Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ode to my Sister....and Fellow Twilight Junkie

My sister and I go way back….I mean way, WAY back.  Like since the day she was born! LOL   Here is a picture of Barb and I from the dimestore photobooth…..not sure what year.  But, awww, aren’t we cute?  Geez, what happened to us????
Anywho, that’s Barb on the left and me on the right.  Probably 6 and 7 ish, I’m thinking.

So in browsing the Twilight bloggy world, I’ve come to the realization that not everyone has a Twilight kindred spirit…..a bosom friend (yes, I loved all of the Anne of Green Gables books too!) who they can share their Twilight addiction with.  It has made me realize how L-U-C-K-Y I am to have a sister who is not only close to my age, shares my addiction and does not judge me, but is more than willing to watch Twilight and New Moon repeatedly, to drool over RPattz with me and generally be a twitard with me.    With all this in mind, I took a little trip down memory lane, and re-discovered that we have shared many obsessions!  I could not have asked for a better sister and she only lives like 15 minutes away!
Oh God, am I dating us, or what?  Yes, despite what some of you might think, we are a couple of old geezers who used to be in LOVE with Shaun Cassidy.   What the hell ever happened to him?
Love the homemade t-shirts!  Those were iron-on transfers that we go from somewhere .  Probably the newspaper….the Tribune used to put iron-ons in the Sunday paper back in the day.  Here a little Shaun for ya.....I still love his hair!

I guess I should stop making fun of Justin Beiber, huh????  LOL

Then there was my rabid Beatle obsession.  Thank you Barb for coming along on that lengthy ride.  Barb always loved Ringo  (very into drummers!) and I loved John or George, or John, or George, or John….. oh, well I fluctuated between the two of them.   We had a core group of friends that we went with every year and had some really good times.  It was fun, bccause by this time there was some liquor involved!  Beatlefest used be a great opportunity for a bunch of underage kids to get a hotel room together for the weekend and get rip-roaring drunk.  God, I miss those days.  Good times….good times……

Then there was our Eric Clapton obsession.  Barb even named her firstborn Layla.  How cool is that????I don't have pictures from that era.  When I did finally get to go to an E.C. concert, and I ended up getting shitfaced on margaritas and then crying during the whole show.  I don't remember any of it.  Barb was there, and I think she remembers it.  Well, in any case, here is some Clapton for your enjoyment.  Still love that man......

mmmmm.......beard and suit E.C.......don't get no better than that!  And singing "Wonderful Tonight"?  Melt.........

So how did our Twilight obsession begin?  Well, it started last January when I finally picked up Twilight after some nudging from friends, and once I finished it, I was right into New Moon and so on.  Luckily, Twilight was still being shown in some theaters at that time.  So I called up my sister and said you have to come see this movie with me.  If you say no, I will go sit at the frickin show by myself, because I just finished this book and I have to see this movie.  Well, being a good sport, she went along.  Well, of course she had to read the book after that, and of course, she was hooked too!  I didn’t take long for us either.  It was only 2 months later when Twilght was released on DVD and we had our first party.  

Our best Twilight moment was going to see Stephenie Meyer on Oprah.  I saw that Oprah was having Stephenie on the show on Friday, (and this was Monday) and I wrote my essay telling them what an insane TwiAddict I am.  You can read my essay here.  Anyway, I ran the essay past Barb on the phone and she helped me out with it before I submitted it.  So when the Oprah show called the next day and said they wanted me to be in the audience for the show, I could not wait to call Barb.  Barb, by the way, has had some rough shit going on in her life, so this was just what she needed.  So I called  her on my way home from work that day, and the conversation went something like this.

Me: Barb, are you sitting down?
Barb: Why?
Me: Because guess who just called?  The Oprah Show, and we are going to the show on Friday to see Stephenie Meyer!!!!
Barb:  Get the fuck out!
Me: For real! Wait…..are you still sitting down?  Cuz there’s more.  Are you sitting?????
Barb: Yes, what?!?
Me:  We. Get. To. See. New. Moon. This. Thursday.  Anentireweekbeforeanyoneelsegetstoseeit!!!!!!!!!!!!
Barb: (unintelligible screaming #&^^%&&^(*&%$&^%*)  Holy shit!!!!
I LOVE my sister!!!!!!

This is us getting ready to leave for our special Oprah screening of New Moon WITH STEPHENIE MEYER……5 ROWS AHEAD OF US  seeing the movie in it’s entirety for the first time herself!!!!!!!!  I so wish we could have taken pictures, but no cameras allowed (and they searched too!).
This is us coming back from our special Oprah screening of New Moon…….

Then there was the actual Oprah show, which was cool, but not as cool as getting a free boxed set of Twilight books and getting one of them signed by Stephenie.  My sister has way more balls than I do…..I could never pluck up the courage to ask Stephenie the question that was burning in a lot of Twilight fans minds, but Barb did.  She just came out and asked, “So, when do you think you will finish Midnight Sun?” Thank God I have Barb.  What would I do without her?  She asks Stephenie Meyer about Midnight Sun and the salesperson in Kohl’s where the minimizing bras are for me because I don’t have the nerve to do it.  I love her!!!!!!!  Anyway, Stephenie gave her pat answer about how she’s cleansing her palatte of vampires for right now, ect, etc, etc…… 
Sorry the video of Stephenie is so friggin short.....I was snapping pictures like mad, and then realized a little too late that my camera takes video.  By that time, I only got about 3 seconds.  Sorry.
Barb with her wicked cool free set of Twilight books......

Me with my wicked cool free set of Twilight books......

That brings us to the New Moon Party that we just planned, prepared and put together, together.  This party was way more over the top than the last one, but Barb was right there with me.  If you missed the pics, go here to check them out.  I just love that I have someone that doesn't think I'm completely nuts (I do suspect that sometimes she does think I am nuts) and is always up for some Twilight related fuckery.  Someone who doesn't think I'm insane because I want to take a picture of the gigantic Remember Me poster at the mall, or stand in the spot Rob once stood on in Hot Topic.  Not only does she not think I'm insane, she joins me.  So anyway, this is my ode to my wonderful sister who is my BFF and I love her!!!!!!

We're even willing to share Edward.....

This is us actually at Beatlefest, with our first Playgirl purchased in the hotel sundry had Michael J. Fox on the cover (not inside though!)  We were just thrilled that we were old enough to purchase it! LOL!

Who is your Twilight Junkie BFF?????  
Tell me in the comments! :)


  1. My sister is my Twilight Junkie BFF too. She is just as addicted as I am... maybe more and thats saying something. My sister literally texted me this morning to let me know that the "Kiss Me I'm Irish" shirt that Victoria is wearing in Twilight was Waylan's shirt from when they killed him in the boat house. I literally told her, you're starting to sound just like me.
    I am the kind of person that will become so obsessed with something I pick out every little thing I can and critique it and come up with plot twists and creative storys to go along with the stuff I enjoy. I am a huge professional wrestling fan and I dont really care if anyone knows it. Im so addicted that I could name every person on the current roster also many from the past and each of their finishing moves and while that might not mean anything to anyone else that is quite impressive, if I do say so myself.
    I tend to go overboard with many things and Twilight is just my new addiction that I can go totally overboard with. I have just started thinking about a follow up story to Breaking Dawn that would focus on Jacob and Renesmee and what their happily ever after would be like. From this post its clear that I can write alot but it is disjointed so I dont think I would ever write a book about it or anything but I have written down some ideas of what I think their life would be like. If anyone is interested in hearing my ideas I will be more then happy to share them. Well I should probably stop now before I really get into it and crash the post with my insane rantings. :) I'm just glad I have a great sister too because even if she didnt like Twilight as much as I do she would humor me anyways like she does when I talk about wrestling.

  2. @Kas, that is so funny. When I saw the Kiss Me I'm Irish shirt at Target, my first thought was ooooh, a Victoria shirt, then my 2nd thought was, oh, I can wear it for ST. Patrick's day. LOL! So I bought it....thinking that maybe I'll be Victoria for Halloween.

    I'm so glad someone else is lucky like me to have a Twilight Junkie sister. We stick up for each other at family functions when the fam starts bad-mouthing our addiction. :)

    You should write fanfiction!!!!! That would be really cool if you wrote a story about Jacob and Renesmee! I'm just starting stumble upon fanfiction, and there is lot of it out there.

  3. I remember my aunt taking me to Woolworth for my birthday and buying me a Shaun Cassidy poster. My sister is 3 years younger than me and we couldn't be more different. I can't think of one thing we both like with that much passion. You're lucky!


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