!! I so very badly need a Pocket Edward!!! omg..I don't have any of the figures-I've seen them but it's never in my budget at the time :-(
    I have not put up any of my Twilight stuff at home, because my son said he will disown me..he had a fit a couple years ago when I had a Johnny Depp Pirates Standup front/center where you walk up the stairs..he eventually grabbed it & threw it in a closet *who does this kid think pays the mortgage?* I am sooo jealous of that lady's black Twilight Car! I saw an awesome one at Comicon last year with the entire hood painted with the scene from the Twilight Book (hands with the apple) I was speechless!!

  4. You chicks are the best! Thanks for commenting! Everything you are saying rings true with me too. I do have to consider myself extremely lucky that my sister is a junkie as well. I don't know what I would do if she wasn't. So I have someone to share my obsession with regularly.....hmmmm, I think I going to write a post about my wonderful sister one of these days! Anyway.....

    @vampireswelove - my 13 year old son sounds just like your oldest son. Sometimes he tries to be sneaky about taking a paper he brought home from school and putting right over my NM calendar on the fridge. You know if I take it down, he'll say I'm a bad mother. So I give it a day or two, then take it down. He totally pimped me out this weekend after we went to the mall and I bought a few NM items from Hot Topic that were 50% off. I was trying to just kind of sneak the stuff into the house, and he pulls it out of the bag and shoves in my husband's face...."Look at the crap she bought". I was totally busted! grrrrr......

    @Lisa - I love that you have your twi-stuff all over your cubicle at work. I have a few things on the little bulletin board behind my desk, but I don't want to go to overboard because I'm sure some parent will see it and have fit since I have 2nd graders. I do miss my 4th graders from last year who were (and still are) Twilight Junkies. Everybody knows anyway, even my 2nd graders. They are just too young to get it.

    There is just no closet big enough to contain my Twilight Addiction! LOL

  5. You are SO lucky to have your sister sharing the adventure with you. I only have one sibling, a sister, and she wants no part of it. She is two years younger than me, but she might as well be 22 years older. The tagline on my blog seriously is a result of her constantly telling me over the years that I needed to grow up. My response has never waivered...growing up is overrated ;) I say that with love, though. We are very different but very close despite of our differences.

    And I forgot that you're a teacher. I can see why you can't have as much Twi-stuff out for sure. Luckily, we don't have any public traffic through our office. The graphic designer guys that I sit by have their own stuff out anyway. One has batman everything, and the other has Star Wars and Indiana Jones. So it's a fun group :)


  6. @Lisa I want to work where you work!!!! LOL

  7. I am kinda new to the whole Twilight addiction. Kristen gave my sister the book to read and she recommended it to me. I was totally wrapped up in finishing my last few weeks of classes before I graduated and my sister gave me her copy of Twilight to read. I spent one whole day reading Twilight then picked up New Moon and Eclipse to read. My friend Sylvia walked up to me as I was reading and she asked me something but I totally ignored her. Not on purpose I was just so wrapped up in reading that I blocked out all of my surroundings on campus. I still to this day don’t know what she asked me lol. So I only have a few Twilight related things around my room and I talk about it sometimes at home. My mom’s boyfriend looked at me funny when I said I was going to a Twilight party(btw Marie it was so much fun). I have family and friends around that are Twilight addicts like I am. My cousins are 13 and 11 and they are into Twilight the older one is more into it and my sister is an addict too. Anyway I love being a Twilight addict I wear my addiction proudly :)
    And Marie I literally laughed out loud when I read that you called your husband, hubward. I love it!



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