Monday, May 31, 2010

In The Mood For a Little Artward???

Things are pretty quiet in bloggy-land today and lately I've been in the mood for Rob as the adorkable Art in "How To Be".  Obviously I love Art because,'s Rob!  However, I also love Art because I honestly think that Rob is much closer to being like Art in RL than he Edward.

Sadly, I have to admit, I do not own the actually DVD.  It was On Demand last summer and I recorded it, but until today, I had not seen the special features.  I had a freebie movie coming from Red Box, so I thought, what the heck - I'm renting "How To Be". 

Top 10 Things I ♥ About "How To Be"

1. They were pretty spot on with this kid playing young Art - looks a heck a lot like young Rob!

2. The scruffy hair and bad clothes Artward.  I don't care if he is wearing that hideous jacket, and dorky pants - I would still throw him down and do him! LOL

3. Chokin' on the Dust - I love this song! 

4. Supermarket Artward in the bad brown vest - again, would still have my way with him in the produce section.  I just love when he puts his head in the freezer and the old lady just comes along and gets what she needs and walks away.  ROTFL!!!!

5. Artward in full manpig mode, scarfing down food.....with the Rice Krispies and the cake.  Makes you want to rub cake all over your body, right???? 

6. Rockin' out Artward - I love when Art is jamming in his bedroom and making the crowd noises - so cute!

7. Artward Fingerporn - Did you see how Artward handle that ball????  And those fingers???  GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!  

8. The Hammond Song - I don't know why, but I love this song.  My daughter makes fun of me.  We have the soundtrack and I love to listen to this song and she laughs at me every time.  Some things are just a mystery.  I also love our little Artward at the flea market looking so forlorn.  Awwww.......

9. Guitar Slinging  Artward - just love how he handles his instrument! Mwahaha!

10. The Knuckle Punch - this was my 6 year old's favorite moment in the movie and is now one of mine.  He came up with the term "knuckle punch".  He said, 
"Mom, I love when Rob knuckle punches himself"  Me too too.

And that's my top 10!

Honorable mentions......

Whenever I see Rob on the escalator I think he looks like Justin Timberlake.  I don't know why, maybe it's just me.  I'm not even a fan of JT.  There is just something about his face in just this scene that reminds me of him.
Superdork Artward - love when he realizes they are looking at him like, get the hell away from us, and he wanders over to the other side of the car.
WTF is with the stalls of the toilets being so low????  Even for kids.  That is just weird!  
I got a chance to watch the Special Features and included is this interview with Rob, which I have seen before.  But after watching him as Art, and then seeing this interview, it's kind of a shock - because he is totally looking like Robward!

If you love Artward, and I know you do, 
give him a shout out in the comments!

Taylor Lautner's MTV VMA promo

This is a Taylor Lautner's VMA promo it is recorded off of someone's TV. I wish the video was better quality but I have been searching all day to find this for you. My sister saw this commercial this morning but I dont watch MTV so she had to tell me about it. Thanks sis. So here is Taylor's promo, this is almost as good as Rob's promo.. almost!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

MTV Movie Awards Promo

OME!  I'm freaking giggly right now watching this, but trying to be inconspicuous because son if 5 feet away and I don't want to draw attention to myself while I'm watching this!  But I can't contain myself!!!!!  I'm so excited about the MTV Awards, but I honestly think this promo is better than what we might see then (unless Robsten have a moment similar to last year!).  Here is Rob is all his beautiful, delicious, and watch, repeat until you have died.......ahhhhh!

Adorable, right??????? GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Funny or Die pokes fun at Twilight

So I was surfing around on the web today when I came across this hilarious little video from it is a great answer to a question I have had from the moment Bella passes out in Biology class in the first Twilight book, what does she do when she gets her monthly visitor passout??? It really started nagging me in Breaking Dawn when she becomes pregnant. And my other question is what does Edward do that time of the month, when he is spending time with Bella?

Well Funny or Die has a great answer in a video featuring Superman Return's Brandon Routh as Edward.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Eclipse TV Spot and Screen Caps

I just commented to Kassie on FB the other day that I get excited about all the new clips coming out, and then I remember - we've seen this movie already!  Sorry, don't mean to rub it in.
Anyway, I love the new TV spot and I just learned how to do screen caps (don't laugh!) so I did my best. Enjoy!
I know Riley is a bad vamp, but he is so hot!!!!!
But not as hot as this.........
One of the moments where Bella's wig is not too bad.
I'm loving fierce Edward as much as angry Edward

 The Cullens look kick-ass in Eclipse!!!!!!!!!
  Not only is tree-toppling Edward super-freaking can see a little skin on this.  I had a hard time getting that one, but it was worth it!
 I'm not team Jacob, but yummy!!!!!
Amazing moment in the movie, but also a very bad wig moment for Bella!
 34 days until Eclipse!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Neutron Star Collision - PERFECT!!!!

I finally had a chance to do a search for the lyrics of Neutron Star Collision. I'd heard it, but had not really paid attention to the lyrics. This song is perfect.  The lyrics just work for Edward and Bella.  I love when a song fits a person, a character or a movie.  It gives me goosebumps.  This song also has that epic build-up that I've come to love in Muse songs.....slow, but then going into rock out mode.  Do you think it's perfect????

Muse: Neutron Star Collision

I was searching 
You were on a mission 

Then our hearts combined like 
A Neutron Star Collision 

I had nothing left to lose 
You took your time to choose 
Then we told each other with no trace of fear that 

Our love would be forever 
And if we died 
We died together 
And I 
I said never 
Cause our love would be forever 

The world is broken 
And halo's fail to glisten 
We tried to make a difference but 
No one wants to listen 
Hail, the preachers fake and proud 
Their doctrines will be cloud 
Then they'll dissipate 
Like snowflakes in an ocean 

Love is forever 
And we'll die 
we'll die together 
And I 
I said never 
Cause our love could be forever 

Now, I've got nothing left to lose 
You take your time to choose 
I can tell you now without a trace of fear 
That my love will be forever 
And we'll die 
we'll die together 
And I 
I will never 
Cause our love 
Will be forever

Here's the making of the video with Muse.....

Here is a fan-made video for Neutron Star Collision....this will hold us over until the real one is released :)
I'm thinking that Neutron Star Collision would work well (maybe even better) in Breaking Dawn, no?
Well, if "I'll Follow You Into the Dark" by Death Cab for Cutie is not in Breaking Dawn, I'm going to be pissed! Just sayin'......

So, whaddaya think?

UPDATE: woohoo!  Here's the OFFICAL video for Neutron Star Collison!!!!!

Billy Burke's New Music Video

Just checked my email, and lo and behold, there was an email from Billy Burke announcing that his new video is up on his website.  Woohoo!  So what do you think of our wonderful Chief Swan?????

I like his voice, and he looks great.  Love him in leather and in his underpants at the end! Some of the video is kinda cheezy....that girl just seems out of place to me.  What do you think????

Friday, May 21, 2010

I Am Liking This Dirty Rob!!!!

I have to admit, and I am sure there are some that will think I'm being blasphemous, but I wasn't really digging Bel Ami Rob.  What I mean is that that costume was not doing much for me and neither was the hair or the top hat.  Maybe it's just me.   I'm sure I will be panting and drooling when I do finally see the movie, but based on the still shots.....meh.  
However, this hot, dirty, depression era Rob, I am liking soooooo much.  I love the hair, the clothes....the dirt. LOL  When I see the pics with Kinko, I can't help thinking about that one scene.  You know the one I mean....awkward!!!!  I can't wait to see how Rob plays that one out. :)  I am really excited about Water for Elephants.  If you haven't read the book - read it!  I'm reading the script right now and it's really good too so far.  So for your viewing pleasure......
Credit to whereever these pictures came from....I have no idea.  They are ALL over the place!  :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Where Oh Where Will They Film Breaking Dawn!?!

So I ran across this today @TwilightCupcake's blog
Just want to make sure I'm giving proper credit ;)

You MUST read her blog about going to the Twilight Convention in Vancouver. I'm now very much considering purchasing my ticket to the Twilight convention here in Chicago. The reason for my post today is for all you Illinois (near Chicago) Twilight chicks. We have had the priviledge of hosting duties for many films, some very recent and mentionable flicks are Dark Knight and Public Enemies. I know people that have seen actors from these films in person while shooting either in Chicago or the surrounding suburbs. My brothers friend had the late Heath Ledger (in full Joker costume and face paint) use the bathroom in his workplace. And Kristen (lucky biotch) get a pic of Johnny Depp while filming Public Enemies *swoon*.

This got me thinking after I read about TwilightCupcake at the convention... this is a quote directly from her blog

"when I asked him[Peter Facinelli] if he knew where they're filming Breaking Dawn he replied that he didn't know but will probably find out a couple days before. He did mention that if it was Illinois it was possible because all they needed were sound stages for the interior shots."


So what are your thoughts, think it would ever happen? Sound off below!!!!!!!!


PS Two things (1)those were not taken by my bro's friend or Kristen (2)that is Heath Ledger as Joker on Lower Wacker Drive, if you're from the area this means something to you ;)

The FaceInHole Elves Are At It Again!!!!!

Thank you Kassie for the suggestion!  :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cullen Family Intact

Just got the confirmation through E! online that Kellan and Ashley will be back as two of our favorite Cullen siblings Emmett and Alice in the fourth and possible fifth installment(s) of Twilight: Breaking Dawn. Whew, time to wipe the sweat off our brows, no more worries about that. They are worth the *gulp* $1.25 million they will be recieving for Breaking Dawn. That is a nice chunk of change.

Here is the full story:

Twilight Salarygate Over: Ashley, Kellan Still Vamping!

Our long national nightmare is over—there won't be any new Becky-type switcheroos when the Cullens next (next) appear on our screens.

After a week of very tense, hand-wringing salary negotiations with Summit Entertainment, we're happy to say that both Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz will be back and slightly better compensated when production begins on Breaking Dawn.

While they were reportedly playing hardball to the tune of $2 to $4 million each, both have settled, according to the Hollywood Reporter, for just $1.25 million.

If "just" can in any way describe such a figure.

Fans and agents (actually, make that agent—both stars share the same dollar-signs-in-the-eyes rep) were sweating over the deal, as reports flew that one or both may be cut as a way of making a point about salary negotiations.

Hey, they did it with Rachelle Lefevre.

As for Emmett and Alice Kellan and Ashley, their deals were reportedly signed last night, though it remains unclear if the duo will be taking home that paycheck once or twice—Summit still has not publicly declared whether the fifth and final installment of the franchise will be broken into two movies or remain a content-dense one.

Mmmmm....Rob Gets Felt Up!!!!

Yeah, I'm a spoiler whore!  I'm on my lunch break at work and I couldn't resist watching clips from Ellen, that I'm soooooo looking forward to watching when I get home.   I think if I were that girl that they called from the audience, I would totally freaking hyperventilate right there.  Holy Crap!  My hands would be shaking the whole time I was touching him! 
That is one f'ing lucky-ass chick!!!!

Counting Down The Hours Until Ellen Later Today!!!!

Like all good little Twilight Junkies, I am counting down the hours until I can come home and dig into my DVR for heaping helping of Rob! I love when Rob is on Ellen because she is so funny and she brings out the funniest stuff out of him.
ellen 300x181 Robert Pattinson on Ellen Wednesday
And that hair! Did I mention that I think it is really sexy????? Really SEXY!!!!! I love it. Reese, you are one lucky lady! Well, not as lucky as Kristen thought.

Here's little preview -

Monday, May 17, 2010

How Can You Doubt Robsten When You See This????

Just check out this pic of the hottest man on earth with the luckiest woman on earth and tell me they are not an item.  Seriously!  I ♥♥♥♥♥ Robsten!!!!!!  
Is Taylor looking a little bit left out????
Oh, yeah, and here are the rest of the pics from the USA Today photo shoot....

Rob's New Haircut!!!!

Oh, Rob, I love your messy, shaggy locks.....I really do.  But this new haircut is sooooo hot.  I mean you look amazing, gorgeous, beautiful.....yummy!!!!!.  I am looking forward to seeing a better picture of Rob without the hat.  Let's face it girls, we would love Rob if he was shaved bald, right????

Now I really, really cannot wait for WFE!!!!  I know, I know.....I have a long wait!  Geez, they are just started to film.  If you have not read the must read it.  You will totally picture Rob as Jacob when you are reading it.

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