Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Dream Tennessee?????

Okay, let's just get this out in the open right now.  This is strictly a fantasy.   For entertainment purposes only. As much as I would really like this to happen, it just ain't.  And I've come to terms with that fact.  I'm not at peace with this....but I've come to terms with it.
a) I don't have the money
b) I have don't have anywhere to send my kids (legally, that is)
c) My husband would literally have a freakin stroke
d) I'm a terrible liar, so I could never tell him that I have some Teacher Conference in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  
I would crack under the pressure! LOL
e) crap....I am having a party for my daughter's birthday this Saturday
f) double crap - my MIL will be here too

But, if I did have the money, a babysitter and a more understanding husband, here's how it would go down.

First of all, I have a Pathfinder that seats 7 somewhat comfortably, if you have really, really short legs.  And I have it all pimped out with Twilight stuff!
 So I would be more than willing to take 6 other Twilight Junkies with me!  I have a roof rack on top for all our Twilighty crap (oh and clothes too I guess) so there would be plenty of room inside for us to bring all of your goodies. 

On the must bring list:
1) Fun-sized Edward - because, hey, it wouldn't be a Twilighty trip without him!
2) Snacks, snacks and more choice favorites are:
I'm also packing the cooler with Miller Lite and Tequila.....
but feel free to bring anything else that you would like

3) My Sony MP3 player to play through the car speakers
and it is loaded with
There will also be in-car movies available - I think you can guess what movies will be playing on the ride to Tennessee.


As you can see, I already have out trip planned out.  See the map below.  According to Google Maps, it is 10 hours and 4 minutes from my house to Chattanooga.   If we leave Friday morning at say 7:00 a.m., I can safely say that we could be in Chattanooga by about 5 p.m. tomorrow evening. And that's including a lunch break, and my 50 pee breaks along the way, and the time difference of 1 hour. I will drive a breakneck speeds the entire way....hey, I have a fuzz buster....which is legal, except in maybe.....Tennessee.  Crap.  No wait, I think that's Georgia.  But I heard that Rob is staying in Georgia (Chattanooga is right on the border) so maybe we will be doing some speeding in Georgia sans the fuzz buster.

Rumor has it that Rob will be arriving in Tennessee TOMORROW!!!!

Once we arrive,
we can try to stay at the 
Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel which is where they are storing all the movie equipment......
 or we can find a cheap-ass motel that's more in our cheap-ass price range.

We can get the cooler of beer
 and tequila 
from the roof rack and cram all 7 of us into a hotel room so it will only cost us like $5 each for the night (*waves to Kristen - her idea!)
By morning our room will look something like this

I love my Miller Lite...what can I say!  Maybe I should switch to Heineken?

Then we get up, hopefully no tigers in the bathrooms or babies left behind- and pretty ourselves up for Rob. 
Then head on over to the set for a day of stalking.
Crews work to set up for filming at the house in North Georgia.
Crews scout train cars at the Railroad History Museum in Chattanooga.
A wardrobe trailer for the sits on the streets of Chattanooga.
One of the cars sits on the set of Water for Elephants, set in the 1930s.
This is the house they are sweet!
While we are waiting around to see Rob, we could discuss various ways in which we can lure him back to our hotel room so we can have our way with him.  Maybe with some of these.....
and some of these
We better get a bunch of different varieties, cuz I'm not sure of his favorite. 

Finally, the moment we've been standing around in the hot, August, Tennessee sun for........hopefully to get some pics like these.
Rob in all his hot Jacob Jankowski glory....*sigh* 
Untitled 20
Pictures from

And then, later.....back at the hotel room.

Plan A
(If we can lure Rob back to our room)
Okay, so we take turns......
Plan B
(If we can't)
Oh my God, Edward gets hotter every time I watch this!
Then we drive home and write an epic blog post about our amazing adventure.

So that's my fantasy vacation.  I wish I could say I was packing my bags right now to leave in the morning, but the truth is, I'll be cleaning the house for the MIL who will be here tomorrow.

I know I'm crazy, so just humor me.  
I appreciate you guys playing along with me though!
The Tennessee Robwatch continues.......

Rehab for the ROBsessed - Long Live ROBsession!!!

I'm sure you have probably seen the Biel video before,
 but I just discovered it and had to share. 
It's perfect!!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hot Rob....Because I Know How Much You Love Him!

And it's my favorite Rob photoshoot.....

Twilight Junkie Tuesday Featuring.....RobzSinger!

It's Twilight Junkie Tuesday again......and this week we are featuring another one of our awesome blogger buddies......RobzSinger!!!!  
If you haven't checked out her blog, what are you waiting for????  

Without further's RobzSinger......

What got you into Twilight?
Both of my sister in laws as well as my best friend suggested I read Twilight in the fall of 2009.  I snubbed them though because I thought it was for teenagers and I was clearly above that.  Then my bf told me the main character's name is Isabella Marie, this is my daughter's name, so that really peeked my interest.  Then on a cold wintry Michigan morning in January I decided to surrender to the elements and become a bit of a hermit.  I took the kids to Target in an effort to escape the winter blues and bought all 4 saga books, best money I ever spent.  One week later and I was hooked and irrevocably Robsessed. 

Do your family and friends know how deep your twi-obsession goes (be specific about what your obsession is, how do you hide it, or how do you advertise it)
The only ones who really know how deep my obsession goes are my husband and my mom because it would be nearly impossible to hide it from them.  They are also the only ones that know I blog and are under specific instructions not to tell anyone else.  My husband also knows I lust after Rob and read fan fiction and he's okay with it, as of now at least.  As far as my friends go, they just think I'm really into Twilight but they don't know about my blog and only one of my girlfriend's knows that I read "dirty Twilight".  I don't really hide the fact that I love Rob and Twilight.  I think that's why I started blogging though, to get it all out there and share with people who can relate and won't judge me for it.   
  • I have an Edward poster in my closet.
  • My four year old sees DVDs, books, merchandise at the store and says, "Look mommy, it's your Twilight."
  • I wear my New Moon Edward t-shirt around the house.
  • My bf gave me an Edward tin filled with sweethearts for V-day and a wolf pack t-shirt. My husband gave me a copy of Midnight Sun.
  • All 4 of the books are always out and about in the house.
  • I watched the Twilight DVD every day for a good 2 weeks, and I still watch it at night to help me fall asleep. I have probably watched it a good 50 times so far.
  • I have 3 New Moon DVDs.  One my friend burned for me before it came out so I could watch it on a flight, one that I ordered from Amazon but it didn't come soon enough so I ran up to Wal-Mart and bought another one.
  • Did I mention I write a blog about Rob and all things Twilight??  Twilight is always on my mind.  If I'm not writing for my blog I'm reading other twi-related blogs.
  • I have separate FB and twitter accounts just for Twilight.  Yes, I'm a closet twihard. Oh, and I have a YouTube channel that's basically all Twilight videos with Rob wallpaper.
  • I've downloaded the Eclipse soundtrack the day it came out and ran out and purchased Remember Me as soon as it was released.

Are you Team Edward, Team Jacob, Team (fill in the blank)? Why, is it because of the character or the person that plays them in the movie?
TEAM EDWARD for the win!!! Why? Because have you seen Robert Pattinson?  Have you read Twilight?  Need I say more.  I wish I could morph Rob and Edward into one person = the perfect man.

Which Twilight book is your favorite and why?
Ooh, this is a tough one.  If you're going to put a gun to my head, I would say Twilight, but that's not a very nice thing to do Marie and you shouldn't be playing with guns.  I say Twilight because it really is the reason I fell in love with the saga.  Bella and Edward's relationship is so sweet, thoughtful, and selfless.  Something that is rare in this world.  Eclipse is a very very close second, mainly because of the Compromisechapter.  

If you read fanfic and your willing to admit it which is your favorite story?
Do I read fanfic?? pffft. Does Rob play with elephants??
Right now my favorite is Clipped Wings and Inked Armour.  I also love Wide Awake and Master of the Universe.

Which person would you most likely still be into if they were not involved in Twilight; explain why.
Duh. Robert Pattinson.  This will explain...
I recently wrote a post about the 25 things I love about Robert Pattinson entitled "What Is It About ROB?", if you really want to know how much I puffy heart the Prett-ay go check it out.  It's too long to cut and paste here.

If you ever met your favorite Twilight star how would you react? What would you do or say.
Okay, that would be Robert Pattinson.
What I would want to do...
Give him a sexy come hither smile, kiss him on the cheek while I shake his hand, introduce myself, then lean in and whisper softly in his ear, "So, do you wanna do it?"  Then...after we do it, I'd get a picture of he and I embracing each other.  I would be wearing his Stoli shirt and touching his jaw in some manner.
What would realistically be cool to do...
Shake his hand, smile, tell him what a big fan I am, and say something charming and witty that would make him giggle the way only Rob can giggle.  Then take a picture with my arm wrapped around his shoulder.
What I would actually do...
Shake his hand, whisper a hello, stare at him with a goofy grin on my face and say...nothing. FAIL.

If you were to replace any person in Twilight who would you replace them with and why.
I think Nikki Reed is great in the role but she is not how I pictured Rosalie. It was something more along the lines of this...

How many times have you read the Twilight Saga? If you've read it multiple times, what makes you keep rereading? If you've only read it once, why haven't you reread it?????
I've read the whole saga once.  I have reread all of them numerous times but I skip certain parts and dog ear other yummy parts;)

What is your most precious item in your Twilight collection and why? (share pics if possible)
My Twilight DVD because it's my lullaby.
My file of Rob pictures on my computer. 
My Twilight music.
And I don't know what I would do without the blogs I enjoy on a daily basis. 

What is the craziest Twilight related thing you've done? (include pics if possible)
I think it's just staying up all hours of the night and not getting much sleep all in order to watch Twilight, read fan fic, surf the Twi Universe, google images, and write. 
Starting my own blog was pretty crazy, but crazy in a fun way.

What is your favorite song from the Twilight Saga and why?
Geez Louise.  Just one?  Clare de Lune.  *cough* and Full Moon *cough*

Tell us your favorite quote from each book?
Ah, the pressure. 
His gold eyes grew very soft. "You said you loved me."
"You knew that already," I reminded him, ducking my head.
"It was nice to hear just the same."
I hid my face against his shoulder.
"I love you," I whispered.
"You are my life now," he answered simply.
NEW MOON: (this is because of my name: Robzsinger)
"What was all that talk about singers?" Alice asked at one point.
"La tua cantante," Edward said.  His voice made the words into music.
"Yes, that," Alice said, and I concentrated for a moment.  I'd wondered about that, too, at the time.
I felt Edward shrug around me. "They have a name for someone who smells the way Bella does to me.  They call her my singer-because her blood sings for me."
Cold iron fetters locked around my wrists, and pulled my hands above my head, which was suddenly on a pillow.
His lips were at my ear again.  "Bella," he murmured, his voice warm and velvet.  "Would you please stop trying to take your clothes off?"
"Do you want to do that part?" I asked, confused.
"Why am I covered in feathers?" I asked, confused.
He exhaled impatiently.  "I bit a pillow.  Or two. That's not what I'm talking about."

Has Twilight taken over your life? Explain.
My life has taken over Twilight!  How hasn't it affected my life?  It has brought me a lot of enjoyment, laughter, pleasure, and it has reminded me what's really important in life -  sincerely caring for and loving those around you. 
Most importantly it has brought us Rob *sigh*.

Tell us anything else Twilighty about yourself that you would like to share.
I'm a vampire.
I've never put up a picture of myself mainly because who wants to look at me when they can look at Rob? Exactly. I also run the risk of outing myself! So to lead the trackers off my path I will include 3 pictures and tell you that I am, in fact, in one of them. 

RobzSinger.....thanks for letting us get to know you a little better.
Next week our featured Twilight Junkie will be Mama Cougar! (and it's her birthday!!!!)

If you would like to be one of our featured Twilight Junkies, please contact Marie.....we'd love to have you!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Enough Already!!!!!

Enough Already!!!!!!!
I've just had a chance to really sit down today and check out what going on today on the World Wide Web.  What do I find all over Facebook? Mentions of Rob having a run-in with the paps last night.  From the snippets of info I saw on Facebook,  apparently Rob tried to get away and even tried to enlist the help of the police, who it seems, were less than helpful.  I think that is the one part that bothers me more than anything else.  That he went to the police for help and they didn't makes me want to cry.  I guess there is video circulating out there too, but I refuse to watch that.  I would cry for sure then.  I know Rob is a celebrity, but geez, enough already.  Back the f--k off!  I love Rob, but I don't need to see him so bad that I want paps in his face.  He even had politely asked to be left alone.  

So I thought that I would cheer myself up with the pics that Rob has taken WITH his permission.

Ask Edward

Twilight Playlist

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EP Read-Along with TJA

Mafiaward's h00rs......

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